Thursday, July 30, 2020

Simplicity 8389 Shorts; Contest Sewing

I was going to review the Simplicity dress next but the shorts were finished and I am seriously loving them and so they jumped the review queue!

I did not realize this pattern was 2 years old! I can't believe I've been saying "I'm going to make those" all this time! Eek!

I used my normal size 18 -- don't be tempted to size down because of the ease!! You don't want your pleats pulling and straining. I adjusted the pattern with my fishbowl the same as I did with the SA Clare muslin here

My butt just needs more room!! When I laid the front and back inseam together, the space in between was SO narrow! I wish I'd taken a before pic! 

Back piece:

Minor quibble, the markings for the pocket and front pattern piece don't line up. I did slash and overlap to reduce front length but that didn't affect the placement of the notch. 

Aside from the crotch length adjustment, I didn't make any other changes. Well...I did not have 1 1/4" elastic in stash. I topstitched at 3/8" from the top and used 3/4" elastic. It makes it gather a little differently and next time, I'll be sure to have the right elastic on hand.

I can't believe I waited so long to make this pattern! I actually bought this fabric to sew the other view, the tapered leg. And luckily, I gambled on the fabric being awesome and ordered 4.5 yards. YAY! So I should be able to make the pants and stash the rest for a skirt.

Do you see this blind hem? DO YOU SEE IT!?!? Woot woot!

Paired with my TNT shirt, Burda 7136 in chambray. 

Listen, I LOVE THEM. 

Posting this zoomed in pic to show the fit. The pleats hang so nicely!! And while the protrusion of my butt (hahaha) is still a tad too much compared to the pattern but otherwise, they fall so nicely, no hanging up on the butt, in the inner thigh, none of that!

I have a navy brussels washer linen that I picked up in Nashville from Craft South that I may use for the next version. 

These shorts were my "C" garment for the PR Endless Combinations contest as was the hoodie reviewed here. I also sewed a dress and a top so I have pics ready for my next couple blog posts! Woohoo!


  1. You have mad skills. Love these and the fit is amazing

  2. OMGoodness, you are a master of fit! Re: your figure, you are in great proportion now, and frankly, I know most men like watching a woman from behind). I think you look great. I sure wish I had your "mad skills" as said above! need too go back to review that "bowl" idea for fitting pants.

  3. Cute shorts and they look terrific on you. Well done! Good luck with the contest.

  4. This outfit is simple and yet so chic. Love. You are going to be a Pinterest pin soon. :)

  5. shorts perfection! and that hem is fantastic.

  6. The fit is superb. And they look great on. Make some slacks too w that fit. Wish I could do all those alterations w patterns.

  7. Love your shorts and the fit is fabulous. But, come on, that shirt is the piece I envy...I want that shirt!

    1. Thanks Allie! I LOVE this top!! It's still so simple but has a little pop!

  8. They are adorable. That fit is fantastic.

  9. Replies
    1. I included a link, and I've discussed several times on the blog, you can search for the phrase. Thanks!

  10. Your shorts look wonderful! You definitely rocked this pattern!

  11. These are awesome! The fit is spot on and that blind hem is a thing of wonder and beauty.

  12. I can definitely feel your shorts sewing happiness through the computer screen! I'm definitely going to check out that shirt pattern, I have had "make a new white shirt" on my to do list for too long, this pattern looks promising!


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