Sunday, February 2, 2020

January's Epic Wrap-Up and February Plans

This month I sewed 14.25 yards and 10 items. WHEW!

The month started with a plan of adding some new tops to my wardrobe. I cut out S8948, realized I didn't have proper interfacing and the project stalled. I still ended up getting it done in January along with 3 other tops. Woohoo!

Also, I've changed my "from stash" criteria to fabrics that I've owned for 6+ months (vs 3).  Thanks Carolyn!
  • Vogue 8772 top - 3 yards (narrow fabric)
    • chambray cotton twill from Fabric Mart (stash)
    • buttons 
  • McCall's 6886 dress - 1.25 yards
    • mushroom colored rib knit from Stonemountain & Daughter 
    • snaps
  • New Look 6150 top - 1.25 yards
    • deep purple wool jersey from SR Harris (stash)
    • elastic
  • McCall's 7061 x 5 - 6 yards 
    • rainbow hearts cotton knit from Fabric Mart (stash) 
    • top: cording
  • pants and shorts: elastic
    • unicorn cotton knit from JoAnn
    • shorts: elastic
  • Simplicity 8948 top - 1.75 yards
    • black and white print poly georgette from JoAnn (stash)
    • buttons, elastic
  •  Butterick 6183 top - 1 yard
    • silk cotton blend twill from SR Harris
    • zipper, beaded trim, bias tape
Favorites: I just finished the Butterick top and I am crazy about it!!!! But I have to say, this was a very successful month overall.

FAILS: Kinda but not really (yet) was the fabric fail of that Doodle knit from JoAnn. My 2 yards shrank a full 1/4 yard in length during pretreatment and we'll see it how it performs with washing. Also, I made a muslin of V8772 but missed this weird shoulder fit thing. We'll see if it affects wear.

Accomplishments: My biggest accomplishment this month was drafting a custom sleeve pattern! I haven't worked out the possible adjustments needed but I did it! More later!

Otherwise, I didn't step TOO far out of my comfort zone this month but I think I did some good sewing. I did not pay attention to cutting layout when working on V8772 and ended up piecing one of the tie neck pieces after freaking out about it. I added a front placket with snaps to the M6886 TNT. I am super proud of my work on the loungewear from M7061. I was way more patient than ever with B6183. I was using a suiting fabric and adding trim and merging the pattern sleeve with "my" sleeve. It was a fun albeit slow sew (for me!).

I did buy fabric and patterns this month. It happens that a fabric idea I had in mind popped up on FM's site for a steal. I want a pleated trouser with matching top in a coral/orangeish color and scored the Milly cady suiting for $3/yd. I bought 5 yards.  And the Sue's pick that day was a beige/black/white printed rayon challis that is SO. Me. and it was $1.99/yd. I bought 6. That print is the kind of fabric I'd wear as a top or a dress or even a skirt and I wanted more for later. I kick myself often for not buying a gazillion yards of the rayon challis I used on THIS dress when I knew it was love.

So while I sewed a lot, I'm already “upside down” at 22.5 yards IN and 14.25 yards OUT for a total of $85.43. That's the JA Doodle knit, the SR Harris remnant, and a FM order. Totally worth it though.



I bought a Simplicity (8457), a NL(6633), 3 McCall's and 3 Vogues this month. Oy!

February's Plans:

I finally scored a knitting machine!! Woohoo!!!!!!! My first lesson is February 5th and I think we'll meet weekly for like, 4 weeks. So I'll probably spend a good deal of my free time working on the assignments in between lessons. BUT, I do have some sewing planned.

I am doing the Burda challenge this year. The fabric I used for B6183 was a remnant I picked up to use for my January Burda project (DOH) and I jumped into the Butterick top :)
  • Burda 01/2020 hooded top (WIP as of 2/1)
  • Simplicity 8694 and a pair of matching pants for my daughter. Not sure specifically but I'll use a pattern that I've made for her before.
  • I initially planned to sew V8890 for my husband this month but now, KNITTING MACHINE! :-D But I do plan to, if nothing else, get it cut out and prepped. 
  • I am attending the U of MN senior design student fashion show this month and I always plan to wear something handmade. This year, it's on the 15th and we also have 2 other events/functions so I'm going to try to make V1674 to rock that day.


  1. I am primarily a quilter, but I enjoy sewing apparel as well. Love your blog.

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for being a reader!

      I love finished quilts. I've made a couple but simple ones :)

  2. Wow, you've had a busy month! I am excited to see that you've got the coral red cady suiting too! I'm making a suit with it right now, and I love it. I did find that I had to use a microtex needle, as the regular needle kept skipping stitches- it's a really strong fabric. And I didn't notice this until after I had already cut- but the maximum stretch runs lengthwise! Looking forward to seeing what you make from it! I also liked that challis print, but had just ordered a couple days earlier and had to exercise some restraint.

    1. Good job! The other day they had the entire website on sale and reduced shipping. I was able to hold back but it was close. WHEW! :)

      Good to know about the stretch! I can't wait to see your suit!!!!!

  3. What a productive month! Congratulations on your knitting machine!

  4. Can’t beat a good rayon challis!

  5. That Doodles knit shrinks like crazy. I buy it occasionally when I find it in the remnants bin during a sale because my daughters tend to like the print. But I find I have to wash and dry several times to get all the shrinkage out ... my daughter is currently wearing high-water pjs because I only pre-washed once before sewing that pair ... you got a lot of good sewing done this month!

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