Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Wrap-Up (already??)

I sewed like a normal person this month! Wait, I think. Normal people sew 3-4 items a month, no?

This month I sewed:
  • M7358 top (I may have incorrectly included this in December. I sewed the dress in December and the top in January while on vacation)
  • M7476 vest in black ponte
  • M6886 dress in striped ponte
  • Burda 11/2012 joggers in olive knit for my daughter
I don't have a favorite or fail this month. The top, I really liked but when I attempted to wear it it kept riding up. Weird because the dress is fine. I had to take the top off the day I was going to wear it. I like the vest and it's functional. I really like the M6886 dress too.

The accomplishment is definitely the cold shoulder mod. I don't really see excess potential for a pattern. That's why I own so many. I buy for details because I'm not generally interested in "hacking" but I'm glad I did this one!  So who knows, maybe it's something I'll start doing more often!

Also, I spent $56.71 of my $500 fabric budget in January.

As mentioned a post or two back, I plan on doing the wardrobe sudoku contest on PR. I'm pretty jazzed about it!

So far I'm not too worried about getting it all done but I know I have some crazy times coming up. I'm not going to worry, I'll just do my best to try to finish. I have to be very organized to pull this off and am thinking to do:

Navy sleeveless shirt (M6702)
Green/white gingham shirt (Burda 7136)
White skirt (Lekala 5871 or Burda 2/2014. Remember my 'battle of the skirts' on the old blog?)
Blue jeans (Birkin flares)
Grey jeans (Kendall skinnies)
Olive vest (S1499)
Print tee (M6964)
Grey tee (M6886)
White jacket

I am torn!! I bought a white boucle to make B6169 (of which I have 2). I really like S1699 when I made it except for the fabric. And I think the boucle would be so cute made up with that pattern. But I also would like the *style* of jacket in V1465 with this collection of garments.

B6169 * S1699 * V1465


Lastly I want to say that of the RTW items I bought I only had to return one thing! I am so happy with my new clothes. YAY! I was concerned about these wide leg cropped pants but I am so happy I went for them!

Now, they need some tailoring (I have a person for that. I hate alterations). I went with a size 14 because butt/thighs but the waist is far too big. And I got the 'regular' length but they are way too long. I need them shortened about 1.5"

This crepe is so delicious! It has a nice weight to it and is inky black. 

I cut the pockets open because I like pockets! But they aren't usable. They are "real" but the pocket bag is extremely shallow. I guess that makes sense because the Burda pants I was going to make with the pocket situated similarly was a giant fail. 

They looked really cute with a variety of tops; simple tees tucked in, my chambray shirt, sweaters that aren't too long. And I really like them with my existing olive vest and with non-blazer style jackets.

I wanted to include this one so you can see the full width of the flare but then my necklace was doing the 'boob lasso' thing :)

So ready to start the contest!!! Are you joining? What do you think about my jacket choices in relation to my overall mini wardrobe?


  1. Your rtw pants are so cute, and look good on you.
    I like all 3 jackets.. but think you would do and excellent job and love the vogue pattern.. Happy sewing and best wishes .

  2. I love how your wardrobe is coming along! Your jacket choices are all great. I think the white boucle would be a nice addition, and lend a different aspect to what you already have. But then again, I LOVE boucle jackets and want to sew one in the future, so I might be channeling that! LOL! I'm glad your RTW clothes worked out! Best wishes as you sew your other pieces.

  3. Two things stuck out to me:

    1. You hacked a pattern! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ You do know this is how it starts!
    2. You set a fabric budget and you're keeping track of what you're spending. I'm impressed and it's got me thinking.

  4. I like all 3 jackets but my favorite is B6169. I look forward to seeing your creations!

  5. I love the style of the vouge pattern. Your RTW pants are cute. Too bad they need altering....another reminder of why self-mades are so awesome. I can't wait to see all your makes for the contest.

  6. LOL!! "Boob Lasso"! Too funny! I agree with you, the V1465 would be really great with your's chic, stylish and edgye!! No, I am not planning on joining the contest (I don't believe I've ever joined a contest). However, I'm sending all my prayers your way!


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