Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Wrap Up and April Plans

On Monday I posted this list on Instagram:

I had started on the velvet joggers for my daughter and was looking forward to whipping up the Kwik Sew wrap maxi dress to finish out March. 

And then this happened: 

I have influenza! Wahhhhhh! The body aches-oh my gosh. Fever, sore throat, headaches...I have been miserable. It's the first time I've ever had the flu and I've never had the vaccine. As I told a friend, I guess my luck ran out!

I blame going to IKEA and Mall of America on Saturday! So many people. So many germs!!

I have periods of time after sleeping and taking meds where I have a little energy. I don't think I'll be sewing any time over the next few days, but figured I could wrap up the month.

This month I sewed:

Burda 3/2017 #111 dress in cobalt ponte
McCall's 7562 dress in printed poly crepe
Burda 3/2014 joggers in royal blue velvet (WIP for my daughter)

I really love both dresses!! They are on opposite ends of the wardrobe spectrum but both so cute and wearable!

I bought a lot of fabric this month!
2 FM orders - one I snagged a bunch of knits and the other I got a mix of stuff.
Craftsy order - navy Kaufmann cotton gingham to copy a J.Crew dress
Amazon via - Telio raw hide faux leather (here). This fabric looks decent online. I bought it to make a skirt so we'll see how that goes whenever I get around to it. I paid a little more for it on Amazon but then I didn't have to pay for shipping so it was pretty much a wash.

For April, I probably won't get to the Butterick jacket.  I do want to make the other things to take on vacation:

Kwik Sew 4169 maxi

McCall's 7577, the romper, sleeveless
Burda 4/2016 #112

Burda 4/2017 #107


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Influenza can strike at any time--Give yourself time to recuperate--sewing can wait (lol) --spoken by no dedicated sewist-evah.

  2. So sorry you're still sick...hopefully you'll kick that nasty crap soon.

    I have plans in store for April already, but I also keep eyeing 04/2017 #107. Might have to make that one with you!!!

    Also, that romper is gonna be hella cute.

  3. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. The flu stinks! It visited our home last week. I hope you recover quickly! Your vacation sewing picks look awesome. I almost picked up KS4169 while at Joanns today. That maxi is nice!

  5. Oh noo! So sorry to hear you got the flu. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! I've been talking myself in and out of trying a romper for the last couple of months, so I'm really interested to see how yours turns out.

  7. sorry to hear you are sick - it is definitely going around.

  8. Influenza sucks balls. And the worst of it is, you'll feel better multiple times only to feel worse 30 minutes later. Rest up, and don't bother doing anything more strenuous than a shower for a good 4 or 5 days.

    I have that burda 4/2016 jumpsuit in my stash, waiting to be sewn up since....oh, last August? Can't wait to see your version of it! Lots of cute stuff here, waiting to be sewn up. Get well soon!!

  9. I hope you feel better soon - the flu is awful!

  10. That's an impressive fever! I've had influenza a few times and it is never pleasant.

    Hoping you recuperate quickly. And consider the flu vaccine in the future!

  11. I hope you get better soon. Great picks for your vacation makes - I can't wait to see how the rompers turn out.

  12. I think your April sewing choices are lovely.
    And about the 'flu shot; my GP get the flu shot and he has also contracted the 'flu. I think as a scientist you know the stats.

  13. The flu is the worst! I had it too with an even higher fever--felt like I was dying! Hope you feel better soon. Get lots and lots of rest!! I do love your vacation pattern picks... look forward to seeing them made up!


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