Sunday, March 18, 2018

Burda 7/2017 #115: The Start of Stripe-mania

 So, I love the way this turned out!

I wanted to sew this top last year as my July Burda Challenge project. I have thought about it on and off and have gone back and forth on what fabric to use. And then Emily Hallman posted an in-progress jacket on Instagram with a wide stripe and I loved it!

And then about 10 days later there was a sale at FM and they had this Michael Miller cotton shirting with a 2" even stripe. WIN! 

I knew I wanted to do the front and back with chevron/bias cut stripes and it only made sense to do the lower front and back with horizontal. Only the sleeves are cut on grain! :) And then I purposely cut the sleeve bands with the hint of black but I should have put that on the folded edge. No matter - it works!

Burda's drafting is so consistent and for the most part, what you see is what you get. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before. So oversized/boxy top made me wonder how my normal size would fit. Often, when something fits very loosely I sew a straight size 40. I had time to kill and wanted to get this right and I GASP! sewed a muslin. 

I really liked the fit and decided I wanted to add a CB seam and close up those side splits. 

I love this side view!

The pattern calls for the sides to be completely open and then hand-stitch the first 3/8" and can see I didn't do that! :) 

I also shaped it through the waist a little. I sewed the sleeves in flat and sewed the side seam tapering in an additional 3/8" at the waist (so taking it 1.5" total). I also did a 1/2" pivot and slide bust adjustment. I didn't want to add any darts or gathers or pleats or anything to disrupt the front lines.

I had 1" petersham in white and 2" in black and the pattern calls for 1.5". Of course!! I went with the 2". If you look closely, you'll see that the front chevrons look off just a slight amount. This is due to the extra 1/2" being covered on the right side. 

Who cares? Not I!

Also, don't look too closely at my sew-in snaps. My hand has regressed and feels as badly as it did like 2 months after the incident. I'm going to the orthopedic surgeon again after the Sew Camp.

The fabric is a tad bit stiff for the style but I don't care. I wanted those wide stripes and I will live with it.

 It has a slight (non-obnoxious) hi-low hem happening and I really like it.
 It's a bold, statement top but I'm into those for casual / weekend wear. I tried this on with everything in my closet I thought might work! LOL! And can't wait to pull the spring/summer clothes out.

I was really surprised that I also liked it with a wider leg pant. I meant to get photos of that outfit -- next time.

Until Later!!