Saturday, April 8, 2017

Vacation Sewing; Kwik Sew 4169 (sort of)

I wanted this pattern when it was first released, but I think KS may have still been being sold at the higher price point. And while I liked it a lot, I didn't like it for $6.99. I snagged it up from one of the many BMV sales and the surplice front + racer back + maxi length had me swooning over it for my upcoming trip.

I'd purchased this cut of tropical print ITY from Fabric Mart towards the end of the summer season. But then switched to fall sewing shortly after it came. Once I got the pattern I knew this pattern plus this fabric would happen.

Except I never checked the fabric recommendations on the pattern. Oops. The maxi length takes 4 yards because the skirt is cut on the bias. Now, there have been times where I've taken a knit bias cut skirt pattern and just used the straight grain, but this pattern has a lot of flare/swing to it in the hem and I really didn't want to mess that up. It really didn't matter though. Once I pulled out the fabric - OY! I had only gotten 2 yards of it! Sheesh. I'd already been contemplating a gathered skirt so this sealed the deal.

A word on gathered skirts - I LIKE THEM! But only when it's a fabric that is light enough / has enough drape that the gathers lie nice and pretty and don't poof. And, not criticizing anyone else, but I just don't have that type of relationship with my body that I feel I always need to cover/camouflage/'fix' things. I have a little belly - so? A gathered skirt is not going to change the fact that I am barely 5'5" and weigh 185 ish pounds! So I wear what I like despite "rules" and if it isn't the most "flattering" (I've come to hate that word). Anyway...onward!! :-p

I mean, does this NOT say, "I'm on vacation!!!"?!

I measured the original skirt length and basically just cut my fabric at the length minus 2 inches. Then, I cut the fabric in half on the fold line. Giving me two panels about 30" wide and 41" long. I serged the sides and ran a basting stitch on each panel, gathered it and then attached it to the bodice. There is 1/4" elastic in the waist and I wish I had used some clear elastic at the shoulders. It's pretty heavy and the skirt does pull the bodice down a bit even with the elastic.

You'll have to take my word that I'll wear a convertible bra :-p 
I wasn't about to change bras to take these pics! LOL!!!!

OMG THE NARROW HEMMING!!! Wahhhhhhh! I hate every moment of hemming that neckline and armholes. Every. Stinking. Moment. It took more time to do just that piece than to cut out and sew the rest of the dress!!!

so much work. so much steam. so many pins.

I serged the bottom and turned up a 5/8" hem.

This is my "press your knits!!" PSA:

The top is after I turned the belt, the bottom is after it's been pressed (with a press cloth). Ahhhh.

Kwik Sew tops/bodices seem to be built for a very, very broad woman. I recall needing to take out oodles of fabric when I made that jacket and it was still way too big. I cut a Medium!! I ended up taking it in under the arm 5/8" on each side. That's a total of 2.5 inches removed. In.sane.  The only other adjustment I made was a 5/8" swayback adjustment. It was perfect.

At any rate, I LOVE THIS DRESS! It's so pretty and vacation-y and girly and flowy and fun!!

Because what's a blog post without silly pics!?

I *love* these sandals! (They're about 2 years old now)

I plan to either travel in it heading to Orlando or coming home - knit dresses = maximum comfort for me!! Or maybe out to dinner one night.

I could see making this again at some point in a stripe to take advantage of those bias-cut skirt seams. I recall making McCall's 7121 and for whatever reason that dress was just awful on me. I'm guessing the surplice front is what makes this one a win.

Up Next - my knock off of a gingham J.Crew dress - both because it is gorgeous and screams summer-- and because of the Bargainsta Fashionista contest on PR.


  1. This I should gorgeous love it!
    I picked up this fabric too not sure what I will make but I love this dress on you count down to vacation

  2. Well at least your pretty pink bra straps coordinate with the print on the dress! hehehehe! And admit it, you KNOW you've seen a woman wear a racer back dress with the bra straps showing. This is a great dress and you're right, you will love it on vacation!

  3. Perfect vacation dress... it's gorgeous!

  4. This dress just screams summer! I love it. I'm with you on the word flattering...and made a similar comment on Thornberry's post when she mentioned how much the word irks her. It's nice to just wear what we like, rather than what we think (or are told) we *should* wear.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, people often get a little defensive but SO often, when people say flattering they mean slimming.

  5. Your dress is sensational! The fabric does wonders, and you get an award for all that narrow hemming, lol!!!

  6. Well done, it's a gorgeous dress.

  7. It's very, very pretty and very 'holiday'. I like your comments about 'flattering' and wear what I like too. I don't like people being obsessed with perfectly adequate bodies that do a great job but aren't the 'perfect' body (whatever that is).

    1. Thanks!!
      Yes, I love my slightly pudgy but healthy body that carries me through life and birthed two healthy babies!

  8. Gorgeous dress and I totally feel your pain on the narrow hemming, I often rush this part and make a bit of a mess of things, yours looks perfect though!


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