Wednesday, January 15, 2020

...More 2020 plans

I've made some great progress on my revised fall plan:

  • Burda 6990 is done (to be reviewed)
  • S8948 is partially cut but I need an appropriate interfacing
  • NL6644 top is done and reviewed
  • B5526 was swapped for Burda 4/2010 and is done and reviewed
  • skipping ahead...
  • NL6418 is a wadder. I cut the 4 panels, sewed them, topstitched them, basted the sides and when I took it off, wadded up the remainder of the faux leather and put it in the trash. It was NOT good. I will review it as an add on to another post as I've made this pattern before.
  • M7982 was muslined and I'm looking forward to sewing them!
  • V9210 ponte leggings are done (to be reviewed)
  • Burda 2/2017 and S2700 are both done. But I did the thing that I do so, so often. I sewed them while I was bloated and now they are SUPER loose. I have to undo some stitching and take them in. Hmmph!!!!!! 
I'll be making a new "remainder of winter" plan because, Oooh SHINY! And, the February Burda mag is giving me LIFE! 

This dress is 100% being sewn in February!!!!!!

I like this top but it has shoulder ruching and side ruching and the tie belt and the sleeve ruffles. Those are all a bit much at once...but the other view is just the top. So I'll probably do something in between. e.g., No ruffles but with the belt

I've never been tempted by a Make Nine but when I saw @learningsewmuch's IG post with broader plans, and I was totally down for that!

Bodice Sloper
It is time for me to create a bodice sloper. It'll make my sewing life so much easier. I plan to use the bodice sloper class from In-House Patterns. 

After attending Sew Camp in 2018, I decided that each year I'd treat myself to a sewing class or "retreat" type activity. Now, Sew Camp is an amazing time!! The accommodations are outstanding (and the food!!) and it really is very reasonably priced. But, I need to watch my spending and just can't swing it with airfare + the camp + remaining expenses. So this class will be my 2020 treat. 

I've made jumpsuits before, of course! I realized I really like them! LOL! I want to make a dressier one for outings, a more casual/weekend wear one and a knit jumpsuit. I do have some patterns in mind: V1645 dressy and B6330 for the knit...but we'll see!

Sew Silk!
I have a small collection of silk cuts now and I just keep looking at them! And I don't know why exactly. It's not like I haven't sewn silky/shifty fabrics. I've made a silk top before (pattern/fit issues but sewing the fabric was fine). I don't know why I'm hoarding them so I plan to sew at least 3 cuts of silk this year.

'Nuff said! I don't have one and need one.

I mentioned this as a goal in my 2020 planning post. I for sure need a dress coat, a more casual coat/jacket, and a trench. 

About 2 years ago I cleared out a lot of ratty loungewear. I then sewed a hoodie, 3 tops, 2 leggings and 2 joggers. I've worn out one pair of bottoms and a top and my mom snagged another top. I don't plan to add a ton and right now, am thinking I want to make the M7061 top and pants and another hoodie (which was on my fall plan). 

Summer Capsule
I mentioned in my 2020 planning post that I've struggled for awhile with my summer wardrobe. I will plan to do this as a SWAP/Capsule when the time comes.

Slip Dress
I can't let it go! I want it!! :) And, this could easily fulfill a slot in my sew silk plan too!

Blazer for him
I have the pattern, fabric, lining, I have his measurements, muslin...I just have to do a bit of research on sewing corduroy and plan to sew this next month. Or at least start it.

Lastly, related to making, I want to knit a sweater! Back in 2014 when I worked on a test knit on a sweater, my hands went kaput. Then I fractured my right hand in 2017. Then I had surgery early 2018. WHEW! I just attempted to start knitting again late last year. I'm not sure when I'll start it but it won't be a goal for the current winter weather :)

Look at all those random holes! LOL!!!!! 
I am impressed with my attempts to do cabling so soon after learning to knit!

For now, I'm considering the Humulus (ravelry link)

or this other top-down, circular yoke pattern from Purl Soho (ravelry link)

Personal 2020 goals and plans?

A new job. I've been with my current org for almost 5 years but it is most certainly time for me to start searching for a new opportunity.

And, I want need to relocate. 2020 is not the year that that will happen; we just have far too much in the air right now, but I need to start researching housing markets and job markets for both of us and plan my escape from here!

I have made vague goals for forever on eating better but I am having a host of issues that I think are predominantly hormonal. I've got new meds for my migraines and supplement suggestions, but I am hoping to also get my diet in line and improve my stress management.

Continue to read more! For 2019, I set a goal to read 12 books and read 16. For 2020 I'm going to set a goal of 20 books.

My daughter got married last year and graduates college this spring. She has also settled on some ghastly number of children they want to have. I jest. Barely. I think she said 6 or 8. IDK, I stopped listening! I know she is super keen on becoming a mom and I've already started saving cozy knit and cotton remnants because, I'LL HAVE TO MAKE BABY CLOTHES!!! My husband side-eyes me. So maybe I don't become a gramma in 2020, but maybe I DO! :-p


  1. What a wonderful year you have ahead! Moves, babies maybe, lots of sewing, awesome! Are you thinking of moving far from your current digs, like out of state? I would think with your credentials you could work anywhere. Greater Boston might be a place to look. So much going on there! Babies, oh, my. I also wanted a big family but being one who went through prolonged and serious post partum depression made me say no to any future pregnancies. Point is, you just never know what life throws you. But wise woman that you are, you know that! Your garment plan looks great and I was wondering if the wadder was due to the pattern or the faux leather. Looking forward to hearing about that.

    1. Definitely fabric related which is why I chucked it right after!!!!! :)

      So true, you never know what you're going to get so it's best to always make the most of what you have! Here, here!

      We are SO ready to relocate. We have been for awhile but my parents (with good reason but still!) relocated from Chicago to Minneapolis when I was 15 and frankly, it was traumatic. I knew there was no way I'd move my kids during the HS years unless it was *absolutely* necessary. Now, my oldest is heading to CA, my youngest lives in AZ, my stepson is in the Army and his twin sister is still in KY helping their we have flexibility!

  2. omg married? it seems like just yesterday you were talking about her graduating high school! Looking forward to all your makes as usual.

  3. Shew! That was A LOT! I know she's saying 6 or 8 now but having them...having them is a lot different than wanting it's a lot says the mother of a daughter with four. I'm always impressed by sewists that want to sew for babies cause they grow so fast. I like sewing for the grands as they get older better. As for the rest of the post, good luck with everything! I know you will work all the things out!

    1. It's exactly what Vanessa said below! LOL!!!!! With each kid the reality that x+1 is WAY different than x! LOL!!!!

      There were 4 of us and I think we literally drove my mom crazy. I always told people I had A LOT OF KIDS and there were 2 of them. But 2 is a lot more than 1! :-p

  4. You have so many wonderful plans going on all at once!
    Fall plan-You are doing great! I am excited to see how it comes together.

    Make Nine block-What fun categories! It seems like a lot of the themes fit what you now. I really love the knitting projects you added, and hope your hands cooperate.

    Family-Congratulations on your daughter's marriage, and upcoming graduation! My hubby and I wanted 5 kids, but kept going down on that number with each child, until we settled on 3. Sewing for babies is wonderful, though! That is why I learned to sew in the first place, and I am forever grateful.

    Personal goals-You can do it!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I about fell out at your comment about scaling back the number of kids with each new kid! LOL!!!!! I love it!

      I am so hopeful about knitting. Fingers crossed!

  5. Hey, Kesha. Love your sewing plan diagrams. Lately, I've become interested and motivated to try the make nine. And like you stated, the idea of broaden the scope is appealing and something that I may consider as well. Sew Camp is amazing. I've had similar thoughts as well about the costs of things. The last time I tried to think of it more like a little vacation to meet up with friends who love to do what I do. Congratulations to your daughter on everything. six to eight children, wow! Anyway, take care.

  6. The Burda 2/2017 skirt is fantastic. The pockets, piping, fabric - all of it works perfectly.

    I like your broader Make9 plans. It's flexible and makes room for 'ooo shiny.' =)

    6 - 8 kids? O_O I'm exhausted just thinking about it! The math nerd that I am loved x + 1 > x. Hah!

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