Saturday, July 2, 2022

Mid Year Check-In and July Plans

The year is off to a rough start -- in real life and in sewing plans. Oy! I looked back at my list of goals for 2022 and I've met exactly -0- of them!

  • Trench Coat - I want this but have stalled. Wah. I am thinking of taking a sew-cation in August. A trench coat is a strong desire but in reality, isn't a workhorse here in Minneapolis. I'd estimate I could wear a trench for about 4 weeks in fall and maybe 4-6 weeks in spring. 
  • Burda 2/2020 blazer - I don't think I ever bought lining fabric for this. I wanted a very specific color and struck out with Mood. I'd better start looking again so that I can be ready to sew this for fall! A wool blazer will have lots more functionality than the trench - I can wear it about October through May ish. 
  • Formal black dress - Perhaps this should read "semi-formal". I need a dress for more serious/somber occasions, but not say, a black-tie event/party.
  • LBD or LBJ(umpsuit) - I'm thinking this Vogue 1465 or Simplicity 9151 (always down for a CR pattern!)
  • Blazer for him - Another project for fall. I have the fashion fabric and lining! Ooh, still need buttons though. 
  • The Dress a Month fitting Challenge - So far, I've sewn patterns by Simplicity, New Look, and McCall's. I've removed Kwik Sew because I don't have any woven KS dress patterns. I also removed Viki Sews. I've replaced KS and VS with Ottobre and Patrones.  I don't think I'll get to all 12, but definitely want to finish out the Big4.
  • Matching machine knit sweaters for the boys - winter project
  • Machine knit trousers - I'm not sure if I'll get to these unless I find yarn on my knitting camp trip this month. I think a crepe yarn is best but don't want to buy online without help. So either I find yarn at Rockinghorse Farms or I get tips from the experts there on where to buy. 
  • 5 garments for skill building
    • A raglan sweater or cardigan 
    • A sweater or cardigan with set-in sleeves - I found a summer project in Machine Knitting Monthly that I'm going to try!
    • A dolman sweater with some type of stitch pattern (garter, fair isle, lace, something!)
    • Socks - This will happen at MK camp in July
    • A wrap or poncho - I may do this sooner rather than later because the office is often pretty chilly!
  • Begin grad school - who knew the deadline for fall was February?! Hahaha. I can be kind of spacey sometimes so I'm not surprised I missed this little (har,har) detail. I will be applying February 2023.
  • Read 3 books per month - my focus has been really off and I have only read about 5 books total this year. womp, womp.
I was going to work on my challenge pattern (a Vogue) but pivoted and started a dress for my birthday which is next week. I sewed a sleeveless version of M7834 in white swiss dot and it is SO cute! The cotton doesn't drape as nicely over Lily so it looks tight, but it isn't. It fits great! May not get photos of it on until that day but will post it. I did not make any changes aside from leaving off the sleeves, and narrowing the shoulder as needed from version 1.

In June I sewed 5 yards. 1 garment for myself, 4 kids garments, and altered 3 garments for my daughter!:
Ottobre 3/2010 #17 and 18
Ottobre 3/2014 #12 and 25
M7834 dress 

For July, I am really going to try to execute!!!!! :)
  • Burda 7/2022 birthday dress
  • Socks at knitting camp
  • MK summer cardigan
  • Butterick 6640 for my challenge in a striped cotton shirting. I plan to have fun with stripe direction!
  • I really(!) want to find time to sew NL6692 as well

Wish me luck! 

How is your 2022 sewing plan coming along?


  1. I Always look forward to reading your posts! Thank you.

  2. What a great post! I just bought that KwikSew pattern and have some lovely red floral challis yelling "Pick Me" every time I go in the laundry room! Have a few things to finish up first. I love your dress challenge. g

  3. After a two month hiatus due to life just slapping me crazy, I am renewed and back to sewing. I have sort of a slap dash plan but feeling energized and ready to execute. Anxious to try new styles and colors and not just the sameole sameole.

    1. SO glad you're sewing! I am trying to not just stick to logical sewing and allowing myself to have fun. Can't wait to see what comes from your sewing room next!

  4. Butterick 6640 is super-cute and I think I might need it! I've got shirt-dresses on the brain this summer -- I made Simplicity 2403 and it turned out great, and next up is Burda 02-2009-105. I also speed-sewed 2 skirts from McCalls 8222, completed in a mad rush less than a week before leaving for Europe for 16 days! It was insane, but they got done and I wore them both a lot, so it was worth it. :D My casual wardrobe has been whittled down to zero since the pandemic--I go to work and then put my pajamas on, LOL. I still need to do laundry from the trip (yikes) but I'm excited to sew again!

    1. YAY! Glad you got some new workhorses. I realized I am in a shirtdress mode and I'm just going to go with it. I love me some 2008-2010 Burda mags!

    2. Welp, just ordered Butterick 6640 on eBay -- you enabler, you! I was looking at the Closet Core Kalle shirt-dress but I want something a little more structured and this Butterick looks pretty simple. Now, to find the perfect navy linen blend fabric.......


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