Sunday, October 8, 2017

774+ Days Later...Butterick 6141

On 8/26/15 I blogged that I'd gotten started on this jacket. I'd sewn the lining and assembled the fronts and backs. About a year later (8/31/16), I decided to finish it. (oops) Here we are ANOTHER year plus later and HUZZAH! It's done!

So, please don't expect any actual sewing details because it's a years old WIP - sorry. LOL! Okay, fine. I know I used a size 16, did an FBA and lowered the bust point, I did a swayback adjustment and a bicep adjustment. I know this from the adjusted pattern pieces, I do not know the amounts of these adjustments. All seams were sewn with 5/8" allowances. The fabric was purchased in December 2013 from Fabric Mart; it's a cotton faille.

When I pulled it out last year, I was completely confused by the collar. It wasn't matching the picture. I kept that in my back pocket all this time. I finally pulled the instructions back out and guess what? I was looking at the wrong view.

Seriously.  Sigh.

I'd gotten it all bagged and finished and DOH! I forgot to shorten the sleeve lining. So I had to undo that and fix it but of course, total necessity.

The fabric was tough to cut and sew and easy to press, thankfully. But today, my hand isn't playing nice and the fine motor skills required for pressing vs ironing, wasn't happening. I'll come back to it.

I also hate inseam pockets. Blergh. They're just too far back.


Oh! This sew called snaps which I was pretty sure I purchased some larger ones. I couldn't find them but remembered these clear buttons. They are a perfect fit!

I am so excited that I finally finished it and that it's just a cute fall jacket. It is voluminous but it's so.cute!!

I find this picture so cute <3

Lastly, I didn't advance in the PR Bee. It was fun and challenging and I'm glad I did it...but I also totally understand why people do it and NEVER do it again! LOL!

I am totally going to sew my BRIGHT Burda coat for the wool coat contest though! I'm not going to make the Burda pants this month. I do plan to sew my daughter's top, and I want to sew this sweatshirt from Ottobre.

October will be 'light'; my hand is kicking my butt again. I think that vest did me in. Until later!


  1. Sorry you did not make it to the next round. I like your new jacket! At least you finished it. I have a dress that I intend for it to become a duster that needs snaps or buttons. Not sure that it is a year old but getting close.

  2. Oh my goodness, I remember when you first posted about this! This is super super cute and kind of makes me wish I hadn't already invested time today muslining a Deer and Doe Luzerne for this fall. You can never have too many coats in Chicago, though (I'm sure you can relate!), so I'll be adding it to my list.

  3. I love the fabric you used for this! And I'm glad that you got this finished even if it is 774+ days later!

  4. What a gorgeous jacket. So sorry your hand is acting up again 😩

  5. What an adorable little coat! Your buttons are just too cute too! I agree with you that it would definitely make a great dress coat too! (And better late than never!)

  6. I love it! Especially with the fabric you used--my kinda jacket--girly, roomy, longer length, etc., etc. --And it is a cute pic....

  7. Great job on your jacket! It looks nice on you, and you finished it just in time for Fall wear. Sorry to hear that you didn't make it through the next round of the Bee, but you should be very proud of all you made!!!!

    And of course, healing to your hand!!! :)

  8. Really adorable and a great fall topper!

  9. Great jacket! It looks like it's worth the wait.

  10. That is an amazing jacket. I love it. Those pleats are too fun.

  11. You look awesome! And the jacket has great lines, and great fabric choice. Very enticing....

    Anyway, hope your hand is feeling better. Take it easy! You only get two. :)

  12. Your jacket looks amazing, and you finished it on time for the cool weather. It was well worth the wait.


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