Friday, October 23, 2020

No-Go On the Mojo

I spent 2 weeks out in California with my daughter and son-in-law, and 12 glorious days in new grandma land. I was so glad that I was able to help out in those early days but it also meant NO sleep. It took me a long time to get my energy back! I know people have babies at 40 but goodness gracious I cannot imagine doing the sleeplessness now! Hahaha!

Couple that with not going into the office (most of my sewing is work wear) and fall breezing right by...meh. Oh, and that?! When I got back, I put away lots of summer stuff but not everything. On 10/9 it was 79F for a high. On Sunday, 10/18, the temp was 35F and it hasn't gotten above that since. BLERGH!

So I finally just went in the sewing room and got started on a project. Burda 4/2018 has been on the to-sew list for awhile. It's so interesting!! It's done and just needs photos. I will have to get them this weekend because this fabric practically glows with my phone.

Beth over at SunnygalStudio has made a couple iterations of this too!

I chose it 1) the pattern 2) nice, stable fabric 3) slightly more involved project. And I like it! And it fits nicely! But it didn't spark the mojo. 

So now I'm sewing a skirt. I was going to make another version of Burda 2/2020 but with all the seams, wasn't sure I had enough fabric for matching stripes. But I knew I had way more fabric than for just a straight skirt. Then I found these buckles in stash and got a little more excited. So I cut another NL6326
mock wrap skirt. Here's a prior version with the buckles:

I think this'll be a fun project and will "age" well in the wardrobe, even if it doesn't get much wear this winter. I'll be lining it in a black pongee.

I cut the waistband on the bias:

Lastly, mom and dad are doing well and adjusting to parenthood. The little one is doing EXCELLENTLY...still shunning clothing! :)

Monday, October 5, 2020

Pattern Repeat: Burda 11/2018

A review?!?! hahaha!

This Burda 11/2018 is a remake. This time I decided to leave off the sleeves and sewed it in a heavy rayon lycra jersey.  I used my normal Burda size - 40 neckline and shoulder, 42 for the rest. It is so simple and in a neutral solid, it's a great wardrobe addition. 
I love the neckline so much. I can't remember how the pattern wanted the neckline finished but I made a facing strip, stitched, turned and topstitched. I finished the armholes the same way.

It is kind of long and in the ponte, slightly thick. So it doesn't work as well to tuck in unless the bottom garment is a looser fit. 

I finished this sometime in August so I'm a little behind on my reviews! 

A couple of weeks ago marked my 1 year anniversary of reduction surgery. Woohoo!!!! Sometimes, I don't look very different IMO, then I see a pic like the one below (left). Ah. Ah-ha. LOL!!

I also celebrated my 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  

Adulting is hard and marriage is hard, but we found our way and we've built a great marriage. Hoping for many more years. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

September Wrap-up and October Plans

 Another quiet month on the sewing front. But let's start with the MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!

I headed to California the morning of the 15th. We hung out that afternoon and on Wednesday, my daughter, son-in-law and me walked down to the beach. Thursday morning, she mentioned not sleeping well that night and I said, today is the day! They didn't believe me...but I told them! I had been telling her to pack a bag and finally, around 10 a.m. she did. By 11 a.m., she was having contractions 7 minutes apart and by noon, she was ready to head to the hospital. She was 6cm dilated and within a couple hours had hit 10. Grandson was born on Thursday the 17th at 3:25 p.m. My SIL called me on Face-Time and luckily, I got to witness the birth! Watching a baby come into the world is truly a magical thing!!

And because I am CERTAIN that he waited for me to get there, I was able to spend the first 11 days of his life with him! I snuggled that sweet boy every moment I could!

Her labor story SO mirrored mine with her! I spent the evening with varying levels of back pain and when I finally told my mom I was ready to go in, I apparently was already 9 cm. dilated! I got to the hospital at about 11 p.m. and she was born 3.5 hours later. 

I made a new tee with the Cricut for my plane ride there so I could proudly let any and everyone know! 

So this month was productive in a different way! :)

I did sew a few tops for my daughter for nursing. I plan to make a few nursing camis for her since she wears lots of button front shirts anyway (flannels) in fall. 

I made 2 versions of S1916. I used a size 12 and shortened the sleeves. The only other mod I made was that I didn't use the included pattern piece for the neckline facing and just cut a strip an appropriate width.

I also sewed up a version of Burda 11/2007 #121. It's pretty "booby" LOL! I missed the fact that the model was wearing a tank underneath. But it's fine for these early weeks where you're just at home trying to survive the lack of sleep.

I cut a size 38, eliminated the facing in place of a "faced band", and used cuffs instead of hemming. 

I love this front detail!!

So that's 3 items for a total of 4.5 yards this month, all fabric from stash. 

Sigh. Whine, whine, no real reason to sew new fall clothes, whine. 

I'll likely sew those camis I mentioned for my daughter.

I've coveted this sweatshirt from the 5/2018 Ottobre issue for 2 years. I think it's about time to sew it! 

I was *this* close to finishing my blue blazer before I left. So I'll finish that. I'd love to sew the blazer from the 2/2020 Burda:

And, since Covid doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and I'm terrified of what's going to happen once we're deep into cold and flu season, we are still being hermits. I want to sew my husband's corduroy jacket but I know it won't actually be worn if we're not going out for dinner and such. He's in IT and definitely wouldn't wear it to work. I should definitely muslin the Fulford jeans for him though! He has a tough time buying jeans. Also, I LOVE sewing jeans but 1)I really don't wear them very often and 2)I don't need any. If I can make this pattern work for him, I can sew a couple pair and get my fix! :-D

Are you sewing for this fall season (or spring if you're down under!)? Is Covid affecting your sewing plans?