Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Meh - McCall's 8042 Top

Let's start by discussing "negative reviews", shall we? On the one hand, people often say that "No one writes negative reviews." Personally, I often figure out a project isn't worth completing before it's done and I just move on without much fuss. Other times, I keep going because I'm unsure, or because I think that mayyyyybe, I can salvage it. But, sometimes, things just don't work out. 

  • The style itself may not quite work 
  • The fabric might be uncomfortable 
  • The color may be "not quite right"
  • The fit may be off. Even if it fits "fine", it may not be the preferred fit

And sometimes, you just aren't feeling it despite everything "appearing" to be good. And a lot of times, there's a lot of good-natured attempts to reassure. By the time I bring a wadder to the blog and label it as such, it's a done deal. I'm not trying to figure it out (though I do ask sometimes and appreciate the recommendations on things to try!). I've tried it with all the things in my closet that it can be tried with. I've tried whatever sewing-related adjustments I can make to make it work. 

In this case, this top is too fussy. In the few minutes that I've had it on to try it out since finishing, I am constantly adjusting the collar or the ties. I do not do fussy clothing. So, it's a wadder.

I took a trip into SR Harris recently to grab some cotton voile for a dress lining and thought this clip dot voile was really pretty. They had it in white too and I got some of that! The white is much more like what you'd expect a cotton voile to feel like. I'm probably not going to sew a dress from it this summer (how is it almost September already!?) but it'll be fun to have in stash for next year (do not get me started on all the summer things I did not sew).

This fabric behaved like cotton in a burn test but it has quite a bit of drape. And while that makes some elements work well (the flutter sleeve and the gathers created by pulling up the drawstring), it makes the most dominant element (the collar) unworkable. 

The color is GORGEOUS!
I didn't realize the vacuum was there til after I put the tripod away! It was the most accurate color representation so... :)

Not enough hip room

I cut a medium with the hips graded to a large. This is still not enough hip room. I'm not sure why they make these tops straight down from the bust but they are long enough to hit the hip. I raised the front slit by an inch and shortened the pattern 2 inches (through the waist).

Still not enough, LOL!

This way may actually be the most wearable 
(with a tank underneath)

First, the front pattern piece is a disaster. There's a muddled mess of lines for the front slit, stitch lines, fold lines, collar lines, hemming lines, blah, blah, blah and for ALL sizes. MESS! The construction on this thing is bananas. And I don't mean that in a good way. It's just some weird stuff happening. The collar is extended from the front, back, and sleeve pieces. Hemmed at 1/4" and two rows of topstitching to create a casing. 

The sleeve ruffle is hemmed with a narrow hem (No thank you! This is the ideal scenario for a rolled-hem), gathered, and sewn to the raglan. 

But theres this area that is left unfinished. I presume it's for range of motion. The cinching of the collar can change the feel through the armhole/sleeve.

So you're supposed to use bias tape on this little area. OY VEY! Just, foolishness! I inserted the ruffle, serged the whole thing, trimmed 1/8" off the section to be finished with bias tape. I used some pretty floral tape from Bessie Pearl Textiles. 

I wanted to love it (that color!) but, it's been hanging there for 2 weeks and I have had no desire to wear it. Blergh.

My current WIP, NL6551, is working out well. I am not FULLY loving it, but I am not unhappy with it! I love the fabric, the color, the style.

I have the collar partially attached. Once that's done, I have the other sleeve to hem, buttonholes, and buttons. Yay! 

Monday, August 9, 2021

July Wrap up and August Plans

This month, I sewed 2 items and 3.75 yards (from stash). I sewed:

  • Simplicity 8337 top - 1.25 yd
    • emerald green rayon jersey
  • McCall's 6744 dress - 2.5 yd
    • floral diagonal ITY knit
    • elastic

I really love how the dress turned out, it's absolute perfection. 

I was not feeling well (Covid negative!!) and was really a lump for like, 2 weeks. I finally decided to try to sew a little something. I finished up M8042 today in a clip dot woven. I swear it burned like cotton but it's SO drapey. I'm not sure about it yet.

Mid-July I made a quick trip down to Chicago for a cousin's birthday and got to wear my super-duper awesome Vogue 1507 top (blog post). I really love this top. It's such a fantastic, impactful pattern.

We made the big decision to purchase eBikes back in June and FINALLY, they arrived!! I don't care as much about cycling as my husband does. It just isn't my preferred activity or mode of exercise. But the eBike was SO. MUCH. FUN when we rented them. 
FedEx just parked it on the porch and since I was home alone I had to get it in the house solo! These thighs came in handy! LOL!!!

We went with the Rad Runner bikes and mine is the RadRunner 1 step-thru. We were finally able to take a maiden voyage :) a short 5 mile ride, and I'm excited to hit one of the (MANY!) trails soon.

I bought a few new patterns this month too during the Something Delightful Vogue sale. 

I'm not sure what I want to sew next :( I have purchased some new RTW items to tide me over since we've returned to the office this month and I'm a size bigger. I really want a khaki skirt and am thinking of sewing this Burda 4/2019 (blog post) again. We'll see.