Friday, April 19, 2019

A Little Roundup...

Remember how I so desperately wanted to cut a bunch of stuff out before surgery? Because I knew I would be able to *sew* long before I'd be able to cut patterns and fabric. But I didn't get a chance to. I was able to sew up some Frankie panties. Took me a few days :) And I have a black pair ready to sew. I really wish I had cut that other Butterick 6621 out! I have an event next week that it'd be perfect for. Bleh. 

These looked better in my head. the colors don't quite work together and the cotton lycra has very little recovery :(

But this pair! <3 I used a 9" lace and aligned the top of the pattern pieces just under the low point of the scallop. I used a scrap of cotton jersey for the liner. I absolutely love these.

This pattern (and I've seen others too) has you burrito the liner for fully encased seams. It's bulky. The first pair I made (grey and white stripes), I thought it would be bulky but proceeded per the instructions. On this pair, I went with "normal" underwear construction and left the front seam loose. I didn't serge it, just cut it with pinking shears. I've worn these several times already :) so that method works just fine.

I was in Nashville for work last week and boy am I ready for some spring weather! 

I sent the family this: 

And they sent me this: 

There was a full-fledged blizzard in Minneapolis wreaking havoc on everything. My flight was delayed -- they actually did not end up canceling it - it was the only flight that went from Nashville to Minneapolis and it was almost midnight before it left (vs my original ~4:30 flight). I ate good.  I took a night tour and learned all about Music City. I hung out downtown -- and I absolutely do not listen to country music but it was pretty awesome anyway! The vibe downtown is fantastic!! And, I bought my first pair of cowboy boots! WOOHOOO!!!!!! 

I do know Luke Bryan. 
I remember when he first got big thinking he was SO cute! LOL!

I can't wait to wear these :-D

Lastly, I visited Craft South. It's a quaint little store but leaned a bit heavy on the cottons for my taste. I did snag a couple cuts of fabric and almost bought yarn (but I am NOT stashing yarn!!) This pretty printed cotton and this super drapey Brussels washer linen. I'm excited to sew that one!! I picked up some buttons (to go with the cotton fabric - for a sleeveless top) and this measuring tape twill tape.

I did a little Cricut project...Our kitchen/break room is being remodeled and it's a good time to update the old, crinkly letters on the bulletin board where informational things are posted. 

I was typing this post and thought, Hmm...I probably should have posted this sooner in case people wanted to snag a copy but...

It's a feature I'm pretttty excited about too! More later!

Tuesday will be 8 weeks from surgery. I have stalled a little (last week I couldn't even hold a pen in my hand) but my doctor wants me to try some other things for a few weeks and see how it goes. The swelling that's been around for over 18 months(!) is *poof* gone! Woohoo! I may end up in PT though...1) because I'm sure it'll help, even if just a little bit and 2) I've met my out of pocket max for the year so ANY and ALL health care costs me $0 until December 31! Oh yeah! :-p

I swear I'm still keeping up with all of you and your blogs! I just do as little repetitive stuff with my hand as possible, which includes typing and phone-scrolling. I have recently become obsessed with the idea of getting a Beatrice dress form (and then CCF reviewed it on her blog). But my sewing machine! And I have to go see the lady here that sells used knitting machines (and gives lessons!). I think I have too many wants!  :)

I am at 22 yards out for the year (well, Jan and Feb) and 28.75 yards in. That's not that bad! But I have purchased 34 patterns. WUT. 20 of those were purchased in March (read: after surgery). I am itching(!) to buy the D&D Sirocco jumpsuit and Pensee dress/top.

Check out the Curvy Sewing Collective blog next week for my new pattern roundup!