Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today, I had one of those Facebook memories pop up and today is the 10th anniversary of when I bought my first sewing machine!

I bought a Singer Talent 3321 from my local JoAnn that day. And as you know... the rest is history! :)

I sewed on that machine from January 2013 until around April 2015 when I got a Singer Stylist 7258 (it was SUCH a great machine at its price point). I kept that until spring 2017 when I treated myself to a Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 and Brother 2340CV coverstitch for my birthday. 

During the pandemic, I got the Janome Skyline S5 (and upgraded my Brother serger to a Babylock!).

I haven't sewn much in the last year but boy was a busy little bee that first 3-4 years. I sewed HUNDREDS of garments. Some are still in my wardrobe. 

I made this coat on that little $120 Singer!

And these jeans!

And this quilt!

I was so fearless in my sewing! I didn't shy away from anything! Nothing felt "too hard". I just kept sewing and sewing and sewing and one day, I got really good at it :)

I am always so grateful that I took the leap, and always wish I'd started sooner. It truly is a lifelong skill with infinite opportunity for development. 

So while I haven't been sewing a lot, the craft remains such an integral part of my life. Here's to many, many more years of sewing!

Most recent project: 
Burda 12/2020 skirt in an eggplant/plum wool. I wore it for the first time today and I LOVE it. I should have lined it but I was being lazy. :)

And I've started some more knitting! 

We had two baby girls born into our family this month, and of of my closest friends became a grandma to a baby girl as well. So expect a couple more things to pop up! 

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Welcome, 2023!

It's so easy to slip away from the blog, isn't it? Eesh. 

Though I haven't been sewing very much and the sewing I have done?? Well...Minnesota winters always present a challenge for photo taking and I just don't have the energy right now to be bothered. 

I think last year may have been the first in like...forever that I didn't do an annual wrap-up! But, I didn't track my sewing, pattern purchases or fabric purchases at all. And...I don't have the energy to figure it out! LOL!

Looking at my 2022 goals posts, My plan was:

  • Trench Coat - Nope.
  • Burda blazer - Nope.
  • Formal black dress - Nope.
  • LBD or jumpsuit - Nope.
  • Men's blazer - Nope.
  • Then, I pivoted with a plan to sew "A Dozen Drafts", but the year had other plans for me. Womp. 
I did sew a couple things last year that are absolute wardrobe staples now:
Burda 2/2013 
(I have a bright blue pair in progress right now)

McCall's 7834 
(and then I made it in white for my birthday!)

Today, January 12th, is actually the anniversary of the day I got my Beatrice form! I still owe you all a write-up and review! This month - I promise.

I don't have a fully formed plan for 2023 yet. I just want to get back to enjoying my sewing space. I am reminded always how much I love blazers so I really want to sew 1 or 2. And, as much as I love Burda for their style and fit, I'm going to have to either find a different pattern. One of the tricky things with more complex garments is knowing what's best practice for seam allowances, etc. I was really loving that vest I was working on and I realized I did something wrong with the facing vs. jacket hem allowance and got discouraged and threw the entire thing away. MEH! 

I also find myself with the same outerwear holes that have persisted. I need 2 more in-between pieces. Which for me are pieces for the 30/35 degree weather. I have two handmade coats that WOULD be good here but I made them both collarless. LOL! The fabric is warm and they are roomy (for layering), but both collarless! And a scarf isn't enough to make them usable for those temps. I also WANT MY TRENCH! I think it's been 4 years now that I say I want to sew a trench coat. I CAN SEW A TRENCH COAT! 

Oh, and skirts. More skirts! :)

I have WIPs for the grandsons - an outfit from Ottobre 4/2022, and I plan to make matching hoodies too. 

Machine knitting goals:

  • Sweaters for the grandsons - No :cry: I got ready to start them and realized I did NOT have enough yarn
  • St. John copycat pants - Not yet! But I did procure wool crepe yarn! Woot!
  • Raglan sweater - SIGHHHHH. I have a WIP and I made a big mistake so I have to get my mojo back to finish it.
  • Sweater with set-in sleeves - Yes! AND I won the 3rd place prize in the Minnesota State Fair!
  • Dolman sweater with detail - Yes! I made a couple of them! 
  • Socks - I made ALL the socks! 
  • Wrap or Poncho - Nope. 
I made a bunch of gifts once I started to feel better during recovery. I made 4 hats (plus 1 for myself!), 5 pair of fingerless mittens (plus 1 for myself!), a pair of flip-top mittens (plus 1 for myself!), 2 cowls, and 2 pair of socks. 

My machine knitting exploded this year! I have ventured into a few areas unexpectedly, but there's more that I want to do! I have yet to make a finished item with my bulky machine, so that's on the agenda. And I am determined to make a fair isle garment. I'm going to do it!!!

Personal goals:

  • Graduate school - Definitely won't be ready to apply Feb 1. When I made this goal last year, I had no clue that the application deadline was so early in the year. So hopefully, I can apply mid-year for Spring entry. 
  • Read 3 books per month - I've barely read any books! Wait, does self-help count? Because I always read self-help books! LOL! I did read a handful of books while I was recovering from surgery, but no where near 3 per month. 
I'm so determined to have a good year. 

Work is really hectic right now and not likely to improve in the near future. I spent weeks just crashing on the couch once I logged off. This past week, I've been a lot better at not doing that. I've tried to expend some energy doing ANYTHING else. Sewing, knitting, decluttering, something

And, I've already attended 3 crafting meet-ups (1 via Zoom) this year! Starting the social aspect of sewing and crafting off right!