Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Catch up post...

Before surgery, I sewed this McCall's knit top - M7836. I don't know where I got this ponte from but it is really nice and while I like the top, it wasn't the right choice. I'm not sure how much wear the top will get. 

I don't remember all (any?) of the details, but I am sure I did a swayback adjustment and adjusted for my large bicep. I think I shortened it too :)

I finished the Ottobre jackets for the boys. 
They really turned out amazingly well!!

There were some pre-surgery knitting projects - a vest and some hats that I donated:

Because Lily is me, you can see that the armhole is a bit too wide. 

I suck at poms

This one was better :)

knitting a hat in 45 minutes is very rewarding...
I donated 6 hats total. 

I'm not sure that I'll return to Instagram. I'm just not interested in Reels. If I see one more thing "thrown" at the camera, I'm going to chuck my phone. Plus, all of the sudden movements (jerking, flashing images, etc) is a nightmare for me and sometimes makes me physically ill. So I just stay away most of the time. 

Also, I finished my sweater today (Rav page)! I have membership on the Knit It Now site and it allows you to create custom patterns on demand. There are base patterns, you enter your desired measurements and stitch gauge, and it creates a pattern:

This is a simple bateau/boatneck so the front and back are basically rectangles, creating a drop shoulder. BUT, with this one, the front neckline is very slightly shaped so it doesn't come all the way up your throat :) I decided to add a little fair isle to the sleeve using the machine electronics. I used one repeat of the pattern, which was 44 rows. On the first sleeve, it popped up 44 and I stopped, I was supposed to knit one more row and forgot that the machine will ping when it has completed a repeat. I got it right on sleeve 2 so they don't match but, who will know besides me and y'all?! :-D

I made one other mistake, I changed the armhole drop. I don't know why I did this. DOH. I made it 8.5" which is a 'normal' drop and this drop shoulder style would have necessitated a lower sleeve drop. Blergh. It's still wearable and I really(!) like it, so I will definitely update it and knit another version in the future. 


  1. Love the pink sweater. The boys' jackets look profesional--great job!

  2. Everything looks so great! I feel like I always regret when I use a ponte knit for a top... for some reason dresses and sweaters or light jackets are fine, but it always feels too stiff for tops, so I totally understand what you mean for your M7836 top. But the knitting projects all look amazing, and I really love your sweater. The sleeve detail is my favorite - it just looks so elegant with the design used that way.

    1. Exactly that. It always seems like it'll be okay, but the ponte is just not quite right. Blergh.

      Thank you so much! I'm having lots of fun knitting :)

  3. Wow, you have been busy! The boy's jackets are adorable, love your color choice as well. Your pompoms on the hats look perfect. I recently donated some hats but mine were sewn and I used The Littlest Studio's tuque pattern which calls for pompoms, I didn't even go there. I'm impressed with your hats, they're really nice. And the vest and sweater look great.

  4. Some wonderful work here. The jacket is so very professional. It looks popped right out of Sierra, beautiful. And your pink sweater, oh, my! I am hoping we will see more blogging and stitching with the exit from IG. I hear ya on that one.

  5. Wow, the boys jacket is amazing and very nicely done! I really like the McCall's top too, but I get not feeling it because of fabric.

    I feel you on IG. I scroll a bit, but don't engage much anymore. I've not posted anything since September 2021 and reels are just awful. There's some new thing called "reels-mas" and I...uh...NO. Just no. I already loathe this time of year and reels-mas might be my villain origin story.


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