Saturday, April 11, 2020

Burda 01/2020 Lace Hoodie

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So far this year I've sewn from both the January and February issues of Burda magazine and looking ahead to March, April and May, there are things I want to sew from each issue - yay! 

January had a couple things that I liked and I was immediately sold on this woven hooded top.
I knew RIGHT AWAY that I'd be making it from a lace! In the end, I went with black because that would make it more versatile. And I had several yards of this lace leftover from a Hancock clearance sale. It is a metallic animal print lace with a light bit of stretch and I just love it!

I traced the hoodie in a size 40 and did a slash and spread to add a couple inches to the hip (it finishes right at the high hip). 

I also did my normal 1" bicep adjustment. I wish I'd double checked the hood! I have a big head and the hood is too small. 

I know's too small! :-p

I'd used this lace for a dress years ago and knew it would be fine to sew and serge (french seams just don't excite me the way they seem to for many! I'll use them when I must...) but knew that I'd have to use something stable/solid for the cuffs.

I didn't want a double layered hood and decided to bias-bind the hood front opening using some scraps of rayon challis. 

I finished it and got ready to attach the hood and had put it on backward! I cut a NEW hood and NEW bias binding and redid it. Grrr! 

For the continuous lap and cuffs, I used the leftover silk-cotton blend fabric from my B6183 top

why yes, my continuous lap is backwards as it ALWAYS is. I mess that up so often!

When I got to this point, I did my buttonholes and sewed on my buttons. On the inside. Ask me how?! I have no clue! LOL!!!! So I had to remove them and redo them. EESH. 

I spent a lot of time figuring out how I wanted to sew the hem. I wanted to face it but didn't feel like it. I didn't feel like making more bias binding. In the end, I did a double turned hem. Luckily, the hip area is wide enough that there is no strain and the fabric seemed to press well enough. Ah. 

I love it! It's casual-cool goodness!


  1. That is really cute. I never would have thought of using lace for a hoodie- but now I want one! I never get continuous laps right either- you are so not alone!

    1. Thank you Ann! It would be fun to do one in a springy color!

  2. This is great and so you! Glad you're enjoying your Burda subscription.

  3. Yes its very cool, you are really rockin' it

  4. How do I not know what continuous laps are?? I thought I knew everything! I love your hoodie.

    1. Hahahaha! I have seen them called something else before but can't remember.

  5. This is so cool! Lace hoodie? Well, yes I think I will!

    Did you ever get the April Burda?

    1. Ha! :-D Thanks!!

      Not yet :/ It's almost time for the May issue so we'll see.

  6. Love your top! The lace makes it such a cool piece. BTW--I'm loving your hair these days.

  7. I love the way the lace hoodie turned out! You look so cool!

    I also agree about French seams, lol! I know how to do them too, and prefer to use my serger. One day I will invest the time and see what all the hoopla is about!

  8. The way your cat is looking at you it's so funny. A lace hoodie is a great idea and looks great on you. P.S. Are you enjoying the Easter snow?

  9. Very chic! You rock this one!


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