Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Wrap-up and March Plans

This month I made 3 items and have 2 in progress; for a total of 12.5 yards.
  • Burda 01/2018 #119 - 2 yards
    • mustard sweatshirt knit
    • notions: twill tape, eyelets, zipper
  • Burda 07/2017 #106 - 3 yards
    • Ankara print cotton
    • notions: zipper, piping, hook & bar
  • Burda 02/2018 #107 - 1.5 yards
    • animal print ITY knit
  • Vogue 9032 - 2.5 yards (wip)
    • heathered taupe RPL
    • notions: zipper, bias tape, hook & bar
  • Burda 09/2011 #114 - 3 yards (wip)
    • black wool coating
    • notions: zipper 
  • I also finished the baby quilt! It'll be posted on March 5th!
Favorite: Burda 7/2017 pants. They just turned out exactly how I expected. <3

FAILS: I think I used the horsehair canvas in places I wasn't supposed to on the Burda coat. I think it'll be fine but we'll see. I wanted to have it done by Saturday but I'm not sure if that'll happen now. Lots going on right now and I used my quilt as a distraction. (Pattern is the free! Ribbon Box Quilt)

way more yellow than I would have consciously chosen; but I wanted to follow the original scheme closely to make my life as a non-quilter, easier. I'm going to go with a teal-ish color for the backing and coral for the binding. I wish I had more coral in it!

Accomplishments: I have been having a lot of 'make it work' moments! LOL!! Maybe that's just the mark of becoming a better sewer.

Month 2 of not buying any patterns! WOW! I chose the right way to 'fast' *for me*. I am allowed 18 patterns this year so I have to think carefully before jumping on anything. Yay me!

The only fabric purchased in February was the 3 yards of Ankara for the pants. YAY me! We'll see how March pans out :-p

February looked a lot like January in terms of Operation 365.

I wore pants 20 times. I wore BLACK pants 6 times! LOL!  I recently commented on a blog post about personal style and neutrals. My neutrals are navy, charcoal and black. Once I started to think about it, I realized I have (in black):
1 pair of wide leg trousers
1 pair of wide cropped pants
2 pair of slim fit ankle length pants (one pair is VERY stretchy and I don't wear them often)
1 pair of slim ponte pants (V1411)
1 pair of tapered ponte pants (S2061)

I had lots of 3-piece dressing again; 12 times. My favorite looks from this month:
B5678 shirt, RTW slim ponte pants and denim jacket
B6427 tee, B6169 floral jacket, RTW jeans
M7538 top, RTW blazer and jeans (*fave*)
B5926 blazer, RTW top and pants
S1499 vest, V1411 pants, RTW tee

March plans:
Once I finish the Burda coat and Vogue pants, I hope to make:
  • Burda 8/2017 off the shoulder top
  • Simplicity 8216 blouse 
  • Ottobre 2/2018 tee (I actually want to make this in a black & white stripe and plan to shop of the fabric on my trip).
And then SEW CAMP (Carriage Corner B&B Sew Camp)!!! WOOT WOOT! 

I pretty much plan to make my trench coat while there. I figure it's a good project for the trip. I hope to have it fully cut out and have all parts interfaced that needs it; and be ready to sew. I'll also bring my poor daughter's long-neglected quilt to finish piecing. I'll also bring a couple of other just-in-case-I-get-tired-of-my-trench-coat-project projects.


  1. What a great month! I am going to wait and see how you do with the Ottobre tee. I subscribed to the women's issue early this year, and want to make that top too. Great job on the quilt!!!

    1. Thank you! I really like that tee. I hope to make it in APril at the latest.

  2. Another very productive month - well done! What is sew camp???

    1. Thanks! I updated the post with a link, but here you go:

  3. Wow, I always envy your sewing mojo and the amount of items you complete! You did not disappoint last year either and 2018 is shaping up to be equally as amazing! Wow! you are going to the Sew Camp? I first heard about that when Carolyn posted on her blog. I can't wait to hear what you think about it too!

  4. March already...can't believe it. I like your 365 approach- you are certainly a classic dresser. And as productive as ever...

  5. I bet your March numbers look a tad different on the fabric! ;)

  6. I really need to add blog reading back into my daily routine. And maybe some more sewing :) Loved this round up, loved spending 3 days with you shoe-less! I loved your labels and seriously need more information about them - I should be adding 'made by GiGi labels to something to Eleanor's clothes. Looking forward to the next makes. g


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