Sunday, December 2, 2018

November Wrap-Up & An Unintended Sewing Tool

Another month with ZERO fabric purchases! Woohoo! I haven't purchased any patterns either.  I sewed 9.5 yards (total out for the year is 157.25 though I'm still way off because of the NY/PA trip. I have 222 yards in this year. Darn it.

This month I sewed:
  • Vogue 1595 dress - 1 7/8 yards
    • grey and black chevron sweater knit
  • Butterick 6464 skirt - 3/4 yards
    • black Telio jockey ponte 
    • elastic
  • Vogue 8597 top - 2 yards
    • plum (puce?) lightweight sweater knit
  • McCall's 6796 top - 1 yard
    • light grey ribbed knit
  • Simplicity 8529 top - 1 5/8 yard
    • black/grey/white print hacci knit
  • Butterick 6378 top - 2 1/4 yards
    • blue poly(?) chiffon with painted(idk, it has some texture!) abstract print
Favorites: I have to say the Butterick skirt. I have wanted a black mini skirt for FOREVER. I made it pretty short too, 17", but it's so perfect with tights. And the Telio ponte is fantastic.

FAILS: Ehhh I'm not so sure about the S8529 top. I like the original Toaster sweater more but wasn't sure about the neckline on me and decided to try the cheaper option first. It's not bad but I don't love it.

Accomplishments: I chose this fabric (last December) and just loved the color and the print. Did I even think, for one second, that I was buying POLYESTER CHIFFON ?!?!? NO! I wanted to cry, roll my eyes, throw it in a corner, set it on fire at various points during construction. But I looooove this top. And of course, I feel like this took *forever* but based on my photo album I started it last Sunday or Monday. :)

Next up...Hanging around on IG, I'd seen references to the Zozosuit. It's a body measurement suit + app designed for a custom clothing company. But that's an awesome product for sewers too!! 

So, I know the name of it and I know that the suit was free and I paid $4 for shipping. And I have an iPhone. But that's it. Sorry but I can't really answer any deep questions about it. There's ton of info on various sites (YouTube, Reddit, etc)...check it out.

I ordered on 11/23 and received it on 12/1. I immediately set everything up even though my house was pretty dark. I used my tripod but it has instructions to use an included (cardboard) stand and a tabletop. And it is indeed meant to be at approximately waist height. I had to lower my tripod vs when I normally take pics.

The suit has tons of dots (there are dots within the white dots) and using what is actually pretty simple technology, it scans your body via the app - aka it takes photos of you directing you to turn clockwise and snaps a photo each time. It tells you to stand 6.5 feet from the camera and directed me to move forward or backward as necessary. It takes 12 images and in just a few seconds delivered the measurements. 

Here are my measurement results:

There's an option for "more info" and includes a couple extra measurements.

I found the bust and waist(both) measurements to be off for me about 1-1.5". Every other measurement that I normally track was spot on! Biceps, thighs, hips and neck. Someone asked if my dots were level and ahhhhh! I bet that's it! You'll notice that the measurement line is slanted for those that are off. I'll do it again another day when I have time (and appropriate lighting).

I am unsure what the "bust" measurement is on the chart. When measured with measuring tape, my high bust is just under 36" and my under bust is just over 33". I am leaning towards it being underbust and measuring slightly higher for the same reason the bust, waist and low waist is.

I'm not exactly sure what I did to cause such a discrepancy in my arm lengths! LOL!!! My right arm is bent compared to the left so that's something else to keep in mind.

Hey! That totally looks like my body! 
Tilted pelvis?

I'm excited to use this as a sewing aid. Especially since I'm still dropping weight slowly. I can just pop the suit on and get measurements quickly! Woohoo!!

I'm not doing a specific December plan. I am still(!) working on my original plan (B6378 wasn't on there officially but I've always known I would make another and the fabric called to me!). Also, I only have to work 14 days in November! :) After the 21st, I'm off until after New Year's Day. And I've always managed to get some serious sewing done!!


  1. I will be sewing along with you in December. Can't wait to just burrow in and sew. Have an idea but no list yet...not even sure I'm going to make one. Think I might just pick up some fabric and sew. The zozo suit is interesting but I'm not sure if I want to partake - I'm kinda blah about it but I can see why it's getting so much traction on the internet.

    1. YASSSSSSS!!! It’s the one thing I always think about when I consider mayyyyybe going elsewhere. All those extra days off. Ahhhh. Lol!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing about the ZOZO suit. I have never heard of it before. I just ordered one for myself. So, it's your fault, Miss Enabler.

    1. Yay! Lol!! That’s what we do in the sewing community! :-p

  3. Wow, that ZoZO suit is a bargain. It gave you the same measurements and 3D images as the 3D body scan I paid $100 for. Though I did get a custom dressform based on my scan. Also tracing your front and side shape will give you a custom croquis to use for sketching style ideas. Enjoy your time off from work and happy sewing!

    1. I would love a custom form! That’s probably my next purchase!

  4. That Zozo suit is cool! I tried taking really detailed measurements for some drafting software, and my body came out looking very skewed. I bet the measurements would be much better from the suit.

    Also, yay for a productive sewing schedule! I'm definitely not having a lot of time for personal sewing this year, but I've really been enjoying seeing what everyone else is making!

    1. That’s gotta be tough! :) But you’ve got to pay the bills.

      The suit should work well!

  5. I have never heard of the Zozo suit, but it looks amazing! I know it will be particularly helpful for you as you are losing weight. Congratulations on all the weight you have lost so far! I am curious to see how you will adjust moving into the New Year. Also, great job on your wardrobe pieces!

    1. Thank you!

      I wore my (lovely!!!) camel wool skirt today for the first time in awhile and could pinch out 2” at the waist. Eek! I don’t like alterations but a few well-loved items will be altered!!

  6. I'm excited about this measuring system and, hope I speaking for the other dressmakers who live and sew alone or with a significant other with no knowledge of how to measure the human body or the importance of using accurate measurements. Thanks for being open enough to share this product and post the result of your experience. I may not be brave enough to post mine, but creating from this electronic record, I will have an accurate record of my measurements for modifying my pattern accurately.

    1. There are a few more I need like CB length and shoulder to bust but this was a great start! Give it a shot if you’re interested!

  7. TY for the information on the Zosuit. I just ordered one. It is worth the $4.00 to have my measurements that are correct. Also have been on weight watchers and lost 10+ pounds so my measurements are changing


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