Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Wrap-up and the Downslide

This month I sewed:

A 2 year old UFO! Okay, fine...that doesn't really "count' toward this month's fabric usage (which was the original reason for wrap-ups) :)
  • Ottobre 5/2017 sweatshirt in black wool knit
  • Vogue 1522 top in black & white print georgette
  • Simplicity 1366 top in black & white print georgette
  • Burda 3/2017 jacket in textured suiting
  • Lekala skirt in plaid suiting - wadder
  • Burda 8/2017 dress in black & white print jersey (WIP)
Favorite: Hands down V1522. It isn't perfect but I just love it so much!!!

FAILS: The  Lekala pattern and possibly the Burda dress :( (more below!)

Accomplishments: After complaining about the not-quite-right fit of the bust dart on the blouse from 9/2017, someone suggested making the FBA, even if I get a big honkin' dart. And, I read some old review (I don't remember which one now) where I got a BHD and it worked fine. THIS time, in this stiff suiting, it was horrible (mentioned in the blog post) and *this* girl converted that BHD to princess seams!!! I was so excited when IT WORKED!!!


Sigh...I knew I was about to hit a block. Too many YAY! projects back-to back! :)

The Lekala skirt is a bust. Wah. I cannot figure out the front pleat at the waist AND this fabric is too thick and heavy for the pleat to drape properly AND the fabric does not take a press...too much drama, so many other things to sew.

Moving on.

I really did like the 'weirdness' of those front pleats/tucks with the plaid!

I'd gotten 2.5 yards of this fabric so I could have enough to match the large plaid. There's a decent amount left. I saw a cute jacket with plaid body and black sleeves...could be an option on a pattern without too many seam lines. We'll see.

I spent time this weekend tracing both the wrap dress and the coat from the 8/2017 Burda. I got super excited to sew the dress, said to heck with it, and went for it!

So far, I don't like it. WAH!

I will finish it and write a full post...but let's just say I had the right front cut out (bodice and skirt), cut out the back bodice, put it on the dress form and said, "Oh wow. This is a stripe."


I swear it was a "splatter print". Like, random. I then attempted whatever stripe matching I could on the remaining pieces. Fine with the left bodice piece and the sleeves are okay.

I LOVE THIS FABRIC. I do not love THIS DRESS.  I do like it slightly more on the dress form than on me...

...and chopping the sleeves helped a ton. So I think there may be hope.

I wear horizontal stripes all the time; that isn't the problem. I love black & white prints; that isn't the problem. Too busy perhaps?? With the horizontal stripes on the bodice, diagonal on the skirt, vertical on the belt (at the waist)...I don't know. Bleh.

It only needs hems and the coverstitch has black thread in it (WIN!) so it'll be finished soon. I may let it marinate for a bit before reviewing/taking photos. (eta: it is going in the time-out bin for is, ahem, that time and it could just be me feeling blahhhhh)

I need a palette cleanser. I will sew up a piece or two of the Simplicity 8424 loungewear that I wanted to make for fall before I hurt my hand. Most days I come home and change into a tank top and leggings. So I think I'll start with the tank and the leggings with tie waist.

Happy November!


  1. That poor sad skirt! :) It pains me when things do not work out. Your production volume is still amazing though!

  2. LOVE both fabrics. Hold on to the large pieces of the skirt. They may be needed in the next fabulous make. It really is a great fabric. Also love the black stripe and the top of the wrap dress. The bottom that is on a slight diagonal makes the skirt portion seem like it is stretching out and hanging funny. Could you possibly take off the bottom and reattach it to make the bottom horizontal also. If it becomes too short you could shorten it more into tunic length and wear with skinny pants. It is such a great stripe and I think you would love it if it was all horizontal.

    1. Great minds! I'd tossed it in a corner and said...wait, that's a lot of fabric!! Hahaha! :)

      I am going to leave it for now and revisit. I don't want to chop it up...yet.

  3. You still had a great month! And you are seems you can get on a roll, and inevitably hit a bump. That happens to me too!

    Also, WHY do certain garments look so much better on the dressform than on our body? LOL! I relate, I relate! :) I think the dress is lovely.

    1. Thanks Vanessa!!

      Lily has no love handles!! LOL!!! :)

  4. Too bad about the skirt -it looks like it might have been interesting.
    I have a time-out place for things too and then usually I can't remember why I didn't like them. I hope that works for the dress.

  5. I agree, that skirt has some really pretty lines! Too bad it didn’t work out! Now that wrap dress...the fabric is GORGEOUS! While I don’t know what this dress looks like on you, I’ve see you in wrap dresses before and they’re beautiful! So I hope it works out i the end!!

  6. I hate that the skirt is not working out! It has interesting design lines. Love the dress!

  7. Sorry about the skirt but those things happen to all of us! I like the dress and it looks like you did a great job matching it so far. Maybe you will feel better about it in time.


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