Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee!

First: Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

My birthday was Thursday; had a fantastic day! Woke up Friday to a car that wouldn't start. Luckily, I know a little something and got it started but figured it was the battery. Drove it straight to a shop to get a new one.

Weekend starts! I was ready to whip up a new dress for my ice-cream social on Sunday. Went out Saturday morning to empty the trash and got tripped up by a naughty cat-boy who does NOT belong outside but managed to sneak out the door behind me. So this happened:

Sprained hand and fingers (not wrist). I was so thankful I did not break anything!!!
how it looked immediately after :-O

The swelling has gone down and I can now move my first 3 fingers - yay! It still hurts though if I move the "wrong" way. So I'll be taking it easy!

My New Machines

I was gifting myself a Brother 2340CV coverstitch for my birthday...and then this Singer Quantum 9985 jumped into my cart. Crazy how that happens!  Both machines were purchased on Amazon and arrived before The Big Day. Yippee!!!!

My "maybe, one day" TOL machine is a Pfaff. But (and this is not a value judgment), I cannot justify paying that kind of money for a machine right now.  I've seen marked improvement in sewing quality from my $120 Talent 3321 to my $160 Stylist 7258 and I expect to be happy with my $400 Quantum Stylist 9985. I am SURE the Pfaff sews better; but I'm not sure that it's 5x better to justify the outlay right now.  I've been in circumstances where I've been complemented on my sewing in one breath and then the conversations turn to 'junky big box store machines' in the next. I fully admit to always smiling smugly and sharing that I sewed whatever I'm wearing on one of those 'junky big box store machines'! :-D  Hahaha! I'm a jerk on the inside!

I have been wanting a second machine. The obvious, is working on something with topstitching; but also, I am very rarely working on just one thing at a time.  For awhile I had both the 3321 and 7258 and even though the new one is WAY better, it was handy having two. I was going to grab the infamous Brother CS6000i as a second machine but started researching higher level Singers and was sold on the 9985. As with my other upgrade, I am adding some features that I didn't have before and am happy about! The new-to-me features have an asterisk.

(I wrote this post back when I ordered the machines, but now I've sewn a couple of things on the sewing machine!)

·        * Extra-Large Color Touch LCD Screen
LCD screen but it is not touch screen
(update: it is annoying to have to touch the screen, wait for it to "go" (which admittedly is like 2 seconds) and then navigate to straight stitch. It should default to straight stitch).
·         *Built-In Sewing Assistance with Audible and Visual Messaging 
This seems like it could be handy at first; but eventually you get to know your machine
·         Easy Threading System with Automatic Needle Threader
I've never used this. I can thread the needle faster than their 6-second system! :) I am still 20/20 though so  maybe one day I'll appreciate it? Lol!
·        *6 Styles of Alphabets & Numerals with Memory Function
I could see playing around with this, maybe?
·         13 Presser Feet
I am on Singer #3 and have a very nice assortment of feet. With this machine I've gained a new Walking Foot though! I swear mine has worn out. Do they wear out?? I think mine has. My machine feeds better than the walking foot! Glad I didn't buy another one.
·         *Presser Foot Sensor
This just prevents the machine from sewing if you haven't dropped the presser foot.
·         *960+ Built-In Stitches with Stitch Reference Chart
10 Essential, 21 Stretch, 919 Decorative, 13 Buttonholes, 6 Styles of Alphabets & Numerals.
960 stitches means nothing to me. However, I am always thrilled for extra buttonholes AND I LOVE the design of this buttonhole foot much better than that of the 7258!!! It's an integrated piece so the entire thing moves (like with embroidery) vs feeding the fabric. This should eliminate the issues I have with buttonholes in denim as my 7258 has a hard time feeding it even when I do a nice job grading those seams.
·         *Mirror Imaging and Elongation Function with Stitch Editing Capabilities
I don't imagine I'll do much embroidery-type work but you never know.
·         Drop Feed 
·         *13 Fully Automatic Perfectly Sized Built-In Buttonhole Styles with Exclusive Buttonhole Underplate
Oh. See how excited I got before about this?! :)
·         Easy-to-Load Top Drop-In Bobbin System with Clear Cover
(update: I've had drop-in the entire time. I do like that you just hit the needle up/down button twice and it pulls up the bobbin thread)
·         Free Arm 
·         *Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer
We'll see how well this works! (update: IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!)
·         Drop Feed with Box Feed Motion
·         *Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
The 7258 has "automatic" adjustable foot pressure. This can be controlled manually on this machine. I am excited.
·       *Stitch Memory with Editing
·        Automatic Stitch Length & Width 
On the non-straight stitches; which you can override.
·         Electronic Auto Pilot 
I never really sew without my foot pedal.
·         Needle Up / Down Button
I LOVE this feature on my 7258.
·         Automatic Bobbin Winding
·         *Slow Sewing Speed Button Option
I can see this being handy. This is used in conjunction with auto pilot
·         *7mm Stitch Width
1mm additional width from my current machine.
·         *High Sewing Speed
Goes up to 850 stitches per minute
·         Automatic Locking Stitch Function
This is on the decorative stitches.
·         Automatic Reverse
·         Horizontal Threading
And the thread path is covered which is nice.
·         25 Needle Positions
From 13 to 25!
·         Automatic Tension
Ehh I rarely use it on auto and end up dialing it to like 0.5 either way. We'll see how well it works on this one.
·         Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter
Always current machine does have this.
·         Optimum Power Control
·         DC Motor
·         Heavy Duty Metal Frame
Idk what "heavy duty metal" is used :-p The 7258 has an aluminum frame. This machine is 3lbs heavier.
·         Warranty
·         On-Board Storage
·         Snap-On Presser Feet

The Brother coverstitch is quite popular and needs no introduction. It took a lot of mind-wrangling to buy a machine that serves, pretty much, one purpose. But with all of the knits I sew...I'm SO excited.

I'll review them both after I've had a chance to put 'em through the paces a bit!

So for now, I have moved some stuff around.  I have the serger and coverstitch on a pine desk that I've had for forever. However, the leg got splintered in last year's house move so I will still need a new table. I scored the Linnmon/Adlis that the new machine is on for just $15 though so I'll be on the lookout for the longer table --for some reason, the 57" Linnmon is 29"+ in depth vs the 23 5/8" of ALL of the other lengths. UGH!!! I don't have 6" to give. Blergh. I really wanted the 7258 to be on a table. I'd have to go with the 78" table, losing the bookcase. I could *possibly* put the bookcase under the window. May clutter that corner...but functionality is more important than aesthetics. We'll see!

SM, thread, some notions above...the messy but necessary sewing box.
There's a lot of random stuff in that cart. It needs to be cleaned out!
artwork by my daughter! I just need to grab some picture hangers
Serger and Coverstitch
Serger thread cones and random stuff in the cart
Notions, machine manuals and other books on the shelf. That's my 7258 on top.

Cutting table which gets moved around the (tight) space as needed
White shelf has cutting/tracing tools and pressing tools
And of course, iron and ironing board

Before I said I had a few posts in draft mode; there were 4. So it seems I will get caught up on blogging because I sure won't be sewing. Booooo! 

And unfortunately, I won't be responding to comments right now unless there are questions. A little typing is fine, but I can't do too much. Your comments are all very much appreciated though!!!


  1. So sorry about your hand. Use the time to rearrange and plan. Somehow that type of stuff always goes on the back burner with me. Love your new machines. I don't have a coverstitch but can't seem to justify the expense and room for one when it only does one thing. Maybe? Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. Oh no! Your poor hand! Hope it feels better soon!

  3. Sorry about your hand...bad kitty! Well, I guess it's time to read all the sewing books you can now.:)

  4. aww. naughty kitty! I once slipped on a hiding cat on our stairs. needless to say he did not hear nice things after that!
    love the new machines! any new machine is so much fun. you will be gaga for the brother. it's amazing.

    happy bday and I hope you get better soon!

  5. You might consider more vertical storage space. I think you're renting, so you might be able to bolt things to walls, but maybe you can find a taller set of shelving that uses floor to ceiling space. I was able to put shelves above my machine and that helped tremendously! I have hoarding tendencies so need to max out vertical space. Happy Birthday!

  6. You got yourself two new machines so happy birthday

  7. So sorry about your hand but congrats on the new machines.

  8. Ugh, so sorry about the bum hand! Hope it heals up quickly. You will get sooo much mileage out of the coverstitch that it'll definitely be worth the splurge. I can't imagine sewing knits without one anymore!

  9. Happy birthday and yay for new machines! Lots of cool features on that Singer. Hope you hand heals quickly so you can enjoy your new tools.

  10. Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon!

  11. Happy birthday Nakisha!!! So sorry about your hand 😖. Thanks for the info about your machines. Your sewing room is looking good!

  12. Happy Birthday! Rest that hand, and you'll be back up to full sewing power in to time. Someday I will need a new machine, but for now, my almost 20 year old $150 Kenmore is doing just fine. Except buttonholes. And the bobbin winder is broken. But we're been through a lot over the years, and I know her so well! A higher clearance for the presser foot would be fantastic, though!

  13. Happy Belated Nakisha, so sorry to read about the hand though. I hope it is back in shape in no time, until then take it easy. And congrats on the machines!

  14. Happy birthday. Hope your hand heals quickly. Congrats on the new machine. I go back and forth debating whether I should buy a fancy new computerized machine but haven't come across anything yet that I couldn't do with my present machines. Maybe someday

  15. Happy Birthday, and lots of get well soon wishes for that hand. You will love your new machines.

  16. Happy birthday! I hope you had a really wonderful day and that you get years of enjoyment out of your new machines. Here's hoping that you have a quick recovery so that you can put those new toys to work!

  17. Happy Birthday... bummer for the hand. Nice gifts! I had bought the same coverstitch about 3 years ago second hand but was a bit afraid of it even after using Debbie Cooks terrific tutorials. I used it twice in 3 years and then a few weeks ago, after contemplating trading it in on a new 'better' one, I just thought no, I'm going to learn if this one is good or not, and now I'm sewing all the things and it is so easy. You will love it.

  18. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your new machines. When you are ready for your next upgrade, don't feel you have to buy a new Pfaff. I've been sewing with a pfaff 7570 for over 20 years, and there's not much that newer models do that it doesn't do and do well. Used machines can be great values, and if there's a pfaff dealer near you, they often get trade ins that they service before selling.

  19. Happy birthday! Bad cat-boy caused the injury, eh? Be honest. Who used your fabric scissors? =) LOL

    Although the CS machine is single-purpose, you'll LOVE it. I'm with you on pausing for TOL machines. I have a big-box machine and a Babylock (purchased used). I've had them both over 10 years and don't see any reason to replace them now. They do the job, right?

    I think walking feet wear out over time. The feed dogs on the foot are plastic (at least mine are) and I imagine would probably wear down after a while.

    I wish you a speedy recovery. That August Burda is going to be here soon! *drool*

  20. HBD Nakisha!!! I hope you many, many, many!!! Heal well ASAP!!!

  21. Happy Birthday and whew, sorry about the injury but glad it wasn't worse. And congrats on the new machines. I for one don't get the lust for fancy sewing machines - but I know that I am in the minority. In fact I have never even used the walking foot!! Simpler is better. The only feet I get much use out of are the zipper foot, ruffling foot and the open toe foot. Now a overstitch - that might tempt me but I'm too cheap, I would rather use my spare change (ha ha) to try new restaurants :)

  22. I am with you on not needing a fancy machine. I have an older version of the Quantum Stylist and I love it. It was also a big upgrade for me when I bought it. I taught myself on about the most unruly machine you could imagine and I think it made me a better seamstress.

  23. Happy belated birthday, I love your gifts to yourself. Hope your hand gets better soon and you can give your new machines a good workout.

  24. So sorry about your hand. I hope it gets better soon. Happy belated birthday and congrats on your new machines. Please do a review on the Coverstitch. That is going to be my next addition to the sewing room and I am debating between the Brother and the Janome.

  25. Omg sorry about your hand. I hope you get better asap and get back to sewing. Congrats on the new machines. I know you're going to enjoy them. Happy belated birthday!


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