Thursday, November 21, 2019

Whining about WIPs

I mentioned before how there's been nothing but fails or quasi-fails lately. I pushed myself to get my Burda dress completed and I can't move in it.

I tried it on multiple times throughout construction and was so confused and disappointed that it felt so snug on my arms after I'd measured and made a 1.25" full bicep adjustment.
And this was with night belly! :-p

It took me awhile but I realized the issue wasn't the bicep width, it was the armhole depth. A quick (but too late) tissue fitting showed the armhole stitching line was just over 1" below my armhole. Grrrr!

A quick check of my PR reviews and blog posts shows the few fitted, woven, sleeved Burda dresses I've made have restricted motion. AH! I need to pay close attention the next time around. As it stands, I am removing the sleeves and going to make this one sleeveless :(

It's fine sleeveless but I wanted sleeves!!

I'm also noticing that the shoulder is a bit long despite using a size 40. Hopefully I can get them undone and bias bound this weekend.

I went for an easy and not critical and QUICK project next. I really liked the Itch to Stitch Cape Cod Capelet when it was released and scooped it up. 

I figured best case, this would work out fine and worst case, it'd be a wearable muslin. It IS winter afterall! 

This fabric is kind of meh. I purchased it awhile ago from SR Harris. I think it's just a *touch* too drapey for this pattern (but feel like a ponte would be too heavy). 

I'm going to finish this one. It looks much better when I hike the CF up a couple inches, so I'll be shortening CF and CB. It's a weird length on me as-is. 

I will also be sewing up the sleeve just a bit more than the pattern indicates. Full review to come!

Not super impressive on Lilly but that's okay...I really like it on!

The rest of November, I hope to:
Finish my jeans (just need bar tacks in various places and to attach the belt loops)
Finish my blazer (I keep trying it on and it looks SO good, I want to wear it!)
Finish my dress above
Finish the capelet
Sew one other low-stakes item. I'm thinking either a top from V9111 for Thanksgiving or a new apron. But I don't want to buy fabric so the apron may be out...we'll see. 

I was rummaging through the stash today and am so excited for my 2 weeks off in December because I will be SEWWWWWIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGG my behind off. Being non-religious (more agnostic than atheist), I've long since held the belief that Christmas is for children. Mine are young adults. Christmas presents? No. I just paid tuition bills and phone bills and renewed car registration! LOL! :-p And my husband will be working so it will truly be free time for me. 

Hopefully I'll get out of this sewing rut before then.

Oh! And this week made 8-weeks post-op and I'm healing so well! My scars are almost non-existent unless you look closely and I haven't even used any scar treatments. I'm out of the sports bras around-the-clock and sticking to bralettes (ooh! there's an idea! I can try to work up a bralette muslin soon!). I can't begin to imagine feeling comfortable in an underwire but I suppose it'll happen eventually :)


  1. I was contemplating getting the capelet pattern, and yours looks to nice! Have you tried on a winter coat with it? When you take it off, does the capelet show it's wrinkles?

    1. Hi Vickie, Nope. I have only sewed all the vertical seams and attached the collar - haven't tried it on with a coat mid-construction. I'd imagine it'd be tough to pair with an actual coat.

  2. Forgive me for being obtuse, but on the Burda dress, is the armhole too high or too low? I have the worst luck with sleeves narrow shoulders (2-3/8 inches!) and full upper arms are a mystifying combination when it comes to fit.

    1. Hi Sara! The armhole thing is a little counter-intuitive. An armhole that's too low (on fitted garments) restricts movement. Whatever top you're wearing right now, Hold the armhole down in place, an inch or two from your body and see how restricted your motion is. Then, hold it right up under/into your armpit and see that you have full range of motion!

      And WOW!!! Your shoulders are super narrow! Mine are just over 4" which tends to be a bit too short. Usually, with big4, using a size 14 gets me the correct shoulder length and Burda's size 40 does too.

    2. A-ha! Lightbulb! I would totally just piece the armhole to be higher but I'm a sloppy sewist of the highest order. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Sewing patterns laugh in the face of my narrow shoulders. :(

  3. Fantastic to hear your recuperation is going well. You are looking so well.

    I love your cape, mostly because it is colourful and stripey.

  4. Can you raise the shoulder where it meets the sleeve in order to raise that armhole? I don't know maybe 1/2" front and back? Would that give you enough mobility?

    1. Well, I wouldn't do that with *this* make only because it isn't worth undoing so much work in the collar to take that seam up. I've already removed the sleeves (and really, at the time of posting this I'd already chopped one of the sleeves off to cap-length while it was still attached!) so I'll bias bind them. I have a couple jackets and cardigans that work with it sleeveless.

  5. I think the sleeveless and the cape patterns looks really cute on you. I know it’s frustrating when you’ve had too many things not work out in a row. But you have soooo many that do work out, there’s bound to be a few that don’t. And usually it’s a problem with the pattern not you, right?

    1. So true Susan! Sometimes it's the pattern or the fabric or me. But having some sewing mistakes are inevitable for all of us!

  6. Weeks to sew sounds divine! I hope that pulls you out of your rut.

    It is good to hear you are recovering so well!


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