Monday, December 9, 2019

Semi Fail: Burda 8/2019 #101

Semi fail because it's technically fine and it's wearable...but it's a dud for me.

I just loved this when the mag was released. I knew I was drawn to the fabric mostly, but thought the dress was cute and would work.


1) I made this in August and it did NOT work pre-reduction but I held onto it because I figured it'd be fine after.

2) I love the fabric! I do not love the fabric in this dress :( I scooped it up from SR Harris. It's a very weight rayon challis (as rayon challis goes) and behaved so well.

I used a size 40 graded to a 42. I skipped the FBA because surgery was coming up. I gathered the elastic to the center as shown in front but not in back. It created a crazy poof of fabric over my butt. I just distributed the elastic easily across back.

The waist casing is made using one of my favorite methods. A separate casing is created and sewn in place, then the elastic is threaded through. I like this so much better than creating a casing from sewing a bodice and skirt together to create a casing.
I hate the sleeves. They're way too long on me and I don't like the "ruffle" created on the other side of the elastic. As a matter of fact, the casing isn't even sewn close because I was thinking about changing the sleeves. I do like the way the casing was constructed here. It's very clean. They have you hem the sleeve edge and fold up at the fold line. Topstitch the edge then 1" (or whatever) away creating the casing. This way the inside is clean and the ruffle edge is clean.

One of the possibilities was shortening the sleeves to break up the print and because, I don't like 'em. But I decided that wasn't going to be enough to tip the scale.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am 100% not looking for tips/help to make this work. This has been hanging up for 3+ months and tried on and tinkered with and blah blah blah. Sometimes, things look okay but they just do not work for you, for reasons. I haven't worn it and won't because I just don't like it on.

I don't have any interior pics - I just didn't care enough. LOL! And I'm not going to lie to myself and say I'll repurpose the fabric because I'm not unstitching the topstitching from the front gathers or unstitching the casing for the waist elastic and mehhhhhhhh. Perhaps someone else will love it.

Moving on!

My blazer is SOOOOO close! And it's beautiful! And I love it!

One shoulder pad is in and basted...
I need to insert the other pad, sew them both in, then stitch the hems. 
Final press and it'll be ready to wear! :-D

I have a pair of pants in the works from NL6644. I went to sewing meetup on Saturday and a fellow sewer brought her muslin. I worked up a muslin of the pants that evening and now I'm about halfway through them. I'm so excited!! They're pink! LOL!

I started the weekend planning to vacuum, wash the quilt & couch blanket and wash my hair. I did none of these things but what did I do!? I went to meetup, went to see Frozen 2 with my daughter (so cute!), went home and worked on my pants muslin. Sunday, went to see Knives Out (so funny!!) and worked on my pants some more. Way, way, way better. Except today my fro is struggling! :-p


  1. Sometimes, you just don't love what you think you might. I put those puppies in the back of the closet and wait, and wait, and wait, often over a year. Then its donate or go business. It sounds the time has come for the donation pile with you. It is a cute dress and I think it looks fine but if you don't like it, Sayonara!

  2. I think it looks great but if you know you'll never wear it, what's the point in keeping it? Buh-bye!

  3. I wondered about this dress when I saw it in Burda. Something about me liked it, something about me didn't. Having seen yours, yes, it's cute, but nothing spectacular. I would shorten the sleeves and wear it as a tunic over leggings.

  4. Love your chatty blog and beautiful makes. I hear you on this dress - but I'm sure someone out there will love it for sure

  5. You are still cute in your semi-fail!!! I absolutely love your blazer and can't wait to see it finished!

  6. I admire you for letting something go and moving on. Life is too short (and sewing time is also too short) to waste it on something you don't love. Your blazer is perfection. Can't wait to see it finished!

  7. That is a gorgeous dress and sorry you don't like it! Been there and done that. Goodwill or Salvation Army would find a home for it. Your blazer is looking good.

  8. I actually really like the dress and fabric but some makes just don't turn out as planned!


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