Friday, January 20, 2017

Sudoku Wardrobe Contest

I am SO EXCITED!! about the PR Sudoku wardrobe contest! I had read a bit on various blogs about the concept but the official rules came out Friday.

16 total items; 4 are footwear. That leaves 4 tops, 4 bottoms and 4 "other". The other can be jewelry, scarves/hats/gloves, jackets/cardigans/vests, etc. and at least 10 must be sewn. It's going to be a busy couple of months for me but I may be able to squeak out 10 items. Well 9...the belt is a 'sit in front of the tv and braid leather cord' project.

I'm leaning towards a knit for the print top because everything else is a bit more involved. 2 pairs of jeans, a lined jacket, 2 button front shirts... I've made the jacket, skirt, top, flare jeans before and will likely make my TNT tee, a V-neck M6964 for the print top. The vest is an unknown but I want something interesting and may check through my Burda mags. If I don't come up with something to fit the fabric I have on hand, I'll use S1499 with some modifications.

Row 1:
Printed burnout jersey using M6964
RTW Pleated skirt
White boucle jacket using S1699

I will be making the belt! It's an easy project :)
White cotton twill using Lekala 5871
Navy sateen using S2255

Row 3:
Grey denim with the never released (but given to Birkin testers) Baste & Gather Kendall skinnies
Grey jersey using McCalls 6886 with cold shoulder mod
Olive cotton twill, pattern unknown

Row 4:
I saw a cute necklace made from strips of fabric and combined with prepackaged beading and rings. I may try it if I have time. Otherwise I own a necklace that works here
Green/white gingham using Burda 7136
Light wash denim using Baste & Gather Birkin Flares

This came right on time too! I am awaiting a couple of packages to arrive from some RTW shopping. I got some amazing deals at JCrew and Ann Taylor - the items below cost me under $200 total and I think they are all "me" and will take me into spring nicely.

I'd made this collage and was thinking of how well everything goes together and then I saw the PR post about the contest! WIN!

Ann Taylor: Both sweaters, both turtlenecks, black pants
J. Crew: White shell, pleated skirt, plum pants, printed tee

I think the 2 mini wardrobes will work well together; no not everything piece for piece, but there are definitely some coordination between the two. I've accepted my love of grey, white, black, blue. Those are my neutrals. I can't stop buying them!

I've done another wardrobe purge - some newer items are in the naughty box (I should bring back "where are they now"!) - and I am getting a clearer vision of what I'd like my style to be. Well when it's not frozen outside. (When it's frozen, my style is "fully covered with no air pockets!) And I have never quit RTW. Ann Taylor, LOFT and J.Crew work for me in general. The only item I'm worried about is the white tunic cause butt room. It's cute so fingers crossed :)

Are you joining in on the PR contest!? I need to print and assemble the Kendall skinny jean pattern and decide on a pattern for the vest.  I had originally typed here that I was waiting till February to buy fabric. I saw a possible contender at Cali fabrics but not enough yardage. Nothing I liked at Mood, FFC, I put 3 yards of denim in my maybe later list at FM, and contacted StyleMaker Fabrics about a nice light colored denim on their site (too light).

And then I woke up today to a 60% off A-D sale at FM! WIN!!!!!!! So I ended up getting my denim for $5.20/yd! I was prepared to try SRH next week but no need.

Until later!


  1. What fun you will have.. Can't wait to see the beautiful things , you will turn out..
    Proud you found the fabric you need...
    Happy Sewing..

  2. Wow, what a challenge! That's a lot of items. The belt should be really interesting to make. I've never thought about making one. I can't wait to see how it all comes out. Good luck!

    1. It is challenging! I did think about swapping out 1 item for something 'easier' like a scarf. We will see how it goes!

      There are lots of good tutorials for "easy" belts like this...where it's just braiding it together and then securing the ends.

  3. Amazing plans Nakisha! What a great concept for the wardrobe contest! I hope to participate one day in the future, but for now, I will enjoy seeing your process.

    1. Thanks! I think it's insane and am actually unsure if I'll get it done but I'm going to try! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this sounds like a great challenge, and while insane, I am sure you will have enough madness to pull this off (if you don't mind the pun). Off to check this out now....


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