Saturday, March 30, 2019

New Look 6189

This pattern was released early in my sewing journey. I first attempted the pants in April 2013 and I actually had a somewhat decent out of the envelope fit!

I'd tried to lengthen them but the lower legs were twisting. I have butt wrinkles I didn't know how to resolve, a too-long front crotch and apparently an inability to correctly sew in a belt carrier?? :-p

I did say somewhat decent!

I tried the pattern again later but used a stretch denim and could not make it work. I've had this pattern on the brain for awhile and am glad I finally got back to it!

I used a size 16, added 1" to the back crotch length and extended the crotch curve 1/2". This was a bit of an overcorrection. I'll likely remove some of the addition from the CB seam. I lowered the front 3/4" and did a full inner thigh adjustment (thinking I need a fisheye dart in back...we'll see).

 After finishing them I decided to add a belt. Only mildly weird functionally since they zip on the side ;-p

I like the front notch and kept it but forgot to interface both the waistband AND facing in front so it collapses a bit. 

OMG do you see those facing wrinkles?? Fabric is wool suiting from SR Harris from the clearance section for $8/yd.  I washed and dried it before cutting. I had no issues with shrinkage while pressing anything but interfacing was a nightmare! I tried two different interfacings and in the end had to live with a not-so-great presentation on the inside.

I so love lapped zippers when skirts/pants have side closures and this one turned out really well. The instructions for the zipper installation were great! I have my own way but I followed along and all good! I also kept the length and the cuff. I would add a little more length for future versions. This length is just shy of working well with boots but is fine with heels or flats. 

I like the cuffs more than I expected! I serged the edge and then transferred the fold lines with a tracing wheel and white wax paper. The cuff is tacked at the inseam and side seam.

I can definitely see making these again...I'd probably leave off the front doesn't add much.

I am now unsure about the NL6123 dress :( I haven't tried it on in awhile and the lining shreds every time I touch it. I'm just going to leave it be until I can hem it and then go from there. I think I may be able to do some hand sewing in spurts soon. I have my V1411 knit pants and B6441 jacket to review and then I'll be caught up for my February sewing projects. 

I have managed to not buy any fabric in March! Woohoo!!!!! I got a bunch of notions from Wawak at the start of the month and I've purchased 20 patterns. 


I belong to club BMV and ended up with 7 new McCall's and 3 new Kwik Sew patterns...then the Makerist site was having their $2 sale (which apparently isn't that rare an occurrence?) and I bought a pattern for a jewelry travel case and 7 Kommatia patterns. I had the Ferri bodysuit and Susan cropped denim jacket in my cart a couple weeks ago. I didn't buy them because I knew I wouldn't be sewing any time soon. And then this sale pops up!! And at $2...I paid the same price for all 8 patterns I bought for what those 2 would have cost!

I also got the Cannes and Claire bodysuits, the batwing dress, the long cardigan and the relaxed tee. 

And then I went to JA and picked up 1 new Simplicity (8889), 1 Burda (6330) and 1 New Look (6606). Whew! :)


  1. I love the Kommatia patterns - I think I've purchased 6-7 between the last two sales on Makerist. Really need to make a few!

  2. Those pants are really cute! I love the length and the tie. I think I need the fisheye dart under the bum too, though your wrinkles are not bad at all.

  3. you are a pants wizard, they are really cute.

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  5. Those pants are super cute! I am going to have to check this pattern out soon.

  6. Your pants look amazing!! I really like them with the belt.

  7. Ooh, I've never heard of Makerist! Gotta check it out now. Fab pants :) the belt/bow is really pretty.


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