Tuesday, November 3, 2020

October Wrap-Up and November Plans

Gah. It just occurred to me, IT'S NOVEMBER! Sigh. I was excited on Sunday because, new month! new week! Daylight saving!
But the month is off to a meh start and of course, there's the absolute anxiety of the general election and the results. 
This month, I sewed 3 items and 5.5 yards. I didn't buy any new fabric (I almost did! Surge Fabrics had some nice waffle knits!)
  • Ottobre 5/2018 sweatshirt - 2 yards
    • pink ponte from stash
  • Burda 4/2018 shirt - 2 yards
    • pink cotton shirting 
    • buttons
  • New Look 6326 skirt - 1.5 yards (WIP)
    • wool suiting and pongee lining
    • zipper, buckles
Favorites: Meh. I think my general mood has zapped my sewing energy. Nothing is grabbing me right now.
Fails: The sweatshirt. I hate the color. I knew I hated the color, but I guess it was more of a wearable muslin because I figured I could still wear it around the house for lounging. It isn't wearable 1) because I abhor the color and 2) because I just haven't worked out Ottobre's fit on me yet and it fits weirdly.
Accomplishments: Meh. LOL! The shirt is nicely sewn and the skirt is coming along.
I'd be more excited about this skirt if I knew I'd be wearing it when it was finished :-p

I really wanted to muslin that jacket and jeans for my husband but didn't get around to it. Partially because my hand has been bothering me a lot lately. 

November? IDK. I won't make too many plans because who knows where my mental state will take me. But, here's a few recent screenshots of RTW that caught my eye. If I do sew, it'll probably be some warm/snuggly stuff, even if I don't really need clothes right now. 

I saw this "maxi hoodie" by Nike and thought it was cool, but then not so sure about procuring a long zipper that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The shorter hoodie is kind of the alternative...in the same vein as those, this maxi dress with the stripes down the side is cool! That could be a fun project. I've also rewatched Power lately and one of the main characters, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) was wearing this raglan, colorblocked bomber and I thought it was cute so I might copy it. We'll see!! And, those jeans are just fun!!! 

I did work up a swatch for a sweater - I'm going to aim for a simple round-neck just to up my machine knitting confidence. And again, even if it isn't great, it'll be something I can tool around the house in.

This green ruler is a quick, instant way to check gauge. I was pretty aggravated that it was like $12 but, I like not counting stitches!

A swatch for a standard gauge machine means knitting 40 stitches by 60 rows and the ruler "counts them" instantly! So here, by lining the edge up with the left marker, we see that I am just under 27 stitches. The other side of the ruler has the row measurement.

Using waste yarn at the beginning and end is your marker for the rows and about midway through, you mark the stitch just outside of the 20th for easy markers for the stitches. It's a pretty slick process! Here, my aim is 29 stitches so I'd have to dial back the tension a bit. 

So, I suppose my plan for the month is to finish my skirt, knit a sweater, and stay healthy!


  1. I'm loving the jeans inspiration! Maybe for sweatpants/joggers/leggings--that would be comfy and fun.

  2. Those jeans are super cool! And I can see you lounging around in that striped maxi--it's so you.

  3. Just a comment Fail
    If you hate the color ...there is always experimenting with dye and/or block printing etc
    If the fitting issues are all wrong-it's still not a fail-you learned what didn't work

    1. Yes! I was going to use my Cricut to add to the top to make it more palatable but yeah, I think the fit is a bit too off for me.

  4. Forgot to add...
    The pattern match on
    The Zipper seam on the skirt is Amazing!

  5. Check out zippers by the yard https://www.byannie.com/zippers-by-the-yard/. They seem reasonable and there are videos on line to teach you how to do it.

  6. I have gotten some great pricing for zippers at Rain Shed, especially in their discount section. Best wishes on finds your see-jo

  7. totally understand re mental state,its been a really tough year.As your canadian neighbour we are waiting anxiously for the election results as well......stay safe xxxx

  8. I'm am totally there with you in regards to current mental state. Hopefully your hand feels better! Your skirt looks awesome so far.

  9. The plaid skirt is going to be so cute -- I must say, you have influenced me to buy the pattern. Heh.

    I was recently roped into costumes for a local play -- not human costumes, mind you, but animal costumes...what even is my life -- but as soon as that's over, I'm going to sew for MEEEE!

  10. My mental state is fried. I have been obsessing with this election. I keep waking up each morning to the hope that Biden has won. Not yet but close. This obsession is interrupting creativity. I do love the look of your skirt to be Great matching of the plaid!!

  11. Love the pattern matching on the skirt - that is awesome. This down-under fan-of-you is relieved about the election outcome. It has not been fun watching the US from a distance these past few years. Can't imagine what it has been like living it.


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