Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Wrap-up and December Plans(?!)

I am so, so ready to bid adieu to 2016 but HOLY COW did this year speed by! Sheesh!!!

I didn't do a good job tracking my November sewing so I'll do my best to recall my efforts this month. Despite not sewing often, I still managed to crank out some goodies.

My plan for my daughter was deflated by her dislike of the dresses I chose. I made the skirts and quit. But she LOVES the skirts so there's that! She wore the plaid one on Thanksgiving.

So this month I sewed:
  • S1322 and NL6418 skirts for my daughter - one wool plaid suiting and one in grey faux suede
  • New Look 6301 dress in floral jersey (to be blogged)
  • Burda 8/2016 dress in blue cotton blend woven
  • Burda 11/2016 skirt in pinstriped RPL suiting (to be blogged)
I adore this skirt. It is very fun and flirty and that is balanced by the more serious black pinstripe. I'm NOT sure it's the "right" shape for my body type but sometimes you just love a thing no matter what.
I'm 11 for 11 on my Burda challenge this year! Woot!! I will likely get this blogged soon.
Also, I delivered the finished cardigan to my friend and she looks amazing in it and the color is perfect and YAY!
I made her strike a pose in the second pic! :)

It's the free cardigan by Swoon patterns. I used an XL through the neckline/shoulders and the sleeve, and a 2X through the body. I did an FBA too but I don't remember how much; but not a large one; maybe 1/2"?? The sleeve length worked for me but they are pretty long on her. However, the sleeves scrunch up a-ok so it works.

I just love it on her!
I am still on a skirt/dress kick. I didn't sew the other dresses from my November plans and am now jonesing for that plum-colored Vogue. I already have a black Swoon cardigan cut out for myself and a black top version of NL6301; and there's black thread in my serger. So you know what THAT means!
I'll get those done, then the Vogue dress and then who knows! I have 11 days off work (12/22 through 1/3) and am excited to claim a good amount of time for sewing. My original wardrobe plan still hangs in my sewing room and I still want some of the things I planned on months ago.
Lastly, I haven't decided yet what I want from December. I kind of love this dress though again, it's probably not "right" for me (but it's CUTE!) and also that cap sleeve means I will HAVE to wear a sweater or jacket with it which seems not cool because why cover up the lovely pleats and ruffles? So I may push this to spring/summer. I do like it though a lot.
I also like this dress but not the sleeve:
I bought a dress from LOFT with that (flutter?) sleeve and it took me awhile to realize I hated it. I love the dress but hate that sleeve. I have big biceps/forearms and I just don't think it works well for me. But look at the lines of this dress!!! Swoon.
LOVE this cape and have a wonderful plaid that would work for it but I have absolutely no reason to make a cape for a MN winter. Again, maybe next spring:
I've been looking for a double knit or sweater knit to make this dress from since the December preview came out in October! I haven't found anything I love.
But I would really, really, really love to make this blazer

I am scared.

Yes! I said it! Hahaha!

1) I've made so many things of varying complexity, but never a 'proper' blazer.
2) It's plus sized and I'm not plus up top and it's Burda plus which I've been told is a different block e.g. the 44 is not just incrementally graded up from a 42 like a 42 is graded up from a 40.

But look at it! ahhhhhhhh.

So >>this person<< is kinda sorta thinking, that I need to just go for it. I will have to *insert huge gasp* make a muslin and see how far off the fit is. I am obviously most worried about neckline/shoulder fit since I'm a 14/40 there and this is a 44 and that's notoriously harder area to fit. But as I often tell people..."What's the worst that could happen?" and "It's just fabric!"




  1. Nice plans. You CAN do the jacket!

  2. It's always interesting to read your plans and see your enthusiasm. It makes me so happy that you love sewing so much and to watch you experience it. It makes me treasure it more so thanks for that!

  3. The cardigan looks great on your friend.I love the dress patterns and yes, I agree with Faye - you can definitely do the blazer. I don't think you'll have problems with it especially if you make a muslin first.

  4. I love your gung-ho approach to sewing and look forward to following your adventure with the jacket. I have no doubt you can do it with the help of a muslin.

  5. The biggest thing that's helped me sew more and faster and have more hits (as well as misses!) is to get past my 'anxious beginner' phase where I second-guessed everything and think: It's just fabric! I can just donate/toss it!
    I credit you with inspiration for this :)

  6. that cardigan is so cute. As for the Burda blazer pattern - I say don't do it! not your size. I make a fair number of those Burda plus for a friend and they have a specific shape which is probably not you. There are so many blazer patterns out there that I'm sure you can find a look-a-like.

    1. See, this was my fear. And perhaps I read it on your blog that the Plus block is actually completely different from the straight block.

  7. Your friend's Swoon cardigan is awesome! I can tell she really likes it! Great makes for November, I look forward to the ones you will be posting about. I think you could make the blazer work--especially with doing a muslin. If anything, it will be a good challenge for you, and feel good when you succeed.

  8. You will so enjoy the break - and if you managed to make as much as you did during a slow month, it will be interesting to see what happens with a dedicated sewing binge. Try the jacket - Burda are not as large around the shoulder as Vogue/Butt/MCalls. And a cheap muslin is not going to be the end of the world if it does not work out.

  9. First off, I have to tell you how thrilled I was to stumble across your new blog. I'm horrible at commenting but we started sewing around the same time and I have loved following your sewing adventures!
    I love the cardigan you made for your friend - the color is gorgeous and she looks like she loves it. (I know I would!) I'm right there with you in the "I hate to muslin" camp but it sounds like it might be a good idea (ugh, lol). Can't wait to see what you make in December!

  10. I think you will do fantastic on the blazer.. Love all the patterns you have lined up..
    Tell your friend at work..she looks fantastic.. Love the color of it too.
    I followed you.. Proud you came by my blog.. I didnt realize you had started a new blog.. Have
    missed you.. Happy sewing and Merry Christmas.


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