Friday, October 13, 2017

Can We Talk About This Vogue Release?

I don't discuss them often anymore...but it's been a very long time since I've made a note of 8-9 VOGUE! patterns that I want!

My "must buy at the very next sale" list:

 I want more jackets. I've been saying that for forever...but I really love this. You know I'm all about a peplum and I love this collar and the other details.

"Should" I buy/make a slip dress? Perhaps not. But I want one. And Vogue made this with cup sizing and so it shall be!!!

I'm just into the sleeve lately. And I know this collar/neckline may not work for me (full bust+short neck)'s pretty!
 I think this top (9281) is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the fit and flare and the off-shoulder aspect.
My "like to have" list:
 This dress is just cool/interesting.
Part of me feels I shouldn't pay 'Vogue pricing' for this but I am digging it! I will double check Burda first.
I kind of hate that candy pink color but the dress is nice. Feminine but not saccharine.
Marcy Tilton always makes cool jackets. I've made a couple and love the quirkiness of them. I could see this one (the shorter length) for sure.
My "honorable mentions list that I kind of want and will probably end up buying once someone sews them" list: 

This top!!! I adore it! I am not into the skirt. So not sure I'll buy it...but maybe. You know all it takes is to see one fantastic version and then it'll be a done deal! :) 
I'm not into wide legged pants right now but I could see having this in the collection for when I swing back that way.
The pattern is fine...but it's this fabric that's making me call out this pattern (9286). This Veronica Beard fabric has been at Fabric Mart for awhile. I remember wanting it but didn't know how I'd use it. Well it's now in the 80% off section and I have some on the way after seeing this!!
Most of these  Kathryn Brenne shrugs, etc (9291) didn't do anything for me and I probably won't buy this pattern, but this is gorgeous. And especially for the holiday season. It's so pretty.
There are some great dresses and a dramatic cape and a lovely coat and a nice men's jacket in this release as well. GO VOGUE!
I haven't been in the sewing room much at all this week but I did trace off the Ottobre pattern yesterday. I have black thread in the serger AND coverstitch so I'm going to do that quick before sewing my Burda coat.
Fall weather is HERE in Minneapolis and I've had a great week (IMO!) of cool outfits that has me ready to take off in a specific direction for my fall sewing. I hope to make a planning post soon!
And I've been wearing my new jacket non-stop :-D  


  1. There were three patterns that I will buy at a ClubBMV sale - 9286 (5 easy pieces); 9279 blouse and 9285 another blouse. I kinda looked at the SB patterns but I'm still on the fence about them. Maybe after I see your jacket. But I did like this offering better than others but then again since I'm no longer a fancy dress wearing sewist, I kinda skim over these offerings!

    1. I was shocked and dismayed to see my membership expired in August! LOL! I'll be signing up at the next sale, for sure.

  2. I with you on this, I was so pleased with this release. Last count there are six patterns I'm ready to buy. I'm just waiting to click away as soon as they go on sale... and then I'll have to wait a few weeks before they get here. So someone will probably sew Vogue 1567 before I do. But my silk plaid fabric is pre-treated and waiting.

    1. Oooh. I can't wait to see yours though. I'm so excited to see these patterns out in the sewing world soon!

  3. I like six patterns, myself, but the slip dress, the knit off-the-shoulder and the KB wrap in particular. A bit wary of the oversize trend on the runways lately. Good thing I have a stash and a Burda subscription!

  4. Yes, there are a lot of great patterns for Vogue this time around 9281 is my FAVE!!!!! So glad you got to trace out a pattern, and hope you are back to sewing soon!

    1. I think we'll see a lot of 9281!!

      Thank you! I am chugging along on that one...luckily it's a knit so quick work with the serger.

  5. There are some great patterns here! The coat is going to be mine as soon as the collection is available through my Sew Direct membership, and probably three or four others as well. I even kind of want the crazy cape!

    1. I do like the cape too but I have the infamous Vogue 8776 that I feel like I "have" to sew! :)

  6. Love your choices, and I, too, am a fan of peplums (they just "do something" for the figure!) and of the quirky, imaginative Marcy Tilton designs. I have a few of her patterns in my rather expansive pattern collection; just looking for the right fabrics, etc. Keep up the great work!

  7. You've got some great choices there! I'm liking 9289 the coat, 9280 the coat dress and the Ron Collins bomber jacket for men.

  8. Oh I had to smile at this when I read about the pattern with the veronica beard fabric, because I did the same double take and went over to the FM site and put four yards of that fabric in my cart ha ha ha. Great sewing minds (or patterns that enable you to keep purchasing fabric)! :)

  9. Oh, man. I remember having a slip dress of layaway back in the mid 90s. FULL CIRCLE.


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