Saturday, August 24, 2019

Simplicity 1430 top and Burda 6769 denim skirt (love!)

EVERY DAY, as the sun starts to set, I think, OH MY GOSH! I COULD HAVE TAKEN BLOG PICS TODAY!

Oy. This skirt is totally like 2 months old and is already beloved.

I made this for the first time in 2016. I ended up distressing the skirt - which I like! - but that made it a "for play" garment only.

Ever since, I've been in neeeed of a denim skirt. My work environment is casual (though I tend towards a more business casual/professional) style) so a denim skirt totally works for work. And then, one day, I came across this vintage pattern on Google:

Oh. My. Word.

Well I DEFINITELY need a midi length denim skirt!!!! :) I eventually settled on this pattern because, why not? I like the fit, I've sewn it before, it just needs some minor tweaking.

-I cut a size 16 front and 18 back, same as before. This just works well when making skirts for my body type.

-On the first version, I used the pockets from my Style Arc Sandra jeans. I couldn't find the pattern piece (sigh) and used the pocket from the Birkin Flares, shaped to match the inspiration skirt.

-I also used the Birkin coin pocket because I don't like the plain square that comes with the pattern.

-I slashed and spread the pattern 6 inches to get the length I wanted. I put on the old skirt and measured from the hemline to wear I wanted the finished skirt to hit.

- I had such a hard time sewing the vent on this pattern the first time around and did some modification that I can't explain to you, I just made it work.

-I added a walking slit in front by removing 3/4" from the CF seam tapering to zero.

I used Taylor Tailor's tutorial. He suggested having a piece of metal (steel specifically perhaps, I don't recall) and I found the PERFECT item. This shelf divider was in an old file cabinet at work and I came across a stack of them when we were putting things back together after a remodel. Paired with my concrete fireplace hearth, putting my rivets in were a BREEZE! I did need scraps as a spacer, and tested 1 rivet out before starting. I just cut some squares, inserted the rivet through all thickness, and then cut around the rivet afterward.

-I topstitched and topstitched some more and some more after that :-p Funny Singer Quantum Stylist 7258, that was like, $180, makes bartacks WAY better than my 9985 that was like, $500! Eesh.

-I have no idea where the denim came from. I have so many random cuts! The rivets and tack button are from Taylor Tailor. 

I'd like to wear this skirt everyday, IJS.

Simplicity 1430 - I've made the shorts from this pattern a couple times (and have an unblogged pair to share!) and I have noticed the top before now...just didn't pay enough attention to it!

It's such a great, simple pattern!

I was looking for a sleeveless top that could be worn solo. I love my Ogden camis and while I'll wear them solo "for play", I would not wear them to work without a cardi or jacket over them. I looked at A LOT of tops and kept coming back to this one.

I could make 10 of these.

I think there are lots of options with the front neckline too to differentiate. Some have left it open (ending the facing with the front of the top), some have left it open and added ties (definitely doing this!). I could see adding a ruffle down the front, eliminating the cutout altogether and having fun with the seaming (e.g. using stripes horizontally and vertically, color-blocking, etc).

front cut-out, neck binding and french binding on the armholes

Whenever I purge clothes, RTW or handmade, I make sure to 'steal' any notions I can from those in the trash pile! :) This button is from something RTW that I purged who knows when!

I really like the fit and will be focused on getting this one to TNT status!! I sewed a size 14 with 3/4" FBA, 5/8" swayback adjustment, and 3/4" added to the back hip via a slash and spread.

side slits 

The fabric is a rayon challis from Cali Fabrics. I used my Best Press to tame it and the pattern (wisely) advises you to blockfuse a piece of fabric before cutting the facings. I used a very lightweight interfacing that I scored for $1/yard from Fabric Mart that IMO is *very* similar to Fashion Sewing Supply's ProSheer Elegance Couture. Such a great deal!!

I've worn this top a few times since finishing it and it wears and washes up well. I love the color scheme. It's very colorful yet muted and that makes it so versatile for me!

I really want to blog both of my projects from the 04/2019 Burda next. My skirt is a little too tight since I finished it. I blame it on Summer Shandy and tacos! :-p We will see...but totally have to photograph the dress because I wear it ALL the time because it is AWESOME and FANTASTIC and I think YOU should sew it TOO! :-D


  1. I love my Ellis skirts too and it is soo cute, you don't see many midi denim skirts. Also, how cute is that top and the shoes!

  2. Darling top and that skirt will serve you for years! BTW, I love your hair style, short and cute to boot!

  3. The fit, the workmanship, the pocket size and placement, the length--perfect. Couldn't be better!!

  4. Love both pieces, you did a great job on the making! So impressed with the details on the skirt - makes it look so high-end. That top pattern is really cute and stylish! Looks great on you, too.

  5. Very nice! I love how you tweak the patterns to make them you! Plus vintage patterns are amazing!

  6. Your skirt is fantastic - I love how the topstitching on the fly is echoed in the vent. Nicely done, and the shape of those back pockets is so fun!

  7. a great denim skirt is always useful but that top I loooove it, now I must find that pattern.

  8. Love the outfit and the styling!

  9. I love that skirt so much. I have pretty wide calves so midi skirts never seem to work on me, but if they did, I'd be wearing that at least once a week. Great mods to make it fit your vision. I could also use a whole wardrobe of tops made from that pattern.

    1. Thank you Masha!

      I feel like I've missed out with this one! I could have had 10 of these by now! :-p

  10. I love your denim skirt, and those pockets are AMAZING!!! They look really good on you, I can see why you want to wear this all the time. The shirt is also nice, and I love that fabric choice.

  11. What a great outfit! And I love how you interpreted the inspiration skirt!

  12. Very very nice indeed!A jeans skirt is on my make nine list, I may consider the long length as it looks so great on you!

    1. Thank you!! I think it's definitely worth trying the silhouette! And if you really don't like it...shortening it will be easy :)

  13. Love both pieces and how they look on you. The skirt looks like $$$ ready to wear.

  14. I love both of those pieces you made! And that vintage pattern looks awesome.

  15. Your whole outfit is so good! Both the top and the skirt look comfy and polished. Fantastic!

    -Caroline (@carobanano on IG)

  16. shirt + skirt + shoes + hair = fire!

    Your whole look is on point!

  17. Both look great and go so well together!


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