Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Wrap-Up and February Plans

And just like *that*, we're a month into 2019!

This month I sewed 12.75 yards:
*6.5 yards from "new" fabric (acquired within the past 3 months)
*6.25 from "stash" fabric (older than 3 months). ((shot out to Carolyn for the idea to categorize))

I basically sewed Butterick 6621 and uhmm....yeah :)
  • Print jersey - 2 yards
  • Black wool jersey - 2.25 yards
  • Green rayon jersey - 2.25 yards
  • Burgundy ponte - 2 yards 
  • Burda 12/2018 top - 2 yards
    • Ivory poly crepe
    • buttons, velvet ribbon
  • Butterick 6641 blazer - 2 yards (WIP)
    • winter white suiting
    • buttons 
FAVORITE: I really adore all the versions of the dresses I made but the black one literally makes me smile!

FAILS: No actual failed projects thankfully. I am a little frustrated that the ponte dress is a bit snug as I didn't account for the (much!) thicker fabric. My blazer is coming along but the pockets are a little wonky.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Me. Pattern hacking!! I knew what I wanted and worked at it to get it.

This month, I purchased 14.75 yards of fabric and 7 patterns. Doh.

I did not feel bad when I ordered this suiting and boucle. After losing out on my actual Black Watch plaid from Michael Levine, I saw this and thought it was a good compromise. There was a 60% off sale at FM and $24 for the cut was not bad. Then, I saw this boucle. Sold! Total order was 3.5 yards. No problem.

poly/wool blend suiting
100% cotton boucle

But then once the well is opened... :-p

The next Fabric Mart contained a plethora of lining which is NOT included in my totals. I've never counted lining because I buy it when I get a good deal on it and then use it accordingly. As of now, it's still nice and tame and all fits in one 12x12 cube.

Also contained in that order was: 5 cuts of jersey; 3 prints and 2 solids.

"fruit puch" cotton/modal jersey
floral poly jersey
Halston dusty blue poly jersey
striped double brushed jersey
ivory & navy poly jersey

Other sewing purchases this month included interfacing (for the current jacket project), thread (50% off sale at JA), another serger cone thread rack (I have been looking for a 2nd one and neither of 'my' JAs have had them in stock. Bonus - it was 40% off), and velvet ribbon and buttons from Treadle. (The ribbon was used on the Burda blouse and the buttons for are for the current jacket.)

Lastly, February plans...

My surgery is scheduled for the end of this month so I'll be sewing, sewing, sewing until then! I have a couple of "spring" knit dresses I want to make and hope to get them done too since I may still be healing when the warmer ("warmer" to a Midwesterner is like...50 degrees!) temps arrive. At worst, I'll have them cut out and ready to sew.

This weekend my sewing group is getting got together to actually sew! We usually just hang out and chat, which is awesome, sewing being the mostly solitary hobby that it is...but I'm so excited for this! IT WAS AWESOME!!

I sewed the sleeves of my blazer (the actual sleeve seams; not setting them) and got the plaid fabric above cut out using NL6123. I have the front and back assembled and ready for the zipper and side seams. The lining is cut out and started.

progress on the blazer

It doesn't look like much on Lilly!
But it's a fitted sheath and the bodice contours really nicely. 

I am hoping to make my husband's blazer before surgery as well! This will depend on how the Bootstrap muslin goes. If there's too much work -aka- a 2nd muslin is required, it'll be saved for the fall.

I gasped audibly when I thought about sewing New Look 6560 with the beautiful green silk I got from Metro Textiles last spring. I rough cut the pattern pieces today at the sewing meet up.

Also, remember this sweater?? My husband accidentally shrank it. I tried to not be too disappointed and thought, well, I'll remake it.

And not too long after, he shrank this top. And I almost cried actual tears. So now, I will be washing the handmades!!!

Anyway, I told that sad, sad tale to say that I'm going to remake V8597 in this blue knit. FM listed it as jersey but it's so soft and feels like a light sweater knit.

(ambitious) February plans:


  • New Look 6123 dress (no flounce; there's a cap sleeve I"ll be using)
  • New Look 6560 top
  • Vogue 8597 top
  • Husband's blazer
  • Cut out and hopefully sew:
    • Butterick 6621 dress 
    • Simplicity 2246 dress 
I've gotten some questions about the sleeve detail on the burgundy dress. I will post a quick how-to soon! 

Well that's it! A little late and a whole lot of words!!


  1. I think making 4 dresses from the same pattern is great especially since each one is so different...but then you know I love a TNT pattern. And you're only 2 yards over what you brought in - you will knock that out in February no problem. You can borrow my fabric out classification, no problem! Good luck with the hand surgery!

  2. Your blazer looks really really good so far! And your fabric haul has a lot of nice choices. I think you are off to a good start this year, and look forward to what is to come. Best wishes for surgery at the end of the month.

  3. The blazer looks great! I also love that you made each view of the dress, I like that idea! I hope you get everything you planned completed in Feb!!

  4. The blazer is looking good! I would cry if my DH washed and shrank some of my garments. Thankfully he does his own laundry and I do mine. Lovely fabric haul!

  5. good luck with your surgery! I'm so tempted by that twisty dress pattern but I am trying to not buy any new patterns. Note - that New Look 6560 top is really short! be sure to check the length. I added at least 2 inches.

  6. I love how you track you fabric in/out- so much so that it has inspired me to do the same for 2019! I don't have a blog so I will be posting on my IG. And I feel you on the hubby shrinking your tops- right after we got married my husband shrank a really nice sweater set of mine so I banned him from washing my clothes-lol. You made some really nice things this month! Praying for a successful surgery for you!

  7. Figured out I can comment from my phone! Anyway, dang girl, that was a productive month, and I know how it when one FabricMart cut jumps into your cart ... they always have so many friends. I didn't succumb this month but their teaser on IG last week has me eagerly awaiting the new stock going up ...

  8. You have so many awesome plans this month! Good luck getting as much sewing in before the surgery as possible.

    And... you've opened the well for me. I was like, ooh, Fabric Mart and now I'm looking at 60% off wool suitings.... NOT what I should be doing right now. Oh wells.

  9. Your blazer is looking amazing! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

    Sorry to hear that you need surgery. I hope it goes well. God bless you.


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