Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Style Arc Mindi Skirt...Terrible Photos and All...

I don't know what the heck is going to happen this winter with pics. I'm thinking about buying one of those clip-on ring lights. We'll see. I have a few finished items that are unblogged. I'm off work until Monday so hopefully I can get all the photos done and get the posts up over time. Bleh!!

I have had this pattern since 2015. I planned to make it immediately but had a heck of a time assembling a different pattern PDF that I bought in the same order and had temporarily given up on Style Arc.  

But I had the zippers! And I have no clue what fabric I initially planned to use but I decided this black cotton twill would be perfect. 

I got this from Mood this year with a plan to make overalls. I later decided this skirt and a pair of slim pants (at some point) from the yardage.

I cut a size 14 after taking flat pattern measurements and sewed the back princess seams at 1/2". The waistband is one piece so I basted once the front and back were assembled but I hate having to do that because it's hard to know where the skirt is supposed to sit without the waistband attached! And the waistband is slightly too loose. Wah.

Like a lot of people, I was annoyed with their illustration of an exposed zipper. It is not an exposed zipper. The way they have you construct it, it's like a centered zip. 

Like a lot of people :), I combined the upper and lower pocket into one pattern piece and created a window to sew the zipper in. I much prefer this way.

I washed this fabric before sewing and I used the good interfacing...but I decided I wanted to wear it on Halloween (yes, it's been done that long - I've worn it a couple times!) and rushed to topstitch the waistband. And it got twisted a bit (I didn't switch to my walking foot because I did this in like, 10 minutes before work that day!!).

Oh. Em. Gee.
I usually use doubled thread for topstitching and have read where many use a triple stitch. I did that here. I will never do that again. LOL!!! With all the seams I got super bored and was whining the entire time.

I do plan to topstitch the zipper - just didn't get around to it!

I ordered zippers from ZipIt on Easy. I've used them several times when I've wanted more interesting zips (NAYY). I had everything cut out and ready to sew when I realized that zipper was quite a bit shorter. The pattern calls for a 19" zipper and mine was 18".  Which was fine because I preferred the shorter length.

At that point though, I had no choice but to shorten it at the hem - I think it's fine. WHEW.

I like it but am confused by the slight A-line. I thought it was a straight skirt but it flares just a bit. I don't dislike it, it was just a bit different from what I was expecting.

I made another black skirt which will be photographed and reviewed soon! Butterick 6464 in Telio Jockey <3 ponte.

I made a lightweight sweater from Vogue 8597 that I a.d.o.r.e.

And I just finished up a lightweight mock neck from McCall's 6796.

That makes me 5 items into my plan! (6 technically because I found a plaid blazer that I will sub for the one I considered sewing). Next up is the Simplicity version of the Toaster Sweater and then a pair of pants from Burda 10/2014.

THANK YOU everyone for your comments on the last post! As usual, I try to respond but things got busy. 

If you're celebrating - have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! If not, enjoy the time off :) 


  1. Cute skirt, and I like the adjustments you made. You always make such nice style choices! Enjoy your holiday, too!

  2. I often find that StyleArc line drawings are not very accurate!

    1. They frustrate me!!! Their like drawings and their instructions are often OFF. Grrr.

  3. It's a great skirt, I love the (perfectly executed) detailing on it. You are doing really well sticking to your plan! I too have a backlog of things waiting to get photographed, maybe this weekend....

    1. Thank you! Yes I really need to get some stuff photographed!!!

  4. The skirt is cute! But I'm really impressed with how much of your planned wardrobe you've sewn already! That must make you feel good.

    1. It does!!! It helped that I took quite awhile planning this out so I would sew the things I actually need and want vs shiny distractions :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Your skirt is very nice! And you are looking great!


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