Wednesday, September 7, 2022

WIP: Burda 6/2022 Vest

I don't actually have much to show :-p

I have been itching to sew but not motivated enough to do it. I had SO much on my list for summer and didn't get much done. I'm ready to move on to fall sewing considering how slow going things have been. I decided to work on the vest/tabard from Burda 6/2022. I am using a wool suiting that I scored from SR Harris (2 3/4 yard for $8!). It's a medium weight and is perfect for this pattern. I may make a matching pair of shorts from the pattern I'm using for my daughter. 

I have pretty standard Burda pattern adjustments. I tissue fit the pattern to my dressform and so far, the changes I made seem to be working out. 

This weekend I traced, made pattern adjustments and cut the paper pattern out. Today, I started cutting the fabric out -- I cut the fronts, side fronts, back and tabs. I interfaced all the bits that needed interfacing. Then I got ahead of myself and sewed one of the front and side fronts together - I forgot the pocket!!! DOH!

Looking good!! I LOVE this color!

Still have tons to do...but I hope that I can finish the outfit and the jackets for the babies before the end of September. 

In other news...


Y'all! I was too excited! And if you follow my IG, you know this already! LOL!!

I have Blue. Ribbon. Socks.!!

Here is the Rav page for them: Blue Socks

I ALSO placed for my sweater (3rd place)!
Rav page HERE

I was about to melt trying this on for pics though! LOL!!! 
The wool is toasty warm! Can't wait til December!


Is it possible to correct my posture at this late stage in life? LOL!!!
Also, these jeans are MY FAVORITE and their from American Eagle and I laugh every time someone says a store is "too young". Pfft. Buy what fits/works for you!

The judges commented on the different stripes on the sleeves - they called it very attractive! And they noted how well the stripes were matched :pats back:
I lost points on the marled ribbing - which was not a design choice, it was a mitigation. I'm happy with it though, but was frustrated that it pooled differently on the second half. 
Also, they didn't like my band of light pink on the right sleeve...but I always add some little tweak or detail to things that are just for me. 

I also placed 3rd for the girl's ballet sweater (photo HERE, Rav project page HERE)

I am so grateful for the wins and proud of myself for entering (I almost talked myself out of entering!). I can't wait for our next MK meetup so I can hear all about other's projects and wins. <3

I finally finished up the sideways knit that I'd been blogging and it's CUTE! Woohoo!


  1. Hooray on your winnings! I'm impressed and a bit in awe.

  2. Congratulations. Your wins are well deserved.

  3. Congratulations on the ribbons - I would be showing everyone those :) and fall sewing, it makes me hot to think about it. (109 here yesterday) LOVE that pink stripe sweater, I want!

    1. WHY is it so hot there!?

      I am so, so, so excited and proud of myself! I will for sure be hanging them in the sewing room.

  4. Kudos to you. I too have taken some ribbons ona quilt and a couple bags. Would never enter MY knitting, all for function not beauty, using mostly leftovers and creating whatever. I love the pink stripe.

  5. Congratulations! Those socks are downright beautiful! You deserve those ribbons. Nothing like hanging blue ribbons in the sewing room!

  6. Congratulations! So proud that you have reaped rewards from your knitting journey!

  7. Congratulations on the wins! All of them were so beautiful and you deserved those ribbons!


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