Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Burda 1/2018 #119 in POLKA DOTS!

I made this hoodie a few years ago (here). WOW, time flies! I wear it ALL THE TIME and have intended to make a 2nd one for forever. 

I picked up this polka-dot sweatshirt fleece on my trip to Fabric Mart in 2018, so it was long overdue to be sewn up. 

I used a straight size 40, same as last time. I added 1" to the sleeve length and did a slash and spread vertically on the pocket to add an inch. Look at the difference! So much more useful now!

Everything about this pattern is just so perfect to me! I love the shoulder line, the sleeve, the binding, the curved seams, the length, the hood's just AWESOME!!

I didn't have any black bias tape and was going back and forth on adding a pop of color. Ultimately, I decided to just take advantage of the white dots. I actually used an off-white as the white seemed to be too bright. I really love the binding details included on this pattern!!

I went with a black nylon zipper, eyelets for the drawstring, some white cording, and silver cord stops. 

I am coming to like dropped shoulders now that I am less busty. The sleeves are nice and roomy. The have this large pleat at the top and the lower edge is eased into a cuff.

I wear this one all the time too and sometimes there's a little competition between which hoodie will win the day :-p 

This is what I wore to work today but I had a solid cardigan on hand that I swapped out for the 2 interviews I held! hahahaha! No one knew I was sporting leggings and sneakers. I guess there's a silver lining to be found in eternally working from home :-p


  1. I love this! Great design features! What’s not to love about polka dots!,

  2. Love this! The white binding looks very profesh.

  3. It's darling and that curved hem is very flattering.

  4. Oh my gosh I love it - we are going to Disney World and I am going to make one for myself to wear while there

  5. It is very cute and looks great on you! The pocket expansion is big improvement over the original.

  6. Your edgestitching is a masterpiece - do you use a special foot?

  7. So cute! The trim looks so awesome and the curved hem looks fantastic.

  8. I LOVE this, but I am a sucker for polka dots (& hoodies)

  9. The hoodie looks great! I can see why you wear it a lot!

  10. Very nicely done -- and don't you love it when you can reach into your closet for something that you made years ago, but remains a favorite? I just did the same thing with a reversible hooded fleece knee length coat today! I made this probably about six or seven years ago, but I always reach for it, especially when the cold winter winds blow. I really like the style of your hoodie and may make one for myself. It's several steps above the standard store bought ones - very stylish! You do such good work!

  11. Dear KS_Sews:
    So cute!
    Is the binding you used knit or woven?

    1. Hi Lee! Woven binding! On a garment like this, where I’m not really dependent on the stretch where it’s bound, woven is fine:)


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