Sunday, June 16, 2019

Burda 12/2009 #119

I bought this burnout jersey late last summer and decided I had to save it to make it a 'summer tee'. It's a white, burnout, cotton jersey with blue stripes. I had 1.5 yards and then I decided I wanted to use *this* pattern. I thought it would be a tight fit but this top pattern is SUPER LONG. I removed 3 inches and now it's the length of a normal tee :-p View 120 in the mag uses the same base with a hood and side slits. It's even longer. Eesh.

I used a size 40, my normal Burda size. I did a cheater FBA. I could have added a bit more's a tee. It's fine. Kristin reviewed this awhile back and she mentioned how wide the sleeves where around the wrist. I removed TWO INCHES at the wrist, tapering to nothing above the elbow.

I mentioned in a previous post that I did not understand Burda's instructions for the placket and ended up not following them. I used this YouTube tutorial and it worked a treat! The tutorial shows a polo-style shirt so I did manage to use Burda's instructions for the neck binding.
I knew I wanted to use snaps but thought I'd use the white ones. Unfortunately the fabric appeared too gray next to the bright white snaps. 

(this was before top stitching)

I am pretty happy with the fit. It wasn't a quick sew...but it was a nice simple project. I did well matching the stripes everywhere except the back sleeve! The sleeve, the placket and the side seams are all matched. Woohoo!

One silly pic:

And one outtake - IDK why I look shocked. LOL!

 My New Look 6560 top is done too! I am excited about it. The chambray is nice and lightweight but I do want to make it with one of my cuts of silk; maybe for fall.


  1. I love it! I'd totally buy this in a store. Great fit too.

  2. Nice neat details...that placket!. Excellent matching. Great fit. Yes!

  3. I love Burda, but some of the measurements leave me scratching my head. TWO INCHES at the wrist?! What wrist was this supposed to fit?

    This is a great tee and fits nicely!

  4. What a great top!! Your stripes matching is spot on, and the placket finished beautifully!

  5. love it! i think your snap choice was perfect too

  6. I love this top! I think the fabric is perfect for this and great job on matching the stripes.

  7. I get the extra length, for us curvy girls that don’t like the way some tops fit. I always add length. You got yours perfect. Thank you for the you tube tip.


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