Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wait...What about December? And a Self-Induced FAIL!

:) I never did a December wrap-up but did include my December sewing in my year end wrap up.

I sewed a lot during the month! 4 things before my vacation and 5 things during (in December...and I sewed 2 items during vacay in January).

For the month of December I sewed:
  • Simplicity 8014 top in navy poly crepe
  • New Look 6301 top in black ponte (bodice of a dress with band added, to-be-blogged)
  • McCall's 6612 dress x2 in pumpkin sweater knit and black & white print jersey (TBB)
  • McCall's 7251 shirt in checked shirting
  • Simplicity 1322 skirt in grey RPL suiting
  • Butterick 5760 skirt in camel wool
  • Vogue 9032 pants in grey RPL suiting
  • McCall's 7538 dress in plum jersey (TBB)
  • McCall's 7538 top in 3 prints to copy the cover art (TBB)

FAIL: The Vogue pants. More on that in a moment.

Favorite: I can have 2 right? Of course I can! Simplicity 8014 while not perfect is just super, duper gorgeous to me. I love the fit and the tie neck and am planning to make it again and think the pattern is deserving of silk. I won't use those sad facings though. But then there is B5760. Sure it's just a lined skirt, but I want to hug it. I want to carry it around with me in my pocket and admire it...

Accomplishments: While I took my time and did the skirt up right, I am actually always SUPER proud of myself for any sort of pattern "hack" as it just is not my thing. The NL6301 top makes me proud! I wanted a wrap "sweater"...something pullover with a wrap front but no ties. Then I saw this sweater from Anthro and was all I CAN DO THAT!! And so I did! YAY!

So vacation sewing included:
M6612 dress in black/white jersey
S1322 skirt
B5760 skirt
V9032 pants (wadder)
M7358 dress which I then immediately cut the top out. Love this pattern.
M7476 vest (January project)

I was going to start on my daughter's pants and had no zipper that matched. Knowing I had just placed an order at Wawak, where regular nylon zippers are about $.25, I couldn't fathom going to JA and paying over $1 (assuming a coupon...I think the regular price is $1.99). So they are waiting until my order arrives.

I found myself home alone on the last day of vacation and what else would one do when they've already done laundry and cleaned house and washed their hair?! (hair washing is a once every 5-7 day deal and it's a "thing"!). So I cut out a pattern!

I wasn't initially planning to use THIS pattern for my knit vest but it works. Again, review to come! (The blog will be busy, busy in the coming weeks with the backlog I have. I've got 4 draft posts already!)

McCall's 7476 (Finished up tonight)

Sooooo about those pants. You know the ones... The pattern I've made 7 times before?

Yeah, that one.

I was rocking and rolling. Did the pockets, inserted a fairly nice fly front even on this spongey RPL...I had the back all assembled and ready to sew the inseams and looked at the back of the pants and went "hmm..." because they looked huge. I started pinning the inseams and there I had an "oh crap!" moment. I did not say 'crap' mind you.

I RAN downstairs where my pattern pieces were sitting in a pile and there I saw it...I'd cut the front pieces from view C (my intended view) with the back pieces from view B.

Here is a previously sewn view C:
Bootcut. Fitted through the hips and thighs. All nicely tapering in and out as needed.

Here is a previously sewn view B:
Trouser cut. Falls from the high hip to the floor. Full leg.

I whined that I would have to take them apart and recut the backs. Luckily, before I undid all that serger stitching and seams I pulled out the back pattern pieces for each view.

The correct piece is on bottom in both shots

Uhmm...yeah. No. Recutting wasn't an option.

I hadn't even looked at these photos above and somehow thought they fit similarly through the hip and butt and I could just reshape the legs:

Previously sewn back over this back

Well I did that with the understanding before hand that I would have to be okay with these being a wadder. I did some cutting and sewing and tweaking and no. No. No. No.

You may want to avert your eyes.

A day or so after the fact I was scrolling through my phone looking for something else and I swear to you I was "what/who is that/this?!" because h-o-r-r-i-f-i-c.

Are you STILL looking!? Fine! :-p

I looked at these photos and pulled those pants right off my body and threw them in the trash.


Up next, review for M7538 dress and top. I totally have photos ready to go on other things but not these but I love them so much AND it's a newer pattern that I'm bumping them to the front for a blog post!


  1. I have to agree, those wadded pants are not your best's to trash cans, we know what they are for...

  2. There is no way anyone would know that was you if you didn't tell them. Was it wrong to look and laugh? How different are both patterns but I wonder did the fabric contribute too? Looking forward to seeing the winners.

    1. Nope. Go ahead and laugh! LOL!

      The grey wrap skirt I made is from the same fabric and I was excited to get pants from it. Boo!!!

  3. Wow that is quite the productive month, did Santa's elves come and help you or something!? I would have tried the same fix with the pants, no doubt with the same result, it's really interesting how different the top of the pattern pieces are, but I think that is the sign of a well drafted pattern (as you already know it to be!). I'm sure you will triple check next time, but maybe you need to split out those pattern pieces into separate smaller envelopes for each view!

    1. Good idea Allison! I'm going to do that so this won't happen again!

  4. I had to laugh at the pants! Those are the failures that make you want to kick yourself. I've done things like that before. It happens.

  5. Sorry about your wadder. I hope the fabric wasn't too dear....although, they do make more. :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! Not too dear...just a nice weight for pants for this Tundra dweller :)

  6. Had to smile at your garbage wadder.. For sure, I have a good bit of them.. Funny, how seeing ourselves on cameras, makes us want to add to the garbage can.
    You have done so many beautiful garments..and just amaze me at how fast you turn them out.. Happy sewing...

  7. Thank you for sharing your triumphs and failures! It happens, lol! You had a productive December, and I look forward to seeing your backlog of items.

  8. Even if you may have had an wadder with the pants, you still had a very productive month. I can't wait to see the Mc'Call's dress.

  9. I have finally put your new blog on my blog roll, hurrah!

  10. Oh no - so easy to grab the wrong pattern piece by mistake! Sounds like the rest of your month was super-productive to make up for it though!

  11. Hi, I just rediscovered your blog and following it through Bloglovin. I'm laughing over the pants.


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