Monday, September 2, 2019

August Round-up and September Plans

I sewed 6.25 yards this month. Womp womp.

  • McCall's 7726 pants - 2.5 yards
    • printed stretch cotton twill (new)
    • zipper
  • Vogue 9190 - 1.25 yards
    • olive textured double knit (stash)
  • Burda 08/2019 - 2.5 yards
    • print rayon challis (new)
    • elastic, button (new)
Favorite: I am really digging the Vogue cardigan! It just works!

FAIL: Those pants. Gahhhhhhhh.

Accomplishment: Nothing that was a stretch this month...but that's okay.

Wearing V9190

I'm not so sure yet about the dress from the August Burda. I was really drawn to the fabric in the magazine and chose a fabric with a vertical print.

blue, black and white rayon challis from SR Harris

The bust area is a bit "giant box". And I accidentally cut my elastic too small in the waist (more on that later). The elastic is distributed and then scrunched up over the front ~6" (in my size) and same in back, and then stitched in place. So once I realized I'd cut it too small, I knew I wasn't going to unpick the zig-zag stitching that I secured the elastic with. Sighhhh.

I'm up abut 8 lbs from being busy and also lazy (LOL!) so maybe it'll fit a little better later.

I visited my parents this weekend and with so many airlines now gouging customers on thing! I decided I was going to pack light so we could take one suitcase. And then I saw a post by the Itinerant Seamstress

Including the outfit I wore to fly there, I took:

a jean jacket
a black tank, blue tee, my White Sox tee (we went to the entire series this weekend), a floral Ogden cami
denim shorts, black jeggings, floral pants, floral skirt, grey knit skirt
striped t-shirt maxi dress
gold flat sandals, sporty sandals and sneakers
nightgown, tee, pajama shorts

I would have normally packed twice as much stuff! And I wore everything at least once, but did not wear anywhere near all of the combinations I accounted for.

Knit dress
Sox tee + denim shorts
Sox tee + grey skirt
Navy tee + denim shorts
Ogden cami + floral pants
Ogden cami + floral pants (everyone thought it was a jumpsuit!)
Black tank + floral skirt
Black tank + black jeggings
Black tank + denim shorts

Denim jacket wasn't needed outside of travel time.

I feel so confident now for my plan to pack super light for the sewing class!

I am not a dog person but fell in love with my parent's new puppy this weekend!
He is SO cute and so, so fun!

September Plans:
This is a crazy busy month. I will be out of town 9 days (including weekends) in the first half of the month! Exciting stuff but WHEW!!!

I have stuff with family and friends and my jacket making class with Beth (SunnyGal Sewing) at Hello Stitch.

But then...

Later this month I am having a long-championed-for, coveredy-by-insurance, breast reduction! I am excited and nervous and I have second thoughts then I'm in pain and I'm excited then I'm so nervous and then I see all of my shoulder/torso bruising and then I am excited and then I am terrified and I see my 34F's in something fitted and I'm excited again! LOL!

Recovery can be long, it can be tough. I am hoping for the best!

I've done so much research and read so many stories about people's experience with the surgery. It seems as if it can really take awhile for all of the swelling to subside and even longer to 'settle' into your final size. So, sewing should be interesting once I'm back at it.

I plan to use my newfound jacket-making skills to make my husband a corduroy blazer. I also plan to give a go at the Thread Theory Fulford jeans for him.

I will likely sneak in some sewing for myself - for the lower half and maybe some knit toppers...but no worries, I have a few reviews to post still! :-p

Vogue 9190 cardigan
Burda 8/2019 dress
New Look 6459 pants
Simplicity 1430 shorts
McCall's 7246 dress
Burda 4/2019 skirt and dress
New Look 6326 skirt
Butterick 6378 top
Butterick 6621 dress

Lastly, I've partnered with Minerva Crafts and I've got a few meters of this ponte. It's a poly/rayon/lycra blend and it's BEAUTIFUL!!

Watch for this project too!


  1. Prayers during &after your surgery. Looking forward to see you what you accomplished take your time fabric ain't going nowhere.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! And I'm excited for you about your surgery; I have wanted this myself for some time. I really like the black and white dress, hopefully you'll get to wear it and post pics at some point.

  3. Praying for God to touch the hands that will touch you. Love the dress and fabric choice. I have been slacking, need to get my sewing mojo back. Again, best wishes.

  4. You look great! I hope surgery goes well, and you had a wonderful trip to visit your parents.

    Congrats on partnering with Minerva Crafts! I am excited to see what you will do with that lovely fabric cut!

  5. Prayers for a speedy recovery! Can't wait to see wheat you make with the ponte.

  6. Good luck with your surgery. If it isn't too imposing on your privacy please post updates. I am a 38G and I am considering the same.

  7. All the best for the surgery - trusting the outcome will be awesome!

    Impressive sewing as always!

  8. Best wishes for a great outcome with your surgery. A close friend of mine has told me a million times it was the best thing she ever did and she wished she had done it sooner. She dresses incredibly now, before she felt shackled by myriad tops and black pants for work. How lucky for you that you sew and can make what works best for you! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  9. Nakisha, Best of luck with your surgery, so happy you were able to get it covered by insurance (more $ for fabric!!!!). I will pray for you and the surgeons; knowing you, you have researched the docs and the facility quite thoroughly, I suspect you will be very thankful you did it once your recovery is behind you. You look awesome as you are, but sounds like you will FEEL better after the reduction. Hugs!


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