Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Repeats: Butterick 6330 and 6621

Dresses and tops are my wardrobe holes right now and I have been on a tear!

I made a couple new dresses before working on the time consuming Vogue 1507 top (post is written, just needs photographs!). When I just NEED to sew or really want to knock a couple things out, I'll use patterns that I've made and loved (like my last post with tops!). 

I don't have pics of B6621 on me but I've already worn it twice since finishing! :-D If you'll recall, I loved this pattern when it came out and promptly sewed 4 versions. I've sewed another last summer and this is my 6th! 

I used the same pattern - a size 14 graded to a 16 at the waist on down, with a 1" full bicep adjustment. On this one, I removed the FBA. 

This rayon jersey is a Fabric Mart buy. I had previously shortened the neckband quite a bit and it was tough going with the wool jersey. I added 1/2" back and it went it fine. I hemmed the tie, overlay, sleeves and hem on the coverstitch. I did an okay job matching stripes (take my word for it!), and sewed the side seams and CB seam at 3/8" from the waist down. 

It's comfy and I love it!

The previous B6330, blogged here, was sewn and LOVED. I made another one soon after in black but that fabric was bad. It grew and grew and grew. I washed it before hemming and it came out so distorted that I tossed it. 

As with the prior version, I cut a size medium. I added 1" to the back skirt but cutting it 1/2" away from the fold (it uses the same piece for front and back). This does result in an unmatched bodice to skirt but it's knit and there's elastic and mehhhh it's fine. :)

I really, REALLY love the fit. This jersey was a FM precut that I previously made a cardigan from and I love it!
I added the pockets and finished the armholes and neckline with a facing(?). I cut a 1 1/4" strip of fabric, stitched it in place, trimmed and graded the seams, turned it to the inside and coverstitched. The pattern has you just turn in 5/8" and topstitch but that's just hard to do nicely on curved seams. 

Lastly, the pattern doesn't actually include a tie, it's a bow sewn to the front but, no thank you! I cut a 1 1/4" strip and serged it, turned the tube and pressed. I didn't bother trying to sew the ends. 

Fabric Mart had a sale on their Milly odds and ends and I racked up. I took the opportunity to add these cute silver beads to my tie. Swoon. 

This dress, especially, is going to get TONS of wear this summer and into fall. It's begging to be paired with a cute jacket!

In other news...

I've been following this online knitting machine lesson and did a terrible job on this sweater :-p
That mock ribbing IS cool though!! 
The wonky front half was so traumatizing that it took me 2 days to do the other side - it was much better :) The next step was to sew the raglan seams, leaving one open and then rehang the neckline and knit the neckbinding. But then...


The main machine does stockinette and you need a ribber (or garter carriage I think) to make purls. So the mock ribbing above is made by skipping a needle (basically leaving a small float) and ta-da, mock 2x1 rib. But the ribber does REAL ribbing! Woohoo!!

So I'm going to learn to use it and do another practice sweater with actual ribbing. 

The inspector

A set of plates that aid in attaching it to the main bed was missing so I'm waiting on those. I'll clean it up in the meantime (vacuum out the dust, inspect the needles, clean it and oil it) and hopefully I'll have my plates in the next week and can get to practicing. SO exciting. 

The other technique I've been trying to learn is how to knit lace. There's a separate carriage that works in conjunction with the main carriage on the machine that does all the needle selection and transfer of stitches for lace patterns. You can always manipulate stitches manually, but I've got a good selection of built-in lace patterns. 

After trying and trying and trying I FINALLY figured it out!! I do notice some dropped stitches so I'll have to look harder at what's happening during the process (someone pointed out that it looks like a specific needle dropping so I'll watch for that). 

You don't know how many times I've stared at this swatch and smiled!


  1. I am so impressed with your knitting. The maxi dress is fitting you so perfectly. I can see it getting a lot of use. It's darling.

  2. LOVE the black & white dress on you! It's one of those wonderful sews that not only makes you look like a million bucks, but FEEL like a million bucks! Have a wonderful day..... Deb E / CA

  3. that maxi dress is so cute. A lot of the Milly fabrics are fantastic - I should keep an eye out. By the way - I keep meaning to tell you, that jumpsuit on the cover of the June Burda is really nice, I made a test version in quilting cotton (from the stash) and it turned out so well I think I will cut it off to make a romper. And immediately ordered some drapey rayon to make a real version.

    1. YAY! Glad to hear because it was definitely on my list. It is so cute.

  4. Love the dresses...You got me sewing again...finished the quilt I making for my daughter, it just needs to be quilted...I also made a pr of shorts for my dad w elastic waist plus took that same pattern & put a real zipper in it w elastic waist & the pockets on the side seams you don't know they are there. Just need to hem those & the shirt that is in that pattern is next found a nice strip. Found some fab for me for a sleeveless top. Most of the fab. I found was from Zinks in Berlin, Ohio.But you have inspired me to start sewing again & I'm having fun.

    1. Nice job on getting the most out of that pattern. I'm glad you are sewing!!

  5. There are these patterns that start from the top down that you hand knit that are raglan sleeve...they are easy & quick to knit love them...your machine looks good...I wish you happy quick knitting w your cool machine & watch those stitches...I saw the dropped ones, just watch!!

  6. Lovely maxi dress! I have not made or worn a maxi dress in forever. I like this one and went back and looked at the other one also. You are inspiring me to give it a try! I have thought about a knitting machine, as my hand knitting sucks. I think I will just stick to sewing!

    1. Thank you Linda! I was so close to buying an embroidery machine but I do not need more hobbies!!! LOL!

  7. Great knit dresses. I am sure they are very comfortable. Can't wait to see your version of Vogue 1507. Got that pattern in my stash

    1. Can't wait to show it! It's a cool pattern with some fantastic finishing!!

  8. Your dress looks great--and so does the sweater.
    Where do you have/get an online machine knit class?
    I have a knitting machine but don't really know how to use it.

    1. Thanks Tobie!

      Diana Sullivan's you tube channel is full of great stuff! The baby sweater course is old and honestly, the video quality isn't great, but I was able to follow along just fine. She has a written pattern to go with it.

      Also on YT, Susan Guagliumi, TaylorKnit and Roberta Rose Kelley.

  9. You look amazing in the maxi dress! I love the ties with the beads added too. I am such a fan of stripes, and the first dress is cute too.

    All the knitting is so pretty. I admire your perseverance in learning your machine. The knit lace is so nice.

  10. I love the maxi! It looks fabulous. And I'm so excited to follow along on the machine knitting adventures - it seems like such a magical process to me. I was slightly traumatized by hand knitting in the 4th grade and I never really got over it, but I'm absolutely fascinated watching everyone who does machine knitting.