Thursday, September 27, 2018

TNT Tees (and a near miss!)

Well...Tees from TNTs?? :)

I have been wearing two sleeveless tees (I don't call them tanks because they really look like a t-shirt in fit but without sleeves!) from American Eagle. I was very surprised by how much I liked the fit of them when I bought them. Scored on clearance and why I got two of them :) Well, they are looking a little worse for wear now, which happens.

My current go-to for t-shirts is McCall's 6964 (I recently purchased the InHouse Jenny and will give it a try soon!). They aren't something I wear a ton (kind of like jeans), but a girl still needs SOME t-shirts! I've made it a few times and when I scored this lightweight , slightly sheer slub knit from KOKOON, a local designer, I knew I was going to make a mini-wardrobe of t-shirts from it.

No adjustments from any other version of this pattern that I've made. I cut a size 14 neckline, 16 for the rest, with a 1" bicep adjustment. I constructed it on the serger and coverstitch except for the neckline; I always sew v-necks via machine so I can get it as close to perfect as possible!

This pattern piece fits the neckline perfectly - just mind your markings!!

Last winter I decided I needed a couple long sleeved tees. I have a heathered gray one that gets a lot of wear in the winter and because Tundra = Layers, I decided I should have a white one! I may need a navy one too... :)

M6886 is cut with a 14 neckline/shoulder, 16 bust and waist, 18 hip. I also did a 1" bicep adjustment.

I used M6886 because I LOVE that super round scoop neck on me. 

I was really amazed by how different the pattern pieces are wrt to the neckline and shoulder! M6886 is really fitted so I used the M6964 to shape the side seams.
Maybe it isn't completely evident here but I feel like M6886 has more pooling in back. The front pattern piece on 6964 was quite a bit wider/straighter than 6886 but the back was slightly slimmer, which I found interesting! 

I like the higher back neckline and that the neckline is less open for the long sleeved tee. I can see creating a new TNT pattern that from this combo.I think removing a bit of the shaping from the back pattern piece side seam may help with some of the pooling. But I will not be adding a CB seam to my t-shirts.
Wanted to show a layered look for fall

The trench is actually a dress. It fit through the body but gaped ridiculously at the armholes...but I think it was like $8!!! so I got it anyway to wear as a vest. SCORE.

The shoes are BP Kari Bow Flats from Nordstrom. I LOVE these shoes but they are sold out now :(  They came in a bunch of colors too! I actually contacted Nordstrom to find out if they would be restocking them! LOL! But they said no. Boooooo!

Love both of these and they will get a lot of wear! The piece of fabric I bought was 4.4 yards. I've made these two and still have 2 full yards and a nice extra chunk. That's going in stash for when I need to replace one of these :)

Excuse my crazy face in the center pic! LOL!!!!! I was trying to snap a pic before work and the clicker didn't seem like it was clicking. But ALL of the pics look like this so... :-)

And Wilson the cat's crazy facial expression...
I had declared this cardigan a wadder. When I finished it, I tried it on with a black top and my favorite teal straight skirt. I thought it looked terrible! I tried it on to take pics because it was going in the donate bag. I like it MUCH more with long/slim fitting garments underneath e.g., jeans, leggings and even liked it with this M7465 dress.

This is Ottobre 5/2017 mentioned in my September planning post. I cut a straight size 42 and did a 1" bicep adjustment. The miles of hemming wasn't the most fun ever but it's a pretty straightforward sew.  I bought this cording to use as a tie instead of self-tie and I really like it. It is too stiff to be tied in a bow though so I'll need to shorten it.

I don't know what I was doing with the tie! LOL!!!

We'll see if I can make it work in the wardrobe!

September turned out SUPER productive. I have a skirt to review, a dress, and a 2-year old UFO! YOWZA!


  1. Your tees look great! I am in DESPERATE need of tees for Fall, and guess that will be something I need to address soon. I also think the Ottobre cardigan came out nice! It looks good the way you styled it! I am looking forward to seeing everything else you completed in September.

  2. Love the Tees! I can see the difference in the back as you pointed out in your post. Your v-neck looks perfect, I need to practice v-necks. I love the cardi and looks great with your jeans and tied. You have been busy!

  3. Very nice fit on the tees. I love a great tee and use them for work and for pj's.

  4. Everything looks so good! Super practical for heading into fall.

  5. Lovely Tee and the fabric is AWESOME ... FIESTA :)

  6. I love a good tnt tee pattern. The white looks so crisp and fresh, I really should add one to my own tee collection.


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