Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Skittishness and Contemplating Colors...

First, my sewing room is super chaotic. I finally organized and split my fabric (putting away light fabrics, bringing out dark/heavy fabrics) and fondling fabric will almost guarantee a sort of frenzied desire to SEW ALL THE THINGS!

I have the Burda cropped jacket assembled. It needs to be under-stitched and then I'm going to attach the lining to the hem by hand.

I also bought, assembled and traced off this Lekala skirt (4295)

I was sure I would have to do a muslin just for assembly but once I got it traced and started folding the lines, it actually comes together quite easily.

This long pleat? Well, it's a pleat on the photo and tech drawing and yet they call it a dart in the directions. It's totally being treated as a pleat!!!

I wanted to work on the jacket more! I wanted to start cutting out this skirt!! I wanted to trace another Burda!!!

But there was a pile on the floor of my (small) sewing room preventing movement and it needed to be handled.

All of these patterns (there were 9 by the way) are now put away where they belong.

Hopefully my brain will relax and I can resume some sort of order to my sewing!


Do you recall my whining saga about losing all of my sweaters?? And finding them ~14 months later?? Sigh.

Today I brought them up because it is cold in Minneapolis y'all! We have lows below freezing predicted for the next 7 days.

There was one I'd forgotten about. I held it up and then snuggled it because of the color. It's close to this Pantene color, Shaded Spruce.

And then I remembered how much the Fall 2017 palette was right up my alley:

And earlier today, Rhonda's blog post was about the color red. So between her post and my lovely teal-y green sweater, I started thinking about "my" colors.

Now, for as long as I can remember (LONG before I started sewing!), I would encounter these conversations about colors and seasons and all that jazz and be utterly confused.

I finally figured out the confusion -- those "tests" were not for brown ladies! There was always ONE "dark". And it's supposed to cover all of us women of color. Like, really? The cool browns, warm browns, the olive-skinned...we're all just..."dark". And that's it.  So I've always just gone off of my reaction to a color when I encounter it and how I feel when it's on my body.

Hopefully by now the questionnaires have expanded a bit more ;)

Back to the Fall '17 Pantene report...

The grenadine I'd wear on my lower half. I love red pants and skirts! I do not own any red tops. I made this Vogue 8979 top two years ago. I really like this pattern! But, I've never worn it. Every time I pull it out it feels "too"...too bright, too much, too, too, too.

But pants?!? YASSSSS! I've always owned red pants!

Golden Lime is just a no, please. And Marina is too soft. I just put a cut of bamboo knit that color in the donate pile. I'll never sew it. I couldn't even get myself to make a pair of pajamas from it.

Tawny Port? Yes.

I always say I don't wear purple. I DO! I just wear this shade of purple and not "royal" purples. Again, it's just too, too for me.

Butterum and Autumn Maple? Check and Check.

The Ballet Slipper is also too soft. I remember when the spring 2017 colors came out and this Pale Dogwood was included:

THAT is MY pink! 

Someone commented that "virtually no one" would look good in that color. Uhmm, this toasty brown girl does!! I am very drawn to this color and it pairs well with SO many other colors!

That Navy and Grey are my neutrals. I adore both. I never tire of navy or grey - this lighter shade and especially charcoal! You'll see a few of these manifesting in my fall sewing. 

The Spring 2018 report has come out
Yes, No, No, YES
No, Yes, YES!, Yes!!

Swoon...yes, Yes, YES and YES!
Sign me up! Err, no thank you!, Ehhhh, maybe??, and Sure...
(I don't dislike white...but it isn't one of my go-to neutrals)

So, what's your color story? What do you think of the current palette? What are your thoughts about Spring 2018?


  1. LOL you crack me up! I was always shoved into the winter category, with black blazers and jewel tones-not my favorite. All these rules anyway, I think a person can be trusted to make up her own mind about what color she wants to wear!

  2. The one colour for anyone "Dark" or "Asiatic" was long ago debunked by Donna Fuji. I think most systems though are still Eurocentric - and even limited for these groups. I think you would look great in anything fairly bright and saturated in colour.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz!

      I agree though. We "know" that one box is wrong but it persists in a lot of ways.

  3. You should so wear that red jacktet/top... what 'too' it is is 'too fantastic'. I do have any colour rules... if I like it I wear it. My only 'rules' are no brown (that's for fabrics and decor) - I do not like brown clothing and I love yellow but can't really wear it near my face as people think I'm jaundiced!

    1. I always say I don't wear brown so that I don't look like a chocolate bar! Ha!

      I will wear garments that have a brown base with a plaid or stripe. I guess print too?? I'm not sure I have any brown prints. Tans, taupes, other things in the brown family are a go!

  4. That Lekala skirt is amazing and I'm really interested to see how it looks when it's done!

    I tried doing the colour chart thing but they all told me I couldn't wear green, and I don't care to be told that. I tend to find I can wear most if not all saturated colours (bright or deep) but muted colours make me look ill and sad, and pastels make me look like a sullen teenage Goth being forced to go to church.

  5. This is too fun. I'm going to second a previous commenter on that red shirt. It's fabulous. I know what you mean though. People always tell me I look good in black, but I hate wearing black, and never do. Too somber.

    How ridiculous that everyone not-white was crammed in the same colour box. Hello, that's the vast majority of humanity. Way to both be exclusionary/insulting and shoot your business model in the foot. The colour tests are pretty ridiculous though. I remember goofing around with it when I was a kid back in the 80s but even then it didn't make much sense. There's like a million colours perceptible to the human eye. And each of us has about 20 we can wear successfully? Just no.

    That said, I like brights. Anything bright. I don't care if it looks good on me or not. Today I am wearing a cobalt blue jacket, jade green skirt, purple tights, and a floral blouse with plum, orange, citron, line, magenta, scarlet, etc. I dye my hair red so I can clash with it. Life is too short to wear the colours you're "supposed" to.

    1. You have just made my WHOLE.ENTIRE.DAY!!!! I love your outfit and I can't even see it! :-D Well, that's not true...I can totally see it and it makes me smile!

      And good point about the TINY window of colors we're each supposed to be "okay" in! Hogwash!! Ooh and all rules period.


  6. After many, many years of sewing all the colors of the rainbow I've found the secret. When buying fabric I always take the bolt to a store mirror or walk outside to natural sunlight and drape cloth under my face to choose a flattering color. I also take note when people comment on the color of my garments. Karen

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  8. So much fun reading your post plus everyone's comments. I love color! I am very visual and are attracted to anything bright and fun. But for my wardrobe, I have found peace through lots of neutrals, plus some brights (mostly red, pink, blue, emerald green). I am way picky about combining pieces, so sticking to a palette makes life easier. I find it funny that Pantone comes up with all these different names for basically the same colors! I know what shade of red suits me and that's all that counts in my book. And yes, that red top is awesome. If it feels too much, try breaking it up with a scarf or necklace. Love your blog!

  9. I did get my colours done years and years ago, but I have no idea what they were now. I have colours I love - black, purple, cobalt blue, red (as well as crazy prints of course) and I am going to wear them regardless! I do like the look of the autumn pantone colours, but I will probably forget what they were in about 5 minutes!

  10. lololol you are so funny! I don't really think about color because I just love color period. I just go with whatever I like.

  11. I totally understand the desire that you have to sew everything, lol! I keep fighting off the urge to start new things, and work on what I have planned already. And my sewing room looked similar to yours until after I cleaned it up once I got back in town. Happy sewing! I hope you get to all the things you want!

    As for colors, I do tend to navigate toward colors that look good on me, and don't wash me out. If I buy a fabric online that doesn't look good next to my skin, I know I won't be happy with the final garment if I use it. Thankfully, I have a daughter who I can use most of those fabrics for!

  12. This conversation is very interesting. I remember when "the colors" came out, they weren't really marketed to women of color and to have your colors done was quite pricey. So even though, I ended up with a used book on the subject, I never really used it. I just went with what colors made me happy and still do...though I have to admit that I love brown and wear it well if I may say so myself! *LOL*

    The skirt will be interesting and will look great on you.

  13. My sewing room looked EXACTLY like last week! I'm happy to say that 5 items got cut out and 2 are sewn. ...but we have to be messy to be creative, right?!


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