Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Skirts: Simplicity 1322 and New Look 6418

My daughter is very sweet and thoughtful and always appreciative when I sew for her. But she's still a teenager and she's still like me! :)

I've mentioned before that I don't hesitate to cull handmades just as I do RTW. She is the same and she has grown up in the era of fast fashion. I get bored with clothes fast but she gets bored FASTER. Therefore I am totally in the 'do it quick and dirty' camp when I sew for her.

S1322 was cut out Tuesday and finished by Thursday. A very fast sew.

Size 10 for her 34.5" hips (normal for her with Big4). Finished hip is 39.5" for this A-line mock-wrap.
Removed 1" in length from the hem (it's curved so I measured 1" in several spots and 'connected the dots')
Wool fabric that someone sent me from their stash! I can't remember who it was now!

This pattern takes very little fabric! The largest size of this view only needs 1 1/4 yard. And max, for the longest view, is 2 yards. I'd gotten the buckles at a long-ago JA notions sale and had a gray zipper on  hand - stash to the rescue!

I totally want to make view C for myself! ((FOCUS!!))


Very good coverage on the wrap

I just realized this is a bit lopsided. Ah well.

I think it is ADORABLE and totally 'her'. I can see her pairing it with a t-shirt and flannel.

Next up was NL6418 in a gray faux suede. I don't remember where or when I bought it and though the pattern calls for 3/4 yard, I'm pretty sure I used barely over 1/2 yard. It calls for an invisible zipper but I only had a couple on hand that I think I may need soon so I went with a lapped zip on this one too.

The finished length on this one is 16" so I left it as-is.  It is also a size 10. The pocket flaps are decorative but totally add 'something', IMO. I used doubled thread through my needle to topstitch the front and back center seams.

I've had a piece of olive moleskin for a version somewhere between the length of views A and D since the pattern was released. :)

Cut this out Friday morning and sewed it up Friday afternoon / night.

I considered stitching the flaps down but the skirt has already been taken and placed in her suitcase.

I was having some serious issues with the thread when doing the zipper. Lots of thread nests. I resolved it but wasn't going to be redoing the zipper. 

(the thread tails on the darts were tied off and trimmed after this photo)

I tacked down the facing (there's no waistband) at the side seams and center front by stitching in the ditch. I attached it to the zipper by hand.

The size 10 was a little big on her at the waist. Any other skirts I'd use the 10 (for her hips) and take the waist in about an inch. 

Friday night I laid out the Burda sheet and looked at how many pieces I'd need to trace off and their general size/shape (this makes tracing Burda easier, IMO). Saturday I had no energy and didn't start on it. That afternoon we were sitting on the couch and I pulled up the blog post, scrolling down to the sewn versions from the Russian Burda site.

Me: Isn't this dress SO cute?!
Her: Eh. It's okay.
Me: O_o Oh I thought the jumper style was super cute for layering.
Her: It just looks so...I don't know like a toddler.

Well...She IS her mama's child! LOL! There are a couple of pattern designers who release patterns and get prompt eyerolls from me for their 'giant toddler wear'.

Me: Oh...
Her: I mean, it would be cute on some people but I just think it would make me look really young.

Ah. Touche. The summer before starting college someone thought she was in 7th grade. And even now they think she's maybe 15. I can dig it.

Sooooooo. Yeah. Going to make the t-shirts next but after her scrolling through showing me RTW dresses that she liked, I was apparently WAY off base so neither dress will be made. And she's obsessed with velvet.

e.g.velvet pants? no child. I will not. MAYBE when you're home for break! I made a pair of pants of her once and it was a fitting nightmare. So much easier fitting my body to them than hers. Ehhhhhh. NO on the velvet pants.

A velvet dress? That I can do. I'm still thinking Burda and there were a couple styles in February of this year I think that could work if shortened a bunch.

Sigh. :)


  1. super cute skirts, and I'm glad you tossed out that Burda idea - totally agree with you there, toddler clothes, why?
    and velvet, eek. I find cotton velveteen so much easier to work with but it is really hard to find in stores.

    1. Agree, cotton velveteen is so hard to find in stores now. The velveteen I currently have has been in my stash for... well, lets say the last time velvet and velveteen was in style.

  2. Good luck with sewing velvet, no seriously, I didn't mean to sound sarcastic. I mean it sincerely. I made two little girl dresses a couple of years ago and I said NEVER AGAIN!!! But no word of a lie, there is a length of printed velveteen fabric on my cutting table. I'm currently debating whether to make a velveteen jumper or a velveteen coat. Before you think I've lost my mind, there is a blog post on McCall's blog written by Marcy Tilton that has some good tips for sewing velvet so I'm willing to give it another try. Your daughter is very lucky to have you to sew such lovely things and a velvet dress as well.

  3. Thanks ladies!!!

    The most recent item I made for her was her concert gown using velvet for the bodice. Once I got going I didn't find it too annoying to sew. Plus, The silhouette she wants is really simple; front, back and sleeves in a slouchy style. So not too much structure or too many seams to contend with.

  4. Velvet is hot, hot, hot. Try one of the Velvet knits from Fabric Mart and if you don't want to do pants try culottes or a boxy top!

  5. You did a beautiful job on the skirts! I love how fast you work ;) What a privilege it is to sew for your daughter! I was at Joanns looking at sewing patterns recently, and smiling as I overheard a conversation between a teenager and her grandmother. The teen was "negotiating" the styles her grandma would make. Neither my mother nor grandma sewed, so I love the opportunity to I get to influence future generations.

  6. Great skirts Nakisha! I love them both and I know your daughter is going to look adorable in them (oops maybe "adorable" wasn't the be word to use, LOL!). Your daughter will look "cool" in both skirts! I had to laugh about the velvet pants!

  7. And here I was thinking that sewing for my daughters could only get easier as they age! Ha ha! They have fickle taste which makes me take the route that you described, churn it out, get it done!

  8. I love the skirts. The fabric on the first one is so gorgeous. Your daughter is very blessed to have you.


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