Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Wrap-Up...And I'm Out.

On the fabric front, I did not add anything to stash in the month of February.

This month I sewed:
  • McCall's 6702 top in navy cotton sateen
  • Baste + Gather Kendall Skinny jeans in gray stretch denim (pattern not available for sale)
  • Burda 7136 shirt in green/white gingham seersucker
  • Simplicity 1499 vest in olive cotton sateen (WIP)
Wow. Who is this person that sews just a few things in a month!? :)

I really love the navy top. It has some fun details and the fabric is amazing!!

I think the gray skinnies will come in handy. I don't wear jeans very often but those can go to work or weekend and casual or more dressed up. So I hope to wear them a ton.

The green gingham shirt makes me happy! I've wanted one for awhile - either this green or navy gingham. So glad to finally have this versatile item in the closet!

The vest is cute so far. I added welt pockets but wish I would have done flaps like my inspiration photo:


At any rate, it's coming along.

I'm not adding studs or a closure. I also intend to have visible self-fabric bias binding (maybe not as wide as the inspiration pic) and epaulets .

I totally meant to add the little belt-like thing in back, caught in the princess seams and connected via D-ring, but had topstitched the seams before I remembered. Maybe I'll do something more like they did here.

But, alas, I am out.

I mentioned the contest would be a stretch for me because of a hectic schedule for February and March. Having finished 3.5 items in the month means I won't get the others done. It's fine though!

Part of that is a still full plate with lots of weekend time taken up. Plus my parents are visiting for a week! I only see them 1-2 times a year so yes, sewing takes a full back seat. I don't foresee sewing at all while they are here. So to meet the contest deadline I would somehow have to manage to sew a pair of jeans, a jacket, a skirt (or other bottom), 2 tops, an accessory (which I could go 'easy' and make a scarf) PLUS take 10 sets of outfit 3 weeks. With an already full plate.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Lastly, while I'm being generally very positive this year (so I won't complain too much), I'll also say I've gotten way disenchanted with the PR site and that is yet another reason. Sometimes I try to just go into what I think may be 'safe' threads but good grief. The climate is just really off lately. For now, my patterns are catalogued there and I'll maintain my membership. The thought of coming up with a new system for this:

is daunting! Hahaha! I read what people do with Evernote and other apps and...I ain't doing that. For real. It will not happen. So I'm not really posting pattern reviews or interacting much in the forums and it makes it easier to bow out of a contest.

For March I do plan to:
-Finish the vest
-Sew the Birkin flare jeans (I love this pattern and the wash of denim I chose)
-Sew SOMETHING from my 2017 Burda issues -- btw, I am amending my challenge. I will sew from current issues. It felt like more pressure to find something from that month vs just choosing something from the current issue. So I'm going back to my original form of the challenge. Even though I'm not completely jazzed with Burda so far this year.

January: I've seen some cute versions of this one on the Russian Burda site and may sew it.

February: I like all 3 of these so we'll have to see how fabric stash + patterns shake out! Although the middle dress is really a summer piece.

March: I really only like the wedding dresses and don't have any reason to sew something more formal. I am also thinking that I could do this as a sleeveless dress:
I like the twist front and neckline. AND it's the petite pattern. I am kind of thinking of ponte too.

Hmm, this is starting to sound like a really good idea! LOL! :) Adding this to the March plans!
I hope to be more active this month online. I miss reading blogs and interacting! Until later!