Friday, August 11, 2017

A Girl Can Dream...

My hand is doing SO much better. Still splinted (but I switch to my arthritis or CT brace at night as needed). I can do something weird here and there that causes me to be near tears...but I'm not swollen and it doesn't hurt constantly. Progress!

And THANK YOU to everyone for the comments and book suggestions. Somehow I never told myself to use this time to study for my certification. So that's what I've been doing.

Last weekend we had our monthly MinneSEWta meetup and visited the smaller SR Harris location. And I obviously lost my mind :-p I spent more than I intended...on just 3 cuts of fabric...but
1) I last purchased fabric on 6/28, therefore, in my mind, I was totally justified!
2) I've been having that "stash is a bit too full" feeling and decided I'd only buy *special* fabrics (and solid ponte. I am low.)
3) All 3 cuts are 100% of their respective fiber (silk/cotton/wool) which can be a bit more spendy.

This location has a stunning collection of silks right up front and I zeroed in on this charmeuse that is a beautiful color and quite matte with a very slight texture. At $12.50 a yard, I only sprang for 2 yards and then proceeded to scour the pattern collection (including all the Burdas!) for a pattern. I was decided but am still on the fence.

I am leaning heavily toward the In-House Belle...
...sewn previously:

Because I can only imagine how much I'd love that blouse in teal silk considering how much I loved it in a crazy printed cotton voile! :)

But I also like V9204
and B6488
But I don't own either of them...AND I've made the Belle twice so...we shall see!!
I totally salivated over M7627 when it was released and bought it immediately.

And while at SRH decided a soft, striped shirting would be perfect! This top requires 4 yards of fabric! The sleeve is one massive piece, and the "ruffles" are made using tucks. By comparison, this view requires 2 3/4 yards

Then, as I am wont to do, I was browsing the LOFT website and saw this:

Well then! :) My vision is on track! LOL! I actually like the McCall sleeve more and love the peplum. (you will have to pry peplum tops from my cold, lifeless body. Give me the illusion of more hips any day!)

So, I had checked out and was waiting on others as we were going to lunch afterwards. And BEHOLD! (hahaha!) I spotted a red-orange wool fleece bolt in a bin. It called my name...I heard it! It was so soft, and such a rich not-too-red-but-still-quite-vibrant  shade and as it called out my name, I was reminded that I needed 3.5 yards of fabric for the red coat from the August Burda and that I had been looking online for a month for options for it. AND, it was only $12.50/yd. WIN.

And while there were only 3 1/4 yards available, 1) Burda runs long for me and I rarely add hem allowances to unlined items 2) the fabric is 65" wide, I'm sure I'll be fine.

I think I may be okay with escaping shiny new for now...and focusing on getting one of these done...

From the recent Vogue release I really only cared for the Lia Lia coat (1562) and the Betzina rain jacket (1564) but neither of those are really appropriate for me to sew for now. Those would be moreso for spring. Whatever that is. I heard it's a season that some people have!

I also liked the surplice, belted Rachel Comey (1556) on top but am not a fan of the pleated skirt with that bodice.

Simplicity's release certainly captured my eye more, and here are my faves:

I may bump the Clare coat for the coat in the upper left. It has fantastic details!!! The raglan sleeved coat is again, more of a fall/spring piece for MN so maybe another time. The Ashley Nell Tipton coat is plus sized so not really an option (no, I don't want to try to grade it down to fit my size 14 shoulders). The wrap top is a cute layering piece! I really like the skirt in the Mimi G pattern and could see making it but don't know that I could see it in my wardrobe. It's interesting though!!


  1. Love the In House Belle bow tie top! It is perfect for fall! I like that style, and would like to sew something similar. Also, the Burda coat is gorgeous! I am glad you could find fabric for it.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I think the Belle is great for fall too!!

  2. So glad your hand is feeling better!

  3. I'm so enjoying your blog! I just had carpel tunnel and elbow surgery and there has been wailing and gnashing of teeth around here--what to do if one can't sew?! Like, what do people DO? Tired of hearing me whine, Randy is sticking me in the car for a road trip. At least I can keep arm elevated and iced :-) oh, and love the top left coat--looks like a Kate Spade one I admired last year

    1. Hahaha! Have fun on the trip and wishes for a speedy recovery to you!!

  4. Hi there. I've read your blog for ages and I'm not much of a commenter - sorry. I really wanted to warn you that the neck on Vogue 9204 doesn't lie very flat so I don't recommend it unless you muslin first. I saw from photos on pattern review that everyone seems to have had this issue and I don't want you to spoil your beautiful silk!

    1. Ooh! Thanks for the heads up! I'll probably just 'go with what I know'!

  5. Oh... what fun day dreams.. Love all of them.. You are inspiring me to sew this afternoon.ha
    Happy sewing... Hope your hand is better real soon.

  6. Glad to hear your hand is improving! I know that whenever I can't sew my mind buzzes with all.the.sewing.plans! I love that wrap McCalls top and have that pattern but never looked to see that it take 4 YARDS! WHAT! Thanks for that heads up and I love your idea of a striped cotton! The three fabrics you chose are gorgeous and it was an outing with friends, so a great excuse to buy them- there is power/enabling in large sewing friend numbers!

    1. Yes!! The enabling is so strong!! lol! I'm excited about the top!!

  7. Glad you are on the mend and when fully recovered I think we will be seeing a lot of sewing from you!
    Thanks for the pattern inspirations!

  8. Glad to hear your hand is feeling better! I live in terror of not being able to use my hands. Literally all my hobbies involve fine motor control... well, apart from reading.

    Just before I read this post I was looking at that Rachel Comey pattern and thinking I loved the skirt, but not with that bodice! How funny. Looking at it again I actually really love the bodice as well, but I feel like they aren't working together at all.

    Those fabrics look absolutely scrumptious. Can't wait to see what they get turned into in the end!

    1. Thank you!! On the Rachel Comey...right!?! Too incongruous for me as a dress!

  9. Can't wait to see what you do with the red wool!


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