Thursday, January 19, 2017

Finished: McCall's 6612

This is an oldie but goodie, now OOP.

I made a wearable muslin of this pattern a couple of years ago and the fabric was pretty nice...but the top was a little too tight. I used it as a pj top to go with the leggings I'd made from a different McCall's.

I never stopped thinking about this pattern and when deciding what to do with my sweater knit from StyleMaker (NAYY), I stumbled across a pattern from the October 2014 Burda magazine. I managed to collect all of 2014...EXCEPT OCTOBER!

I didn't want to pay $6 for just the dress when I am digging the entire issue; I'd rather pay $12 and buy the issue (I've since ordered it). So into the (massive) stash I went! AH! M6612 isn't *as* interesting as the Burda but I was happy to finally revisit it! I liked the first one so much I made another soon after.

Paired with my NL6481 jacket

The pattern is cut with a size 14 neckline and shoulders, 16 through the bust and waist and 18 through the hip.  On the black and white version I added 2" to the length (fabric from Fabric Mart).

This pattern goes together so nicely and the finishing of the neckline is perfect. I chose 3/4 sleeves because they're currently 'my jam' and hemmed with a twin needle.

The cowl facing is caught in the first couple of inches of the side seam. The back neckline is narrow hemmed and then the facing and front are wrapped around, sewn, and trimmed...and it turns out so neat!

I've worn the orange version a couple of times already. Love the color, the fit and the fabric. The black and white jersey is a much lighter weight than the sweater knit and we were in a deep freeze around here so it hasn't made it out of the closet yet. 

It's been 40 degrees F the past few days -- a major heatwave. Maybe Saturday is the day! :)

I still have to get photos of M7476! This weekend for sure. I wore it the other day and it's a cool little vest.


  1. Both are real nice. I may need to revisit that pattern again myself.

  2. I like them both! The black and white print with the jacket looks really good! And the finishing technique is so clean. I love beautiful insides of garments!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! And yes, so nice to look inside and see it all neat and tidy.

  3. You can't beat as classic cowl neck dress. Love them both.


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