Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Victim of Circumstance...

It all started with 1 pattern wish and ended with 1 crazy teenager. I never feel the need to wax poetic about motherhood...and I never feel need to shy away from the difficulties either. For all his positive traits, my youngest is certainly responsible for about 85% of my gray hair. I'd like to skip ahead to about ohhhh...maybe 3-5 years from now?? Ha!!
On Saturday, my son was out running errands and I asked him to stop by JA and pick up this pattern. #1 in my 18 of 2018 pattern stash additions. Except for view D (in pink), I love all of these I was excited to add this one to stash for summer and was feeling pretty good about 2.5 months without new patterns.

All was well but then...sigh.
Usually, stress fuels my sewing. This time I lost my mojo and spiraled a bit. Blerghhhhhhh. I'm not sure which came first, the cart (patterns) or the horse (fabric)! I do know I'm working on a top for my daughter (her creation, I think it's weird) and she wanted another top with statement sleeves. I thought about M7687 for her and was wondering what I had in stash for it.
Somewhere along the line I started looking for an "interesting top" and had forgotten my mild curiosity about M7724 and then saw a couple made up and decided I HAD TO HAVE THAT TOO!
And then I went to SR Harris and saw this mustard striped shirting (she loves mustard) and had to have it. I think that's when I thought of M7687?? Idk. See. Cart? Horse?! But I saw the blue/white stripe on the bottom and needed that for the Simplicity top and the modeled version of M7724. But the other two blue fabrics are for the crazy colorblocked version of M7724 and the striped swimsuit knit is for a swimsuit bottom for a trip next month...
I don't know how it all went down...just that it did! In my defense to myself, I've purchased 10 yards prior to adding this 10 yards. Of the prior 10 yards, I've sewn 5.5 of them so that's something, right?  And theoretically, 4.5 ish of this fabric will be used in the next 30 days (her fabric, the two 1 yard cuts and ~0.5 yard of the swim fabric). So we're just going to call that good. Mmmkay??
Moving on! :-p
M7687 for DD (with a zipper in back, not buttons) and I could see using it for myself in the future; so I'll trace hers off.
B6488 has been on my wishlist since it came out. I think all of the versions have a place in my wardrobe.
V9305 is just too, too cute. I wanted this for my mom and me. I'm not a fan of linen but will look for some for her. I'm not sure yet what fabric I'll use for mine.
M7724 as mentioned above
M7728 because I forgot how awesome that jumpsuit looks (sleeveless and off the shoulder) until I started looking for a specific bodice for a dress for the OTRII tour with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. That's way later this summer but I was ordering, so why not?! Oy!
B6330 because the jumpsuit and jacket mimic two rtw items I saw and loved but were not a perfect fit. And we don't need to settle for imperfect fit!
This jumpsuit from Target is the kind of thing I can live in in summer on weekends. This is a size Large. Bust, waist, hips? Great. But so much neck and armhole gaping! I will make it custom-sized and I have the perfect fabric for it.

The jacket is very similar to this nice tencel twill jacket I saw in Marshall's but the M was too small and the L too big. So I'll make my own! I have a lovely white tencel twill that will fit nicely into a summer wardrobe.

Other goings ons:

One day, my coat will be done. I did something wonky with the collar facing but had already trimmed and graded and clipped and there was no way I was ripping it out. So I'm going to forge ahead with a little sadness.

I posted this on IG the other day. I was wearing nothing handmade in my outfit but this Burda Illusion jacket is one of my all time favorite items!!! And every time I wear it, I marvel at how terrible the sewing is. But I don't care!!!! :) I'm hoping my black coat does the same for me :-p

My son loves hockey so I had this graphic created by LeighBee Designs on Etsy. The image printed as separate elements and I see now that I moved the state over too far. I'll  make them one on future versions. He really liked it and brought me 5 tshirts to add the design to.
I nabbed this off of my daughter's Snapchat <3

I got SOME sewing done! This top from Burda 7/2017 is complete now and needs a press and pictures. It'll be the weekend before I can get photos so stay tuned.

Until later!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cricut Maker + Riley Blake + Me = A Baby Gift!

This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through these links or via the banner on my blog, I will make a small commission. 
All opinions are genuine and they are all MINE!

As previously discussed in this post, the biggest, most defining trait of the Cricut Maker is that it can cut non-bonded fabric. I knew I wanted to test the capabilities of the rotary blade and wanted a fabric-based project. As a garment sewer, there are some limitations. The largest mat is 12x24" which translates to 11.5x 23.5" cutting space. And fabric has to be cut single layer. But if you dabble in bag making or quilting...cutting becomes a breeze with the Maker.

I've been working on my daughter's quilt for a long (long, long, long) time. I realized I didn't enjoy the cutting process and certainly don't want to quilt on my machine. I don't find the sewing overly exciting but hey, that's routine for me!

Depending on your quilt, there could be some prep required. This Riley Blake quilt, which is free in Design Space, requires 1/3 yd cuts of most of the fabrics.

I had to clean up my yardage because, JoAnn (grr!)...

How does this even happen!?

...and then cut the yardage in half, resulting in pieces approximately 12" x 22".  Design Space will arrange the pieces for the most efficient layout. You do have the option of adjusting the cutting layout though if you have a different preference.

All of my fabrics cut perfectly until I got to the white fabric. It shifted as it fed back through the roller and I had to clean up a bunch of cuts. I'm going to blame the fabric and not the machine on this one considering I had cut out 6 other fabrics.

Look at all those beautiful squares!!

Also, I didn't realize how simple and straightforward this quilt was and had prepped a little 'map' so I wouldn't get confused:

snips of fabric and a little glue stick!

The estimated time of completion in Design Space is '3+ hours'. It took me about an hour to prep and cut - but honestly, I couldn't keep up with the machine. I was using 2 mats and it took me longer to clean up cuts and prep them than it took the machine to cut.

It took me another 3 hours to assemble. But again, it was me being super vigilant because it seemed so complicated! :)

I loved all of this order!!!! :-D

Once the top was completed I toyed around with binding options, settling on a dark blue. I loved the way it framed the front and it was a nice complement to the backing fabric. 

I knew there was no way I was quilting it myself and figured the small size would mean it wouldn't be too expensive to have it quilted. I chose this loops & stars design as I felt it was a good match for the baby quilt. 

The quilt shop employee suggested this color thread; I don't hate it but I wish I'd gone with the lighter grey.

The blue polka-dot fabric is my absolute fave <3

I plan on making a couple of items to gift with the quilt...There were some Burda baby patterns that were just too cute but I'm unsure about their sizing. A friend sent me a sleep sack that's a free pattern so I may whip up a couple of those. Also plan to make some cute onesies with appliqué or HTV and yep...will use the Maker to make it happen. Who doesn't love adorable, ironic baby onesies?!

I love the way the quilt turned out and as you know, I cut a new quilt out (and finished the quilt top!) using the Cricut and am excited to show that one off when it's done.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.