Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome 2020!

Let me start quickly with my December wrap-up. I ended up getting one more garment in after posting my 2019 wrap up.

This month, I sewed 13 3/8 yards. I found my mojo a bit lacking during my vacation but still managed to sew 6 of the items in my "Sewcation" post!
  • New Look 6644 pants - 2.5 yds
    • pink cotton sateen, buttons, elastic
  • New Look 6644 top - 1 3/8 yds
    • grey rayon jersey
  • Burda 6990 top - 1.75 yds
    • light blue jersey
  • Burda 2/2017 skirt - 1 yd
    • painted cotton dobby, zipper
  • Vogue 9210 - 1.25 yds
    • black shimmer ponte
  • New Look 6418 skirt - 1.5 yd (possible wadder; I'm not sure about this faux leather)
    • black faux leather, zipper
  • Simplicity 2700 pants - 2.5 yds
    • herringbone cotton/linen suiting, zipper, hook & eyes
  • Burda 4/2010 shirt - 1.5 yds
    • striped cotton shirting, buttons
Sewcation results, L to R:
Finished bias binding the armholes of Burda 9/2018 dress
Finished bar tacks on Style Arc Sandra jeans
Sewed Burda 4/2010 shirt
Sewed Burda 2/2017 skirt
Sewed Burda 6990 top
Sewed Vogue 9210 leggings
Sewed Simplicity 2700 pants (not shown because they refuse to dry?!!)
Sewed a muslin for McCall's 7982 (not shown)

Welcome 2020!!

I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast, not to mention this decade! Decennial is such a weird word :)

Life is getting more and more expensive and I need to reassess *everything*. I need to spend much less the next year than I usually do including on sewing expenses. That means patterns, fabrics, notions, all that. And it should be doable because goodness knows I have the stash for it!!

Back in August, Vogue released their fall patterns and I bought like 10. I have yet to sew any of them. Now, that's fine, I don't feel like I must sew every pattern I own. But I do feel like I don't need to rush out and add to the collection. There are at least a couple of these that I'm rethinking after seeing versions made up (like Vogue 1643). 

I purchased A LOT of patterns this year. I. Have. Sewn. 7. SEVEN! (This has been updated. I went purely off of dates in my PR pattern stash but after organizing my patterns and auditing them, there were a bunch that hadn't been entered. My tracking spreadsheet shows 89 but PR shows 125. Let's assume I purchased somewhere around 100!) :)

So I will be watching my pattern buying. I don't feel the need to put a limit on the number of patterns, but I am budgeting $50 for the year on patterns. Since I primarily buy Big4, this shouldn't be as difficult.

I'm going to keep my Burda sub (just renewed for all of 2020) and cancel Ottobre, Threads and SEWN. 

Oy. I have a stash. I don't mind having a stash. I rather enjoy having a stash. I'll never become a per-project-basis type sewer. 

But I have a lot of fabric and it currently feels overwhelming. I don't like to feel overwhelmed. When I finally organized this year (after last summer's move), I got rid of some stuff then but need to cull the stash again and remove things that don't feel like "me". There are pieces that I routinely pick over and so they need to go. 

I am setting a low fabric budget for 2020 of $250. I will only be buying fabric if "needed" for a project. Because, while I have quite a bit that makes me feel like it doesn't belong, there's a ton that I love and want to see made up. So I'll be stash-diving in 2020!

I never include lining and interfacing in "fasting". I will include lining this year as I bought a TON during an awesome FM sale. I will not include interfacing because you need the right stuff for the job. 

I have so much stuff. So many buttons and snaps and hook & eyes and thread and, and, and. I'm going to designate this as an "as needed" category. I will shop the stash first and try to make existing stuff work.

  • I really want to sew some stuff for my husband. I just took his full measurements and plan to sew his corduroy blazer early in the year and hopefully a pair of jeans at some point. 
  • I need more outerwear! I have 4 coat patterns I really want to sew!  The 3 below plus a trench coat. I think I can commit to 1 outerwear piece per quarter with my output. 
center pattern is V1479
  • I need more cold-weather loungewear and want to sew at least 2 long sleeved sweatshirts/tops.
M7061 has been on the radar for forever. I have really cute fabric for it too. 
  • I am still floundering during summers and not feeling put together most days. I am really going to try to assess my style needs during the warm months.
  • Pick up the Burda challenge again. I was going through my binder and reflecting on all the stuff I made. I really loved quite a few things that I ended up sewing because of the challenge!!
  • I will continue blogging. I don't mind IG (though I despise the algorithm) but I just don't find it helpful for sewing as I don't want to interact so passively within the sewing community. Scroll. like. Scroll, Comment. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. meh. I want to read about the process of sewing a garment! I don't want to have to try to remember who posted what; or have things disappear in stories that I was interested in. Blog content is "google-able". I like that. And, I am 110% an "to each their own" kinda lady but I don't understand the 'blogging is too much work' but will post a series of 8-10 pics and 4 paragraphs on an IG post. HOW is that any less work than blogging?!?! Me thinks it's preferable because it comes with the instant gratification and the instant interaction. But seriously, to each their own.  
So, I don't have a ton of goals for the new year and am hoping for a super chill, relaxed year. 


  1. Your sewcation looks to have been successful!! Can't wait to see some of those garment, especially the pants.

    I like how varied your plans are for the New Year. The Burda challenge is one you are really good at. I hope to sew a few things from my past Burda issues, but I say that every year, lol!

    Your Outerwear choices are awesome!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Can't wait to have an awesome sewing year!

  2. I'm glad to see you're going to continue blogging. You inspire me with all the beautiful things you make. My youngest finally moved his stuff out of my house and I'm finally going to have a dedicated sewing area. I'm hoping to rejoin sewing my clothing.

    1. YAY!!!!!!! Congratulations! Having a dedicated sewing space makes a huge difference in productivity!

  3. literally could have wrote your entire post word for word. lol. except i kept Ottobre and cancelled burda. you must be my sewing twin. overwhelmed with fabric, need to spend less, even that mccalls loungewear patter is on my list! happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year! Let's make it a great year!!

      I need to delve into my Ottobre mags.

  4. First of all, please do keep blogging. I am not an Instagram fan either :)
    I don't have a huge stash but I definitely feel overwhelmed by the mental clutter of projects in my head. And I just don't see the point of buying more stuff if I haven't gotten around to sewing what I already have. So my 2020 goal is to use the fabric and patterns I already have to master tried and true patterns for myself. Fabrics that I no longer love will be used for muslins. I'm hoping to go from 4 but bins down to 1! Looking forward to 2020!

    1. 4 bins to 1?! That's awesome! Best of luck on a great sewing year!

  5. I too am happy to hear that you will continue blogging. I enjoy seeing pictures, but I also want to read about the process. Happy New Year and good luck with your goals!

  6. I need to get back to blogging as well, for many of the reasons you cite. I tend to agree with you about IG. This year I am using IG quite differently...more to interact with people I enjoy interacting with.
    Going to enjoy watching your progress this year...

    1. That's the best way to use it SarahLiz! Hopefully you can find your way back to blogging. I always enjoyed your pattern analysis!

  7. I agree, IG is interesting to scroll through, but little to no details unless you ask. I so enjoy reading and following blogs and yours is one of my favorites. Please never stop blogging.

  8. Ooh, I really want to see your take on M7061. It's a favorite of mine!

    1. :-D I have this cotton knit that is covered in a rainbow of hearts and I can see myself just getting *excited* to snuggle into that set in that fun fabric. I am adding it to my January project list!

  9. Ooo I love that V1479 coat that would be a winter coat love it! (never noticed that pattern before). as for buying patterns I have bought maybe 8 Big 4 patterns this year? and sewn maybe 4 of that I have the Burda subscription it's so easy to find exactly what I;m looking for in the mag. Plus I find that tracing out my size, and then adding the fit adjustments, and THEN adding the seam allowances is for me a genius system and makes it quick and foolproof. Happy sewing in 2020 and here's to continuing the blog ( I will if you will :)

    1. It's a deal! :-D

      I agree completely! Flat pattern measurements and adjustments are faster and easier without the seam allowances!!

  10. I'm just gonna say a big fat yess to this post! I was shaking my head in agreement with you on so many points but when you got to IG - I'm just gonna say AMEN! What good is a technique if it disappears in 24 hours? And you're right for the work a person does with stories, pictures and 4 paragraphs under the picture it is a blog post!

    I have already cut down the number of patterns I've been buying. After all these years of sewing it seems like repeats of what I've already made, own or can figure out using my TNT pattern. Also my need for a wide variety of garments is decreasing and I just don't need a lot of patterns to make the things I need.

    Finally fabric - boy do I understand how you feel! Part of the reason to redo the sewing cave is to gain more fabric storage AND to not add to it. Like you I want to sew from what I have because I have a lot. Moderation seems to be the word for 2020!

    1. I think I am finally coming around to feeling comfortable not buying patterns for *a detail*. As a new sewer it was like, why would I try to work all that out when I can just buy this pattern?! :) I feel comfortable with some "hacking" now!

      Cannot wait to see the cave re-do and yeahhhh we gotta chill a bit this year. Ain't no telling what's coming down the pike.

  11. I'm very bummed about all the good sewing blogs that died in 2019 (or earlier, RIP), so I'm VERY HAPPY you are going to continue! I have started and deleted TWO sewing blogs in the last 3 months...sometimes I think, Will anyone read this?! Then I go to IG and think, Yeahhh, this really doesn't tick the same box as sewing blogs for me. So there might be blogging in my future. ;)

    I really want to sew through my stash this year -- I've even got patterns matched to fabrics. I just need to stop being distracted by the new and shiny. Ha!

    1. I say give it a shot! You'll know soon enough if it's something you want to commit to.

      The new and shiny stuff is sooooo hard to resist!

  12. So tickled to find you!!! Discovered you through your excellent attitude that came through in your comment on Melanie's guest post on Mie's blog Sewing Like Mad. Very glad you are willing to share your dress making debacles in every way!!! Just wanted you to know. Happy 2020!

    1. Aww thank you! I am always happy to connect with other sewers. I am glad you found me and I'm glad I found you too!

  13. I too would like to say that I am very glad you plan to continue blogging, as you're one of my favorite bloggers and I'm not on Instagram. I love your fashion sense and your color sense. What do you do with the fabrics you take out of your stash? If you put them up for sale on Etsy or something, maybe as a lot, I'd be interested in adding them to my stash.

    1. Thank you! Usually, it's a multi faceted approach but I don't think I've ever destashed online. We'll see!

  14. Glad you are continuing with blogging!

    Also - love your budget approach - something I should be thinking about.

  15. First of all - 100 percent with you on the IG vs. blogging thing. I will always prefer blogs. I want details that you can't get in an IG caption. And you're right, IG is not a permanent resource in the same way that blogs are. I'm glad you will keep blogging.

    Your sewcation was so productive! You made so many beautiful pieces. Good luck with your budgeting in the new year. You just gave me a new category to track for 2020 ... money spent on fabric!

    1. Thank you so much Masha!

      I think I have a few other things I want to track this year! :)

  16. I'm glad you're going to keep on blogging. I don't do IG, only for checking out some former bloggers. IF I remember to that is. I'm not on FB either, every time I think maybe... it seems a new security or data mining issue comes up.

    I'm pondering my garment fabric stash - so much fabric bought for garments no longer needed now that I've retired. I like your budget idea rather than blanket "no more fabric purchases" seen so often. Those seem to result in tales of woe and sometimes regret on end of year roundups so many people do.

    1. Thanks Gail! Save yourself from social media!! LOL!

      Yes, I don't want to claim that I'm going to go all year without buying fabric. But I want to limit stash additions. With the budget, I don't buy unnecessarily (which I am so guilty of, especially with Fabric Mart!) and hopefully it's used up right away.

  17. I totally understand what you mean about keeping an eye on spending this new year. I am doing the same. I have 10 years of BurdaStyle magazines, so I actually didn't renew this year (so I'll look to you to know what's up with them - LOL). I also get what you mean about a fabric stash. I really need to focus on sewing mine down a lot. Good luck to you and I love your stats posts!

    1. Hi Denise and YES! Let's try to sew the stash for 2020!

      Burda is such a jackpot of designs! 10 years will get pretty much anything you ever needed :)

  18. I totally agree on blogging and IG. I tried IG but it just doesn't ring my bell. It feels to shallow. With blogging we can get to know each other, laugh together, get really in depth with our sewing, regular bevy of sewing buddies to commiserate with. So glad you are on board that bit of media. I do enjoy FB sewing groups as well. They are not as shallow as IG but still lack the depth of blogging and blog relationships. They do bring about some amazing inspiration, however, so I go there.

    I have been sewing from stash for nearly the past year. I will continue. The truth is I actually don't have a huge amount of fabric, just enough to make me happy. The projects in my queue are all waiting to be made with stash fabric. I feel good about that. I think the reason I have less fabric and don't buy like I used to is because there are no great fabric stores close by where I can go and pet fabric and drape over my fist and see how the color looks against my face. There's no place filled with things I just have to buy. The internet doesn't do that like a store does for me. Alas, those days are gone.Sigh......

  19. I like how IG and blogging can work in tandem - blogs with a detailed review or tutorial, and Instagram for daily outfits, extended reviews (like after the blog post) and snapshots of projects as they are made.

  20. I have never posted a comment on your blog but want you to know that I faithfully read every one of your posts. Please keep it up! Karen

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