Thursday, December 20, 2018

Butterick 6464 Ponte Skirt

I am so behind. Whine! Beware, not-so-good photos ahead! They will have to suffice.

Isn't it funny how really simple/basic garments can allude us? I have wanted a black mini for forever. I went back and forth on whether I wanted it to be knit or woven and after I sewed the Telio Jockey ponte for the first time, it was for sure going to be knit.

I ordered this from I know I fuss about them but I end up going back because they have some lines that I like and their shipping policy is so favorable. Sighhhhhh.

This pattern is Butterick 6464, a Lisette pattern. I actually didn't care for the top or topper in this pattern and passed on it, even though I wanted the skirt. After looking around a bit, going back and forth on whether I'd just add style lines to an existing pattern, I ended up buying it. I think the skirt is worth $1.99!

It's a black skirt. I tried several times to take somewhat decent pics but it just wasn't happening.

I cut a size 16 and decided on a finished length of 17" and just shortened from the hem. I ended taking slightly larger seam allowances after basting but didn't want to go too far. Because the elastic is inserted into the waistband and then the entire unit is attached to the skirt, it's a little tougher to accurately gauge fit. I didn't want it too snug, because it's short, but didn't want the waist to feel loose. It turned out okay. The waistband could be slightly tighter but it isn't falling down or anything!

There is some really nice shaping in the back skirt IMO! I could have still done a small wedge, but otherwise, it fits nicely. Those aren't just style lines!

I would show you the pic taken before this laughing pic but it really does not belong on the internet! LOL! I am always snapping as I move around because I like catching candid shots (like the pic on the right!) But I was rubbing my eye and making THIS FACE!!!!! and it was just...oh my word. No on eneeds to see it! LOL!

Normally when topstitching, I just use a slightly bigger needle and two spools of thread through the same needle. I'd seen people mention using the triple stitch for topstitching.

Never. Again.

It turned out fine but it was so slow and time consuming, and I felt like I was sitting there for-everrrrrr (drama llama! lol!!!)

Work has been BUSY, I had a quick jot out of town, and then I lost almost the entire past week to a migraine. UGH.

I have another version of B6378 to review. I made the Style Arc / Mimi G collaboration dress for the party I attended, and I made M7812 which I hope is salvageable but if not, I may squeak out another version. 

I desperately need to clean my sewing room and plan out my sewing for vacation. And I need finish up my analysis of 2018 sewing.


This space will be busy! :)


  1. Your black skirt looks cute!

    I tried the triple stitch function--once. I agree with you! It does take forever...I can't believe you hung in there.

    I am excited to see your party dress!!!

  2. What a great basic! I love your new skirt. It looks fabulous and I want one in my wardrobe, too. I will definitely have to get that pattern at the next BMV sale. And like Vanessa, I'm excited about seeing your party dress, too!

  3. What a great skirt! I do the triple stitch for (some) knits now, but yeah... it takes for freaking ever! I can't wait to hear about your party dress. <3

  4. The skirt looks great on you! The tops stitching looks so good but I can't believe such a fast sewer as you had the patience to stick with the triple stich. LOL I only use it for short distances. Can't wait to see the other outfits!

  5. I love the triple stitch for topstitching because of the amount of thread in the stitch BUT you are right. Completing a seam takes FOREVER! I know this because I use this stitch for topstitching ALOT! I do cheat and topstitch with two threads in the needle but that only occurs from time to time.

    Love the new skirt by the way! And I've decided to sew without a list this vacation...hope I actually get some sewing done! *LOL*

  6. Thus looks like such a great skirt that will get lots of wear!

  7. So cute! And I also cannot be bothered to use a triple stitch when double threading is an option.


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