Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Wrap-Up and November Plans

I've decided to no longer focus on yardage sewn in my wrap-ups.  So...

This month I sewed:
  • Frankenpattern of Burda 03/2013 and Simplicity 2442 in black velvet and black wool/poly blend suiting for my daughter's band gown
  • Burda 10/2016 raglan sweater in a black/white sweater knit
  • McCall's 7430 tunic/dress in charcoal ponte
  • Ottobre 5-2016 sweater in textured double knit for my Fabric Mart project
  • McCall's 7392 denim skirt (still awaiting buttonholes/buttons and belt carriers - it's coming!)
  • New Look 6230 raglan tee using jersey remnants from my Swoon cardigan and S2369 top (it's been completed since this photo)
  • Vogue 1465 turtleneck shell in a moss ponte
  • Vogue 9210 leggings in the same moss ponte
  • Butterick 6244 sweater coat in a heavy double knit
  • Swoon Cardigan in teal sweaterknit (unselfish sewing!)
Just needs hems. Isn't that color lovely!?!

I hope to get photos of the Vogue top and pants this week and finish the denim skirt, the Burda jeans I cut way back when (they too are in need of belt carriers and button/buttonhole), and hem the cardigan.

I was afraid if I didn't make my Clare coat last month it would hit the back burner pretty hard. Sigh. And it doesn't help that I bought a cuter, more streamlined 'puffy' coat last month. I want to make it though! Blergh. Maybe I'll make it this winter, for when we start the downturn from *COLD* to cold. LOL! Although...when the mercury rises above freezing in the spring we pretty much lose our minds!

November: I WANT ALL THE DRESSES!!!!!!

WIP: New Look 6301 (Made twice before)

Which, I saw a wrap sweater on Modcloth that I'm going to use this pattern to replicate by adding a bottom band, no ties, and long sleeves. AND I want it as a top. AND I want a long sleeved version (didn't have enough fabric to add to the sleeve length on this one). So, if you see 4 versions of this pattern this month, don't be shocked! LOL!

Also want:
M7506 in a colorblocked set up
Going for view B with slightly longer sleeves, but not as long as view C. I'm going to use white for the bodice, a large, graphic houndstooth for the skirt and black binding.

M7464 in a colorful boucle with piping

The fabric is such a pretty print that I want it be able to wear it alone but I've never had a dress where the sleeves were lined. I don't know why it seems so weird to me?? Maybe it seems too formal? I'm not sure but my brain is having a hard time processing it.  

V9201 in a plum crepe

The line drawing isn't that inspiring but I saw it made up and fell in love with it. I'm going for view C in a shorter length. I'm all about tie-necks right now (wearing one today!)

And of course I want to finish up the details on the projects from October


  1. Nice wrap-up! I like your Mccall's pattern picks!

  2. Great wrapup! I really like what you've done and so looking forward to your upcoming projects!

  3. You rocked it again this month! I'm not sure that I've seen the V9201,but it looks cute. I will have to check the Vogue pattern out.

  4. My goodness, you are so productive!

  5. What? I like the yardage in and out stats...*sigh* guess I'm gonna have to go with the flow here. You were you usual productive self! Can't wait to see your dresses!

  6. you are the speediest stitcher! great picks.

  7. I'm also really into tie necks right now and plan on making one this month. I envy your productivity!


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