Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Vacation Sewing Progress

I somehow got way too excited about using this (fantastic!) RPL suiting for a skirt (hopefully I have enough for pants too!) and cut out S1322 and got it sewed up. Moved on to my TNT B5760 in this really pretty camel wool suiting and whipped up another version of M6612 in a black and white printed jersey.

Dress needs hems
Grey skirt needs facings tacked down
Camel skirt needs some hand sewing (hemming the skirt and attaching the lining to the zipper tape). I am ecstatic about both skirts but this camel one. Swoon. It is really nice and I can't wait to wear it!

I think I can get the hand sewing done in the morning while the house is silent then I'll get the dress hemmed. I was ready to move on to the other knit dress and then pants and then...

My daughter had asked me to make a velvet dress for her for Christmas. But we were expecting freezing rains that day and therefore dangerous, icy roads. When I told her we weren't going anywhere on Christmas Day she changed her mind about the dress. I was NOT happy as I'd gone to the store that day and bought the velvet, the zipper and the pattern. ARGH! 

So she asked for VELVET PANTS(!) yesterday. Sigh. Fine. 

I went to the best source I have - Burda. I have the pattern sheet laid out on my cutting table now and will be making this slim pant from the February 2014 issue. 

Fingers crossed :)


  1. The McCall's dress looks nice. Can't wait to see them when they're done. Good luck with the velvet pants, lucky daughter--you win Mom of the Year for this one in my books. I have complete faith that you'll pull them off.

  2. Wow I am inspired by your speed and dedication! Beautiful work.

  3. I like the camel skirt too. Good luck on the velvet pants!

  4. Lots of beautiful sewing..love the camel skirt too, and the dress is so pretty..
    Sorry daughter changed her mind about the velvet dress but bet the pants will be lovely.
    Happy new years and Happy sewing.

  5. velvet pants are so luxe - they will be great.

  6. You are on a roll! Those Burda pants are such a great design.

  7. The camel skirt is gorgeous. I can't wait to see how it fits. I just love the color. Good luck with the velvet pants. I've never sewed with velvet before. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Stay warm....it's low 70's down here in Texas, lol.

  8. I envy your sewing speed! And I can't wait to see all of these on you especially the camel skirt. They are beautiful.

  9. You haven't stopped all holidays! Those velvet pants are going to be stunning. And the skirt is just gorgeous.


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