About Me

Who am I?
I'm a married mom of 2 young adults! I am a Chicago native but I've lived in the frozen tundra -aka- Minneapolis for over twenty years.

When/How did I start sewing?
I started sewing in January 2013 on a whim. I'd learned to crochet a couple years prior and very quickly progressed in that craft. I was supplementing my income selling cute baby hats and booties. In seeking out other crocheters, I was in awe to discover that people were sewing their own clothes. At this point, I'd mainly found refashioning/upcycling blogs but nonetheless, was awestruck.

I knew absolutely NOTHING about sewing or sewing machines and I'd found no sewing resources prior to, nor had I done any research. I went to JoAnn and bought a machine that was less than $150 because, "What if I suck at this?!". As they say; the rest is history.

What sewing machine do I have?
I am now sewing on a Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist. The Singer Stylist 7258 is my backup machine. I think I would love a Pfaff one day. I test-drove a Pfaff, a Bernina, a Husqvarna and a few Janomes (don't remember models of all) and love the Husqvarna and the Pfaff!

I recently acquired a vintage Kenmore 1503. I haven't used it much, yet as it needs some work.

I also own the Brother 1034D serger and the 2340CV coverstitch machine.

What do I like to sew?
Clothing. And lots of it! Almost all for me! I sew some for my daughter and have sewn a few things for my son.

My mom knows how to sew but sometimes manages to rope me in to sew for her!

How do I sew SO much?!? :)
I sew a lot, I know.

  • I think I sew really fast. Not in an "I'm in a huge rush to get this done" sort of way, just that I am really good at process-based things. I can sew a (TNT) pair of pants (not jeans) in just a few hours because in my mind it's broken down already into manageable processes; interface all the things that need interfacing, pockets, fly front, in/side seams, waistband, facing, hem. Done. There isn't much lulling about and I sew a lot of basics. Because of work; there are no highly tailored garments or luxurious fabrics happening for the bulk of my sewing. It just doesn't make sense. So it's knit tops, simple woven tops, cardigans, jackets, pants. That's my work wardrobe and the majority of my sewing.
  • My kids are young adults now! I have a LOT of free time!! I became a mom at 19 so there has been none of this "freedom" at any other point in my life up until now! :)
  • I have a dedicated sewing space. IMO this is crucial. I don't have to share my sewing space so I can leave something right where it lies and come back to it when I have spare time.
  • Time. You would really be surprised at how far 10-20 minute chunks will get you on a project! 

Why do I blog?
Because I love sewing!!! I love to talk about sewing and see other's sewn projects and ooooh, fabric!! and blogging is the best way for me to interact with lots of other sewers!