Sunday, January 1, 2017

Skirts! Simplicity 1322 and Butterick 5760

B5760; my little gem of a pattern in a unassuming wardrobe pattern. Ahhhh. I don't know ho many times I've made it...this is number 7 or 8.

This skirt works with SO many colors!

(my daughter is transferring to a local school and her mini fridge temporarily resides in the dining room. c'est la vie)

I have no idea where I got this wool; it is very fine and a beautifully rich camel color with flecks of black or dark brown. I am almost certain I paid "a lot" ($20-25/yd) for it because I knew I only needed 1 yard. Boy am I happy for this splurge! I bought 5/8 yd of Ambiance to line it and almost picked up a more caramel colored lining and got this gold instead. The other would have been a better match but this is okay too with the ivory colored hem tape.

Lining/facing slipstitched by hand to zipper tape

The lace hem tape makes me happy!

Truer color representation

I eliminated the back slit - I had a hard time figuring out that area when I made the boucle version with lining. And I often peg the skirt but didn't this time, making it okay to not have a slit or vent. I made no other changes to the pattern from the other times I've sewn it. It's a 16 front, 18 back with the front waist graded up to a size 18.  Full 2" hem taken (I removed 1" from the lining).

Love <3

Next (well, this was sewn first), I made S1322. I had been eyeing the pattern for forever and then I made a version for my daughter and knew I had to have one.

It's okay. I do have a tummy and get a little pulling in front - that doesn't bother me. I think with the stretch of this fabric (it stretches in both directions!), that I pulled the fronts too snugly (even though I matched the notches) and now it doesn't lay flat. I do like the shape of it though.

I was taking advantage of the bright light and wasn't about to put on tights. I will totally wear tights with it.

I made a size 18 in this thick/spongey RPL suiting.

Don't be like me, read the directions. I just started sewing away, as I do, but you have to follow the order of construction. Boo for rules! LOL!

Darts, side seams, hem, hem the front wraps, overlay and attach waistband/yokes, insert zipper, facings.

Lapped zipper

Facings stitched by hand. I caught the facing when I ditch-stitched but I was not about to unpick it. 
I am also confused on how to finish the facing when it's a lapped zipper. The upper portion isn't really secured so that the zipper isn't obstructed. 

The front wrap has coverage when walking/standing still but boy does it open up upon sitting!!

The other issue is, I don't know what to wear with it. In my mind I was all YAY! Grey skirt! But with the wrap a lot of my tops didn't seem quite right with it. So now I'm unsure how it'll work in the wardrobe!

Here it's paired with a black tank and my latest Swoon cardigan and then with a RTW drapey top.

See how the wrap opens? I don't think there's actually risk of showing off anything, erm, private...but when you sit it opens quite high.

Quick note, I didn't review the cardigan but I made it from this cool burnout jersey from FM and I really, truly LOVE it! 

 In other vacation sewing plans...

I had a major mishap with my Vogue pants, more on that later...and switched my solid colored M6612 for the new M7358. Including DDs pants I think my vacay sewing will total 7 items. Not bad!


  1. Happy New Year! I love your latest skirts--they are so pretty on the inside and outside! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and following your makes. You are an awesome seamstress and I pray that this year will be filled with many blessings for you and your family!

    1. Happy New Year Vanessa! ((hugs))

      Thank you so much for following along on this here journey of mine :)

  2. The camel colored skirt is gorgeous.. Just perfect on you.
    I like the gray one too..[wrap skirts/dresses are always on my to do list]. I like yours
    with the pink top.. Really cute..
    Happy sewing..
    ps Really wondering what happened to your vogue patterns????

    1. Thank you Judy!

      I made a big 'ole boo-boo. I used the front of one view with the back of the other view. So my front is a bootleg fitted pant and my back is a wide leg trouser style pant. OY VEY!

  3. 7 items is great for vacation sewing! You had a sewing bonanza! Glad you enjoyed your time off and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I hope you enjoyed all of your time off too!!

  4. The camel skirt is beautiful, and I have to say the magenta cardigan you have on with it looks stunning on you.

    1. Thanks Sam! I want to wear this outfit all the time! It just makes me smile!

  5. Love the camel skirt. You did a beautiful job on it and it fits perfectly. Love reading your blog! Happy New year.

  6. Nice work! I appreciate the attention to detail. The inside is as pretty as the public side.

  7. Seven items - I guess you must have been suffering sewer's fatigue by the time you got to the pants. And it is so easy to make a mistake when you fall into the I know what I am doing trap. The caramel skirt is a classic, and the v wrap looks lovely, but yes, I have often wondered what happens when people sit...

    1. SO easy Sarah Liz! I didn't let it get me down with the pants...I cleaned up my sewing room yesterday and tossed them in the trash. Why fuss when they don't work? Moving on...

      I love the skirt!

  8. Can't beat a good TNT pencil skirt pattern! I would never have thought to pair camel & fuschia, but it really works!

  9. Great work on your skirts! You always do wonderful projects! Isn't it great to be able to make your own clothing? You get to make the color you want, the fabric you want and get the fit you need! Loving it!


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