Friday, April 28, 2017

April Wrap-up and Dress-a-Palooza

Vacation sewing is done. I have an insane workload right now and other stuff to get done before we go and I don't want to rush to try to get anything made. I ended up buying a pair of shorts for Disney Theme Park day. Remember those Style Arc bermudas that I didn't like? I may revisit them.

I'm thinking the "success" of shorts is all about where they hit on the leg and I think the SA shorts were too long for me. It's the reason I don't wear capris - they look terrible on me. Crops are okay (IMO that means closer to ankle length than mid-calf)...

I got these roll-cuff bermuda shorts from LOFT and they are AWESOME! I had to stop myself from buying a handful!

April Wrap-up:

In April I sewed:
  • Kwik Sew 4169 dress in a floral ITY
  • Burda 6/2012 #129 dress in navy/white gingham cotton
  • Burda 4/2017 #207 dress in black/white striped jersey
  • McCall's 6654 skirt in printed double knit
  • Burda 10/2015 #109 in the Thakoon sweatshirt fabric with a hint of pleather
  • McCall's 7577 jumpsuit in a print blouseweight woven
  • Vogue 1051 dress in print blouseweight woven
I'll schedule posts over the next week or so for the unblogged items.

Favorites: I have worn the McCall's skirt twice since making it just over 2 weeks ago. I love it! I am SUPER into the weird Vogue dress!

Fail: While the ruched dress didn't work out for me, I don't think it's fully a fail. I will be 'stealing' that scoop neck because it was made for me!  (and yes, I've tried to like this on me but NOPE. But that's okay!! I don't get too bummed about sewing projects gone bad.)

Accomplishments: Knocking off the J.Crew dress! It makes me smile whenever I look at and I just can't wait for summer days! Also, working with the Thakoon print and pleather. I wanted to imitate the original RTW top but it was so hard for me to do weird things with the flowers :)

I am just over halfway through my Fabric budget! Oops! March was rough! LOL!  This month, I bought a couple of staples; a ton of black suiting (it's so nice!), plus a couple of other cuts of suiting, and took my chances on a bundle. It's an okay selection of fabric.

Planning to make overalls; I also bought a 4 yard cut of denim from SR Harris. Now, all of this is stash fabric. Sigh. That wasn't my intent.


May Plans:
For May, I have 3 must haves and then I'll get started on Dress-a-Palooza!
  • Birkin flares in a light-to-mid wash denim
  • Nettie bodysuit in a teal textured knit
  • Swing tees (comparing a Butterick to the Dixie DIY concert tee)
I love dresses. I always have. We barely have warm weather and I am seriously side-eyeing all of my beloved V9032 pants. My slim ankle-length pants are okay but everything else feels like too much.

So I have a plan to make All.The.Dresses! Okay so this is a pretty exhaustive list and if I don't get to them all, I don't get to them all. And there's no specific timeline, just things I want (*which is subject to change at a moment's notice!)


Burda 5/2017
I mean, right? I love everything about this. I hope to find a similar color fabric too!! Now, true to Burda form, this dress requires a stretch woven. They love stretch wovens over at Burda.

Burda 2/2013
I think in the right fabric (not white), this can work as a work dress. The trick would be finding Petersham that wide.

Butterick 6333
This is just so "me".

Vogue 1329

I've always liked this pattern. I'd like to copy the pattern here!

New Look 6067
I don't think the pattern cover does this one justice. I bought this off of eBay after seeing a couple of cute versions. I am thinking view D (red). I can't have ALL sleeveless dresses!

Simplicity 8175

Not a dress but this skirt is so chic and stylish. I will be making this one for sure.

Vogue 1051 as a skirt. That is happening. For sure.


Sewaholic Saltspring

I've wanted this since it came out. And I snagged the paper pattern when someone was selling off stash. I have a beautiful floral rayon challis for it.

Vogue 1501

Okay so Vogue's photo leaves much to be desired. But there are a couple of seriously awesome versions of this one out there. If you leave off the crazy shoulder pads and not use a crazy's a VERY 'effortlessly chic' dress! This may get bumped up as I think it would be awesome for an event I am attending. DONE!

Hey June Charleston

So I'm by and large a Big4/Burda fan and not much from Indie designers entice me...but I really like this dress!! It has 2 skirt options and several sleeve options...but I think I like this view and sleeveless best. It's in the 'play' category as I plan to make it more bodycon in fit but it can obviously be a work dress too! And I may make it with sleeves for work!

Vogue 1531

I have no place to wear this. I don't care! I want to make it.

Well that's it for this epic post of epicness. :-D


  1. Have you ever tried to make the Chi-Town Chinos It is on my list of patterns to try because it looks so similar to the ready to wear pants/skirts/shorts that I love and the shorts you posted above are so close to it.

  2. Great makes.. and love your list.. Have fun.. and Happy sewing.
    shorts are cute.. [I agree, it always depends on where they come to?]

  3. Totally with you on that red simplicity skirt pattern - I love the skirt and the wide leg culottes from it and it's actually out on my sewing table but I don't know if I have any suitable fabric for either.... (haha)

  4. I like ALL the dresses you chose, lol! That Burda 5/2017, yes honey!!!! Love that one! And the Sewaholic Saltspring in the longer version is just beautiful. Spring/summer sewing is the best (I will say that again for fall/winter, ha).

  5. Ohhhh I want to play along with Dress Palooza since I can wear dresses longer than you can! You picked some great dress patterns and I hope you get to most of them!

  6. Wonderful dress choices! Can hardly wait to see them.

  7. I love the burda 5/2017. I might have to make it.

  8. Beautiful dresses. I almost wish I was a frock chick, but, I just am not. I can easily see you in each of these.

  9. I'm in awe of your sewing accomplishments and plans!!


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