Monday, July 8, 2019

Sewing Updates, Cricut Crafts and Birthdays...Oh My!

Crafting saga story ahead! As you may know, I hit the Big 4-0 this weekend and I had a super, amazing, awesome, fantastic time...I made the Deer & Doe Sirocco jumpsuit to wear, AND, my brother and husband surprised me with a visit from my parents!

I was sitting there running my mouth and looked up at the entrance and froze and then burst into tears! And I NEVER CRY! 

I'd bought the tee and bag a month or so ago, knowing I wanted to make these two items. And since they are here, no procrastination shipping! But I go back to work tomorrow and wanted to get them done today.

My mom started calling herself 'ladybug' at some point. IDK where it came from, but it stuck!

I hope the quality of this one is good enough to print!

Wanted to do the letters in white and red and would have settled for white and silver. I checked my vinyl collection and didn't have black (put a pin in this) or red. Since I needed red for the ladybug, I figured I'd make the "Avengers A" red as well.

Magically, this is the week that neither JoAnn or Michaels is having a sale on Cricut (usually 40% off). I was not going to pay $23 for 2 rolls of vinyl!!  JA had it for 25% off on the website and it wasn't "online only" so I knew they'd match the price.

Decided the tee would be quick and I'd do it first. Famous last words?

I accidentally cut the D's from black vinyl. Sigh. LOTS of wasted vinyl.
I forgot to mirror the A (iron-on vinyl is cut as a mirror image).
When I went to get the red vinyl to recut the A, lo and behold, there is an UNOPENED ROLL OF BLACK VINYL! I think I almost shut the light off and just quit.

I don't do a ton of crafting projects and somehow it didn't register that the ladybug was achieved with a bunch of layering. The overall bug is black and then everything else is layered on. Because of this, you don't fully adhere each bit because you have to layer over it. As a result, I messed up the ladybug shell. Oh yeah, I forgot to mirror the red images and had to recut them too.

When I made the design, I saved it knowing I had to check the bag dimensions. I forgot. So, as you can see, it just fits and I couldn't center the ladybug and the name. I think I'm going to go back and randomly place a few hearts in the open space.

I was going to do both sides...NOPE!

And all of this was after having a disastrous day sewing the skirt from Burda 4/2019. Luckily, the skirt is truly, truly fantastic so I persevered. I worked on this off and on all $&#%! day and somehow, I'm still not done.

There is a story here!

There is a story with my denim skirt - but it's finished now and it is pretty much my most favorite thing!

Hello there lovely bartacks! 

There is DEFINITELY a story with the Sirocco (and some side eye)! I'll review this one first. But it was the perfect birthday outfit.

This cake. Swoon! It was absolutely beautiful and SO delicious!

Brought in 40 with a BANG!

My mojo is deadddddd and gone right now.  When I traced the skirt from the April Burda, I traced the dress too. Hopefully I'll sew it soon ish!

Until later!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

June Wrap-Up & July Plans

It's so nice to have a "normal" wrap-up!! :-D  Woohoo!!

This month, I sewed 7 3/8 yards. 2 yards of that was "new" (newer than 3 mos) fabric.

  • Burda 12/2009 tee - 1.25 yards
    • blue and white striped burnout jersey
    • snaps
  • Burda 6659 shorts - 1 yard
    • grey french terry
    • elastic, twill tape
  • New Look 6650 top - 1 5/8 yards
    • lightweight chambray
    • button, trim for ties
  • Vogue 1501 skirt - 2 yards
    • floral poly crepe
    • invisible zipper, button
  • Burda 6769 skirt - 1.5 yards
    • lightweight denim
    • zipper, tack button

I was so productive!! The Burda tee and NL top were new-to-me patterns. The others have all been sewn before. I am fine with sewing...cutting out patterns is still tough.

Favorite: The skirts. My Vogue skirt makes me HAPPY!!!! And the jean skirt is ev.ery.thing! I cannot wait to do the final finishing bits.

FAILS: Nothing really aside from being 'meh' on the NL top for now.

Accomplishments: The construction on that Burda tee is so awesome!! <3 Also, I made some style changes to the Burda denim skirt and it all worked out very well. Review to come soon!

This month I bought 4 yards of fabric (2 were used on the crepe skirt). My totals for the first half of the year are:

IN: 32.75
OUT: 35.25


Patterns? Uhmm.....I bought 14 total in January and Feburary, before surgery. I'm up to 58 now. EEK!

July plans:

Deer & Doe Sirocco jumpsuit for my birthday dinner!

And then back to my summer plans...which I've made 5 of the patterns here already!

Already sewn: top 1, skirts 3 & 4, dress 2, shorts

Next up is either the cropped pants or the tie-neck blouse. It's suddenly SUPER HOT. Like, real hot, not just Minnesota hot. I am thinking I'll push M7251 (top 3) to fall. I'm considering replacing it with something I've made before that would be a straightforward sew like S2594 or a Burda because I wouldn't need a muslin. We will see!

And, oh yeah, THIS happened:

New hair, who dis?!

Absolutely ADORE the cut!

Friday, June 21, 2019

New Look 6560

Which, as mentioned previously, is a reissue of Simplicity 4125. Which I had in stash already before buying the NL pattern. Grrrr.

This pattern has been super popular since it was released about a year ago. I really wanted to make it in my kelly green silk charmeuse last fall but never got around to it. I chose this chambray (likely from FM) which is fairly soft but I still think it's a bit too stiff. I would definitely use something with more drape (like silk charmeuse!) the next time.
My normal Big4 top size is a 14. The finished bust is 41.5" and mine is 39.5". I did a 3/4" FBA for an extra 1.5". My waist in Big4 is a 16 so the extra I get from the FBA is needed. I also did a slash and spread on the back only to add extra hip room.
There were a lot of reviews saying the lengthened the top. The length is perfect for me!  I am 5'5" but I have a short torso. I tried it on with several skirts and pants and no high-waist bottoms are necessary for me.

The FBA was rotated into the gathers. I think the facing is a little wimpy. 

Immediately after cutting out the fronts, I used fusible stay tape and I had no stretching out and no neckline gaping. I added shorter ties than they mentioned to the inside. The stitching that's holding it in place is itchy :( and I don't like the tie anyway, it's awkward. I should have done a loop and button like I started to.

I read the instructions twice and *I* didn't see where they instructed you to make a buttonhole on the right front for view C. For some steps, they referred to the instructions for views A/B but this wasn't one.

I thought the sleeve band instructions were atrocious. I was so annoyed after doing the first one that I'm sure it was more than a day later before I sewed the second one. And really, while it isn't a difficult pattern, overall the instructions could be a lot better. It's been a long time since I was utterly confused by a set of instructions.

The ties are short!! Grr. I think I cut them at the largest size and can't really make a bow. 

I really like my chambray shirt but it took awhile to grow on me. I like the idea of this but I don't love it. I think it's the fabric. It's super cute with quite a few things in my wardrobe but so far it's just been sitting on Lily (my dressform). I'm hoping it grows on me a bit!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Burda 12/2009 #119

I bought this burnout jersey late last summer and decided I had to save it to make it a 'summer tee'. It's a white, burnout, cotton jersey with blue stripes. I had 1.5 yards and then I decided I wanted to use *this* pattern. I thought it would be a tight fit but this top pattern is SUPER LONG. I removed 3 inches and now it's the length of a normal tee :-p View 120 in the mag uses the same base with a hood and side slits. It's even longer. Eesh.

I used a size 40, my normal Burda size. I did a cheater FBA. I could have added a bit more's a tee. It's fine. Kristin reviewed this awhile back and she mentioned how wide the sleeves where around the wrist. I removed TWO INCHES at the wrist, tapering to nothing above the elbow.

I mentioned in a previous post that I did not understand Burda's instructions for the placket and ended up not following them. I used this YouTube tutorial and it worked a treat! The tutorial shows a polo-style shirt so I did manage to use Burda's instructions for the neck binding.
I knew I wanted to use snaps but thought I'd use the white ones. Unfortunately the fabric appeared too gray next to the bright white snaps. 

(this was before top stitching)

I am pretty happy with the fit. It wasn't a quick sew...but it was a nice simple project. I did well matching the stripes everywhere except the back sleeve! The sleeve, the placket and the side seams are all matched. Woohoo!

One silly pic:

And one outtake - IDK why I look shocked. LOL!

 My New Look 6560 top is done too! I am excited about it. The chambray is nice and lightweight but I do want to make it with one of my cuts of silk; maybe for fall.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Summer Sewing Plans (and miscellany)

I have concrete sewing plans for summer!

As I've mentioned before, I never do "RTW fasts" because I know I will find some cute thing I want or get in a rut of needing things and knowing I don't have time to sew it all. I found some fantastic tops at LOFT last week so I've tweaked my list. It's still SUPER large (haha!) but I've tried to make it a nice mix of things I've made before but still adding things I want in the wardrobe.

some RTW inspiration I'd collected

This weekend, I cut out NL6560 and cutting out paper patterns is exhausting!! I decided (assume) that the reason is, I am accustomed to cutting fabric out in session but usually cut patterns in one go. It took me over 45 minutes to cut out this pattern with 6 pieces! (I didn't even cut the belt!) Eesh.

Tops: Since I bought a few new items, I need fewer tops than I originally had on the list. 
  1. NL6560 (which, WAH!!! is a reissue of Simplicity 4125 that I already own) top in chambray
  2. M7601 in a soft black & white diagonal striped georgette
  3. M7251 in a coral challis
Skirts: (I have a ton of skirts...I can not fit them. Some I wear anyway, they just hang a bit lower, but most of my B5760 skirts are too large now. Booooo. Some of them will get altered though. As that became my TNT, I have made some really beautiful versions!
  1. NL6326 (first 2 skirts) in pale grey crepe and a BRIGHT! pink crepe
  2. Burda 6769 lengthened a few inches with 'matching' front and back walking slits
  3. V1501 (I cut off the bodice :) LOL!) I have made this dress AND have made it twice as a skirt. I have a floral poly crepe from Mood for this one. (oh yeah, I broke fast and purchased 4 yards of fabric last week!)
  4. Burda 4/2019 in a kelly green twill (have you seen Beth's version!?)
  1. Burda 4/2019 sans sleeve ruffles in a floral challis
  2. B6621 in a bright floral knit
  3. B6640 shirtdress in a pale blue and white thinly striped shirting
This is V9032 (my TNT pants pattern), but I really want a flat-front, wide leg crop. I was trying to stay with as many made-before patterns as I could but I wasn't going to be completely happy with them so why sew them!? I am going with Burda 5/2017 in a crepe suiting that was called "Coral gold" from Mood. It looked more brown online but is definitely more pinkish.

This image is of Burda 6938 but I will actually be using 6659 which I've made before. But their short version is longer than I'll make them and has bands on the hem. 6938 is more likely what I'm going for. I'll be using a grey French terry.

I've made Nl6326 (2nd view), Burda 6769, V1501, B6621 and Burda 6659 before. That's only 5 of 13. Oops. We'll see how much I get done!

Lastly, for my birthday, I want to make the Deer & Doe Sicorro jumpsuit using this (super awesome!) knit fabric I bought ages ago.

I finally(!) audited my pattern collection. I do this ever so often but have been meaning to do it for over a year now. Finally!

I started out showing 808 patterns. I cleared out everything that has been removed from my stash (I did a big purge awhile ago and knew I didn't fully clean up the stash after that). That took me down to 739. Then, I added the patterns I own that were never added to my catalog. Boooo! LOL! That put me at 766.  Whew!

I found THREE copies of B5526. Eesh. And there were 38 patterns that I had duplicates of-2 each. Some of those (but probably no more than 12-15) are from buying the smaller size range for my daughter. And maybe 5 or so are patterns that I intentionally duplicated (e.g., B6621). Goodness gracious.

I finally organized my lining stash on the cardboard pieces I ordered. They are 9x12 inches and work well for the lining. I think they are too flimsy to store actual fabric on.

I finished my Burda 12/2009 henley tee! Woohoo! Review to come. In the meantime, behold my awesome matching across the placket :-p

 Lastly, I have never purchased a minimizer bra. They are never pretty :( But I'd read great reviews on this Bali bra and happened to be in Kohl's and tried it on.

Minimizer on top; my regular bra on bottom. Reviews suggested to size down. I am wearing a 34DD in the minimizer and 34DDD/E in my normal bra.

In the below pic, I am obviously turned a little more to the front in the minimizer, but I can totally see the difference in projection! The same style was cheaper at Macy's and with additional discount, I scored one for $20. We'll see how it works with "real clothes" when it comes. 

What are your summer must-haves? Do you snoop-shop RTW??